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    first of all, this is a great piece of software as far as i could figure out in the short time i’m tinkering around with it.
    but there’s one thing i still couldn’t figure out: is there a way to route a track to an existing audio out. it seems that every track is automatically routed to the master. i’m looking for a way to feed a track in podium to an external application (pure data) and than back to another track in podium without running the source track over the master track in podium. this could be done with jack ( if it was possible to select a jack port as output for the source track.
    can someone help?


    Hi toxonic,

    are you talking about external hardware? If so, there is a way.
    You need (of course) a multi-channel audio interface. Setup a normal project in Podium. Usually this defaults to a few tracks and a master bus which is connected to the first outputs of your interface. Open the inspector panel and select “Devices”. Drag & drop an audio output (e.g. out 3&4) below the tracks in the arrangement editor. You can now route audio to this bus using normal send & return busses.
    The rest is wiring up your hardware correctly.

    If you are talking about another application: Podium supports Rewire but afaik only as Master. You can route audio from another application into Podium but not the other way around.


    hey ronin,

    thanks for your reply!
    in the meanwhile i found a way to get it work:
    you can can send audio to an external software via jack, wich is a kind of virtual audio patchbay server, with virtual audio ports – something like midi yoke / midi ox for midi – but for audio.
    you can use jack instead of your soundcardwithin podium )and external applications to connect with (whatever it is…)).
    lets say, you have 4 virtual audio ports created in jack, 1+2 are the master outputs (these are the audio IN ports in the jack patchbay that you have to connect then with the ports of your sound card within the jack patch bay) and ports 3+4 for a bus to connect to another application. now you can add a new stereo send and return bus in podium. but as mapping type you choose “midi/audio device” and as mixer output (device input) you choose “stereo (2 channels)” with first channel: 3 in podium for the send bus. for the return bus the same with the difference that you choose mixer input (device output) to assign a stereo input with first channel 3 instead of an output. via the jack server you can now route the bus send signal to every audio application connected to jack.
    this works pretty well, so if you don’t know jack you may want to have a look at it – see the link in my first post. maybe you like it!?
    edit: ach, ich sehe gerade du bist aus deutschland – mein englisch is sch…, sorry. falls du fragen zzu jack hast, kannste mir ja ne pm schicken, oder so? 😆


    Hi, I’m resurrecting an old thread. I’m trying to do this with Podium 3.2.0. I’ve got an audio interface with 4 outputs which I like to send individual tracks out. These outputs will go into a hardware mixer and then come back into the audio interface for recording. I’m confused about the bus send and return mapping structure. Following the above instructions I have dragged the audio output assignments from the inspector area to the track area and that is fine. Now let’s say I have tracks 1 thru 4 that each will go to audio out 1 thru 4.

    This is what I did:
    Track 1 to send 1, Track 2 to send 2, Track 3 to send 3, Track 4 to send 4.
    Audio out 1 source is return 1, audio out 2 is return 2 etc.

    When I do this I see the levels moving for the audio out tracks but nothing goes out unless I mess around with the master. If I select the appropriate output on the master then it will show up. It seems that the audio out tracks are under the control of the master which I don’t want. I tried reading the tutorials on device mapping and bus routing but still confused, can you help? Thanks.


    I don’t see why you need to go through the bus system. You can drag any number of audio output mappings onto the empty track area to create multiple master tracks. Then you place the audio files onto each master track, or create subtracks with your sources for each master track.


    Thank you for the clarification. I was able to get it to work by dragging and dropping the files into each audio out. Part of my other issue was that my audio interface monitor volume was down so that two of the outputs were not being sent. Once I dialed it up the other outputs appeared.


    So, if I wanted a wav in my mix that will serve as a refference (I don’t want it to be affected in any way by any of the effects I’m adding in the master track) I simply add another master track, I place it in there and it goes directly to the audio out? Cool.


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