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    Hello one question. Does Podium support time stretching samples ?? I couldn`t find anything clear about it on the internet.. I love podium free it is very good the only thing whats missing is timestretching audio files… ( and vst3 support but no matter )
    It is so good because it is lightweight and very fast support splitting gluing timestretching automation clips whats very important for electronic music and so on… im newbie dont have made a lot of music till today but if only podium would have this little feature , timestretching samples only in the paid version i would buy it.

    when im wrong make me clear that theme

    ahm you can maybe suggest me some free plugin or so what would timestretch samples for podium ?? i dont even could find something on the internet about this too , sorry

    very good work keep on making podium i like it a lot, thank you


    Hello. Audio time stretching is currently not supported in Podium. I’m working towards doing an update of the plugin support in Podium, which likely will include support for VST3. Audio resampling/time-stretching is lower on my priority list.

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