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    Hello fellow podium free or not users.
    Why not write some good words about podium free or not at kvr it would be good because even if podium is not so Young it seems nobody know it.

    You can review the programm here:
    podium free:

    podium full:

    Happy sequencing/recording!


    KVR is full of self righteous, condescending, know it all’s- that love nothing more than to pick things apart to no end and act as if their opinions are law. There are far better sites to choose if you want a civilized discussion that doesn’t turn into a train wreck! KVR isn’t a good choice to help this program become more known and successful.

    Too many grown men at KVR acting like school girls on social media. Take a silly thread named: Continue this sentence using 3 words, for example. This nonsense has reached 226 pages of school girl silliness with no end in sight anytime soon! However, If someone wants their programs and plugins to be bashed… then KVR is your place!


    Ah well i am in the tracktion,mulab and mdrummer part of the forum and i have found good personns here.And some kind words in a “bad forum” ‘ll be better than nothing especially when this forum have many many users goods or not.


    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying everyone there is like that at all. There are plenty of helpful members that aren’t in the forum to be drama queens..LOL. I think 1 of the reasons the program hasn’t got a strong footing compared to DAWS that came late in the game like Reaper, is because the program is a bit UN-conventional in it’s work-flow setup. I’ve tried Podium a number of times over the past few years and just couldn’t get into it. It didn’t help that the free version ( didn’t try the demo) always crashed for the most minute of reasons which prevented me from getting a new project started.

    The GUI is also confusing at first sight and unless you really put forth an effort to learn the DAWS work-flow, you likely will move on. It also doesn’t help that there is no help file included. Having to be on-line or use an internet browser is not very appealing. I’ve been waiting to see whether input quantization will ever be implemented. Dance and urban music producers have this option high on the list of relevant features. I wouldn’t buy the paid version without it. It’s pointless work to have to always quantize after the fact especially when programming dance drums. It would be nice if the metronome had a count-in feature, but it’s not really a deal breaker.

    I’m starting to like the program more since the latest free version seems more solid and isn’t crashing like crazy. The vst scanner seems to be more robust and didn’t crash the program like previous versions on my system did. I’ll be testing it further. Just wish it had real-time quantization!


    Before i was tried it on xp and it was very stable now on seven i had bug due to my asio driver but fritz just solved the problem :).
    About the workflow i found it pretty intuitive i have studied my first daw with the nuendo manual then i have moved on ableton live (who had the best Learning strategie)with this bag i have switched effortless on mulab,EXT1 and tracktion (who are very easy to use).And now i think i ‘ll stick with podium who seems not so difficult to handle even if the programm is in English (who isn’t my native language) i think 2 day ‘ll be enought to understand 80% of the soft and for the rest well there’s a good forum ^^.
    Hope you ‘ll enjoy podium like me or if it’s really difficult i can suggest you Tracktion who is very easy to use.

    The Telenator

    DITTO everything tempman said of KVR. The place simply rots, even if there are a total of six or seven regular members who actually KNOW what they are talking about. I’ll admit, I swing by there to get the latest news on upgrades, new releases, soundbanks, etc., but otherwise the place is a wasteland. If you know how to do and read Google Analytics stats, you’ll see that KVR IS a sort of closed club and that the mainstream of DAW and plugin users, both new and pro, largely avoid the place.

    Now, I did see that levendis took a few moments to post a recent good review of Podium. Quite nice. Otherwise, I have come to the opinion lately that you can scream the virtues of some chosen software all you want from the roof tops and, still, the greatest piece of soft gear will often go very ignored. I use a whole bunch of odd-yet-awesome plugins that are not ‘trendy’ enough or perhaps the right brand, and so they are passed up by the general market. They are excellent nonetheless, though … and so it goes. It is others’ loss that they can’t investigate what’s good and available. Podium is a prime example of ‘not hip enough clique-approved KVR software.’


    Hi Tele, nice to see you around.


    Well at last it can give more users for podium.Thats also the reason fritz post the changelog on kvr.
    You said “I’ll admit, I swing by there to get the latest news on upgrades, new releases, soundbanks, etc.” Many look at kvr for this and maybe if they see podium so they ‘ll try/buy it and spread the words.
    Anyway thx both for pointing me to the kvr attitude i dunno this 🙂

    Forgive my poor English :p


    Thanks for the cajoling Pitchaxis 🙂

    KVR is a great wiki for audio production. Of course Podium deserves its entry. i was happy to provide a review.

    Participant be fair, ‘Continue this sentence with three words’ is in the Off Topic forum..

    If you go to any of the other KvR forums – Instruments, Hosts, Effects, etc. you’ll find plenty of intelligent conversation. If you view it as an online pub, with allsorts of people making comments, you’ll be fine; if you expect it to be anything else, then yes you may be disappointed.

    Podium is known by many of the more established members, and over the years has gained a great deal of respect, especially for the automation curves.. however, for various reasons, it hasn’t taken off in the same way as it ought to have, but that’s not to say it isn’t known. Computer Music featured it on its cover disc for a while..

    You may notice that the first review was by me..!

    It’s worth persevering with KvR, you learn whom to take with a pinch of salt, and who’s worth listening to. Overall, I’ve found it far better than most company forums or places like, gearslutz, etc. which are heavily moderated, keeping everything rigidly ontopic and creating a fairly stale atmosphere. However, whilst they may be bereft of fluff, the opinions expressed can be frightening.. If you think KvR has headstrong people, you clearly haven’t wandered the other audio forums around!

    But the general thesis of ‘talk about Podium’ is certainly not a bad one. I’ll mention it when I wander the Hosts forum, etc. These days though, I’m most in OffTopc and the DSP Dev forum..


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