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    At the moment I am just about at the end of my brain limit… 🙁

    I have recorded a Midi track, track 1 using channel 1 on my Korg Prophecy. I would like to send the note info on the Midi track out to my Cheetah MS6 on channel one.

    I am using an ESI M4U and cannot seem to get it to output any Midi from this track (I know the ESI is working because if I select send Midi time clock it outputs the 24fps time clock for the Korg Arp’).

    I have looked at the guide and tried setting Midi input through to output in the Midi properties for the interface, tried setting the Sysex device number correctly, tried every darn thing I can and still cannot get any Midi out from this track (nothing showing up on the LEDS on the ESI interface).

    I hope I am doing something daft/wrong but I cannot get a handle on this at all.

    @ Frits. At the moment you can set up a track to have a Midi input, would it not make sense to be able to select a Midi out interface for each track (perhaps disabling the Midi in so no feedback occurs) so you could do things like above easily.

    Podium needs some sort of Matrix system to select and patch inputs to outputs methinks

    Hopefully someone can help here.


    Hi Technophobia
    have you tried; project page, devices list, import hardware definition, generic monotimbral instrument, then set up the midi and audio from the options, label it MS6
    once done, simply selecting MS6 as a source for a track should activate the midi and audio
    i’m not sure if the prophecy is monotimbral, but i use a nord 3 as my controller,set to local off, and simply change the active midi channel as needed.


    Thanks estwing (Mart). 🙂

    Your suggestions sorted it.

    The problems I have are that I don’t use (have the time) to be in Podium land very much. When I do get back to it, I have forgotten how to do something or Frits has changed/added to the program and it all looks foreign to me again.

    Now I just have to note these things down in some meaningful format for the future.

    Thanks again

    Dunc 8)


    @Technophobia wrote:

    I would like to send the note info on the Midi track out to my Cheetah MS6 on channel one.

    I used to have one of them back when they where first released. Nice sound just a right witch to programme. Must be a lot easier to use these days with sw like Podium to help with those fiddly midi cc.

    Still on the look out for another if anyone sees one going anywhere.

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