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    I’ve been looking over this site for a couple days and going over the features, guides and forum posts, but I have a question that I need answered before I start messing with the free version to see if it meets my needs.

    I’m conducting an experiment with music to see how music and sounds from instruments or synthesized sounds degrade when they travel through other medium over distance (like water to sand and different pressures). So my main needs are being able to record different instruments.

    I’ve also been really interested in starting to mix with samples and such and I figured if I get some interesting effects I can use those to start composing music. I was planning on using Audacity, but it doesn’t have the looping and sequencing I want, which Podium sounds like it’d be a great match.

    As a budding sound artist, what would you recommend for starting out? I plan on using sounds I record more than generating them, but using different effects to transform them.

    Thank you for your advice.
    (By the way I am incredibly impressed in the community support on this site. You do the internet proud.)


    Hi DarkerDepths,

    I think Podium is a good starting point as it has everything you need. You can also add effects and virtual instruments. There are plenty of these VSTs as freebies out there. Podiums GUI is quite intuitive so it should be easy to get started if you are not familiar with DAWs.
    Just start messing around with Podium Free and feel free to ask questions. Usually you’ll get some useful answers around here 🙂


    Hi and welcome!

    I agree that Podium Free should suit your needs fine, especially if you plan on recording multiple sound sources at once, which is a bit wonky in Audacity as far as I know. Podium doesn’t have as many destructive effects as dedicated audio editors like Audacity, so as ronin said, you’ll soon find that you need effect plug-ins in VST format (there are lots of fantastic ones available for free all over the net). These have the benefit of being non-destructive, and you can usually automate them (i.e. record changes made to their parameters over time), which is a must for experimentation, in my humble opinion! 😉

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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