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    Briefly, what are the usual steps taken when starting a new project that uses vsti plugins? I’ll quickly list some things I do

    1. new project
    2. import plugins
    3. new arrangement

    I can now create a track and sub-tracks, but how do I insert a plugin?



    Hi, the following is an extract of a tutorial I wrote for one of the beta-testers:

    Select New Project from the file menu

    In the Project Wizard window, make sure the ‘I’m an expert user’ is deselected! Then follow the red buttons from the top:

    If you haven’t yet set up your MIDI/Audio interfaces, do it as the first thing.

    Since you want to work with audio/plugins you should ‘Create audio mixer mappings’

    If you have enabled a MIDI input interface (if you are using an external keyboard controller), then you should ‘Create MIDI input mapping’

    If you have enabled any inputs in your audio interface setup, then ‘Create audio input stereo mappings’

    Use the ‘Import plugin definition’ to import all plugins you intend to use with this project. If a plugin is not available in the library, use the ‘Import plugin’ instead.

    At this point you could choose to save your project as a template, so you don’t have to go through all these steps the next time you begin a new project.

    In the arrangement panel, select ‘Create new arrangement’.

    Now the Create Tracks panel should appear. Select the rightmost ‘Create master track … with bounce’.

    Still in the Project Wizard, mark a VSTi that you have imported, select ‘Create tracks’.

    Done with the Project Wizard for now, close it, start monitoring on your new arrangement by clicking the lower/leftmost power button. If you have a MIDI keyboard, play!

    As you can see, you now have a master output track at the top. All MIDI and all audio in the track tree flow upwards in the hierarchy. So if you are using audio (some may be using MIDI only) there need to be a master output as the topmost destination.

    The flow of audio is perhaps easiest viewed in the mixer. If you view a track with a VSTi, then by looking at the bars above the strip you can tell what parent tracks the audio passes thru.

    how are channels/tracks used in podium? do you need a new group for every vsti plugin?? or one group and as many tracks as I desire?

    A group can contain as many tracks as you desire. A good example is if you place a reverb plugin on a group track, then all VSTi’s, audio files, whatever, that are placed in child tracks will pass through the reverb plugin.


    Hi there,

    Here’s my problem. Once I’ve created a new arrangement, the Create Tracks appears. However, the only option I am given is to create a Group Track. There is no “create master track … with bounce”. I see a message saying that “the project does not contain any mappings that can be assigned to new tracks”. (I had imported Triangle II and Lollapallooza).



    You probably just missed the step where you create the audio mixer mappings. Open the ‘Audio Mixer Mappings’ panel, and select ‘Create…’



    oops, you’re right Fritz. I guess I should keep a closer look out for large red arrows! Thanks

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