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    Discovered some quirks in recent versions of Podium

    1. Is adding effect to the Master Track only possible via Inspector? Seems you have to add the first effect using Inspector to then be able to add further effects directly with mouse+menu. I prefer to add effects directly to the track, same as for other tracks, and not having to use the Inspector initially.

    2. What happened to the naming of the Master Bounce audio file? Instead of Title+Bounce it now is Bounce Master. Is there a setting I’ve missed somewhere to change this back to the more helpful Title+Bounce?

    3. When “minimizing” a Track it displays Input instead of Source, which becomes hidden. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? For me it’s more useful to be able to open the plug-in, without having to expand the track, instead of having the Input staring at me. 😉



    1. Hmm, yes, it seems that is the case. You have to use the inspector or mixer. Interesting you should say this, because I can’t remember why the commands for adding effects were put in the source selector button menu in the first place, where they become unavailable on minimized tracks, or when you hide the source selectors. Gotta have to read that thread back. 😆

    2. I can’t remember it ever using the arrangement name for the bounce file before…? What did Podium name other than the master’s bounce files, then?
    I think the quickest way to change the name is to go to the arrangement page, look for your “Master Bounce.wav” in the arrangement folder and rename it. It should keep this name after subsequent bounces. If you just want a one-off export of your master track, use the new “Export To Sound File” command in the File menu on the arrangement page.

    3. Well, since the signal flow dictates the visual hierarchy, the inputs must come before sources (instruments) and effects.
    If you work with VST’s only, and don’t need to see the inputs, you can disable showing them in the Track Region Properties (View menu -> Customize Region -> …). The source selector will then be the last thing to get hidden when you size tracks down.

    I don’t think there’s a way to show inputs on some, and sources on other tracks simultaneously. Though back in that big beta thread, I myself suggested to hide inputs when a source is assigned to a track! I can’t see a use having both input and an instrument on one track, but maybe there is. Maybe MIDI plug-ins…? (Edit: Ah, the suggestion was the other way around! Remove source selectors if there’s an audio input assigned… Of course there’s a need for MIDI input and instrument both, but I am ever so forgetful of MIDI inputs. :blush:)


    2. Earlier the Master track bounced as ‘arrangement name’+Bounce.wav and all the other as Bounce Master.wav. Sure I can rename them again, but I rather not. Working on a short (film) I might have 15-20 different(ly named) arrangement to be bounced and then moved to ProTools and to have 15-20 wave files named Bounce Master isn’t very convenient. 😉

    3. I’ll try out your suggestion since I’m not that often find myself opening the Input to tinker other than adding or removing a USB MIDI keyboard.

    Thanks thcilnnahoj!

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