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    I wonder if this will come soon…?

    If not, can anyone point a program that can convert these to wav files? Preferably free…

    Thank you!


    Sorry, rx2 file support is not on my todo list.


    Well, just researched the issue a bit, and the best thing in the freeware realm I could come up with is Vember Audio’s Shortcircuit 1 (v2 wouldn’t load rx2 files at all)
    As I have never used rex loops (or any loops for that matter) before, I downloaded a few free files and loaded them in SC. Most of them loaded just fine and with no issues, with all the slices and so on. But there are some loops that SC couldn’t open, opening an error box saying that the buffer is too small etc.

    So you could try and see if SC will open your files adimatis. If so, then you could easily bounce the grooves to a wave file for further mixing and processing.

    On the other hand ( as an alternative ) you could make your own loops and grooves by using wave samples. Surely there are 100 times more of them in the internet, and a ton of free ones.
    This is a great little plugin for the purpose

    LoopDrive v4

    Create your loops, tempo sync them to the host ( or don’t ), with some built-in effects and filters.

    Alternatively there are other freeware gems: Beatburner and ABS3

    (just scroll down)

    This should be more than enough for building your very own grooves.

    I hope this helped.

    Best Vibes



    @ CymaticCreation

    Thank you very much for these information. In fact, I downloaded LoopDrive but I am not very confortable working with it… Or maybe I just didn’t spend much time… I didn’t figure out how I can actually transform what I hear into a wave file, unless of course if I sort of render live produced sound…

    I will give a try to the other options.

    To be honest, I don’t care so much about the rex or rx2 files, but it just happenes that I have quite a bunch of them with my updated Sonar X1 LE, and I’d like to use the. Sonar – I really don’t like, just because it seems it uses a completely different command system than Podium, or Studio One for that matter… I don’t really want to learn yet another set of command from scratch.

    @ Zynewave

    Thank you for your reply. I am not disppointed at all. šŸ˜‰ In fact, when Podium will introduce time-stretch, I’ll be totally over it! I have or can get enough regular wav loops, but I just need to be able to adjust them to various tempos. I can’t wait! But all in good time!

    Thank you guys!

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