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    There is a new article about Podium on Editshare’s RedShark News website: “The best DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) you’ve never heard of.” It is written by Slowmo:

    The Telenator

    WOW! Thanks so much for finding and linking.

    Weird, though — I’m having a DEJA VU. It seems like someone else wrote an almost identical story a couple of years ago, including Podium too.

    Anyhow, THIS is what I tell people anywhere I post when the subject of lessor-known DAWs and software comes up. Because it is all true, and I really hate to see people — especially the younger chaps just getting going in recording — spending many hundreds of dollars because someone told them they have to if they want to compete with the big studios. My career was in the ‘big studios’ and, sure, a $125k hardware compressor usually does work/sound better than a $100 software comp, but it never did sound $125k better!

    Finally, everybody take note that DAW engines have been scientifically tested and compared side-by-side so many times now that it will make your eyes roll. The constant result? ALL well-built DAWs sound the SAME if set FLAT. The engines are virtually identical. Pro Tools cannot ever sound ‘better’ than Podium, assuming same settings.

    As we all know by now, the field of digital music is SO full of MYTHS and sometimes outright lies that many of us spend a fair part of our free time running around posting articles and threads debunking all this nonsense. Everybody should keep up telling friends and colleagues the truth in these matters so that maybe 50 years from now it may even go away! (But don’t hold you breath!)


    I just have to say that if it wasn’t for shaunthesheep, there wouldn’t have been any article, at least not from me. Thanks!

    Choosing a DAW based on how much “better” it sounds, is indeed a bit silly these days. What’s important to me is how well I’ll be able to get my work done with it.

    The Telenator

    I’ve always wished there was a better word for it than ‘workflow’, but at least most people understand what is meant.

    Yeah, you are spot on here. It’s the most important criterion.

    [Edited to add:] Whoa! Excuse me, but I was so taken in by the article itself that I failed to see that you authored it. Very nice work indeed! I like that it also gives your experiences leading up to the discovery of Podium; thus it is a narrative as well. I expect every reader old enough to remember the Commodore had to break out a smile when coming upon that (8) bit!

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