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    is it possible with Podium and an external hardware controller (MIDI MMC or Mackie Control protocol or whatever) to replace a sound files in a track?
    For example if I have a wav.file in a track which is a bassdrum sound and there is a folder somewhere on the harddisk where I have different kinds of bassdrum samples. I just would have to scroll a wheel at the hardware controller to exchange the bassdrum sample in the track.
    If I would like to replace a different sound sample e.g. a HiHat, it would mean different controller numbers and of cause a different folder, where all my HiHat samples are stored.

    Is something like this possible or is there no way to access the sound files inside the track via controller?



    This is not possible with sound files on Podium tracks. There may be some VSTi sampler plugins which support browsing through different samples using program change, CC or other MIDI messages.


    Thanks Frits,

    I will test some VST-Samplers. As you said this also can be realized by ‘program change’ (the Akai MPCs are doing this by program change, too).


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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