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    Ted Houldsworth

    Hi, it feels a bit rude to ask for you to develop a feature, so I apologise in advance.
    The issue is this… I’m making the leap to pure 64 bit plugins and I’ve removed all 32 bit plugins from my plugin library (which was basically TAL-Reverb-4 v1.0, Maxwell Smart Limiter, and Fl4tt3ry 2, all other plugins are of my own making [!As6TXCmIdMPpkyBGm8PTG_6WmZ1i]).
    I used Fl4tt3ry 2 because it had an external “Side In” input for side chaining.

    Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find a free simple side chain 64 bit plugin anywhere.
    Would it be possible to add built-in side chaining please?

    If it’s too much work to change audio routing code or however it would be done.. I had a backup idea that could do the same thing but with less work (I hope) –> when right clicking on a Track or Audio Event, there could be a command that generates automation curves from the tracks audio, like bouncing audio but instead it follows the amplitude (with some options like attack release, linear/curve etc..). This would generate a standard automation curve event which could be placed on the volume automation of another track… or any other automation type which would be interesting!

    Actually, the second idea sounds pretty good now, being able to generate a side chain curve from audio for things other than volume would be awesome, eg. (a filter cutoff, midi automation things like pitch bend, detune width, FX plugin parameters).

    Sorry if there is already a solution for this, and thank you for making a Podium!


    Hi Ted. Sidechain processing is an integral part of a compressor and you can’t really achieve the same thing within the Podium mixer. Your workaround suggestion with detecting a parameter automation curve from an audio signal could work in theory, but the Podium automation sequences is not optimized for fast changing curves which a sidechain signal requires.

    I did a search for freeware sidechain compressors, and I found a couple of candidates that you could try out. I haven’t tested them myself:

    TDR Kotelnikov

    Edit: Don’t know why the forum decided to format the links like a quote.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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