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    when Fritz?
    – just looked at the Competition thread

    Been too long from what i see since you had one…

    So when is the next one start…


    The last competition did not result in many responses, so I’m thinking that people perhaps are not interested in this type of competition.

    Do you have a suggestion for a new competition topic?


    A one synth competition, maybe? Not very original, as KVR’s been doing it for a while…but, hey, it’s one idea.
    Use a freeware synth, basic effects if any at all. Release song as mp3/wav with accompanying .pod file. Then comes the remix eh? Other people take the winning .pod file and mangle it to their heart’s content. I guess the remix could be the second part of the competition, or whatever-
    Sorry, Chase, if I jumped in too soon there. Suggestions anybody?


    How about a samplepack and 24h to make something audible with it πŸ™‚ Some restriction on VSTs would probably be useful.


    To merge 4mica and ronin’s suggestions why don’t we have a competition which utilises Nucleum? That way new users can grab all the resources here in one stop πŸ™‚ I know there’s already a space in the forum for such submissions but not in competition form.

    Entrants supplying .pod files means it’s accessible to all Podium users. Using Nucleum (exclusively) would expand it’s patch bank πŸ™‚

    Thanks for reading my reiteration.


    Very good ideas indeed.
    For the past month I have read the manual, been through the Wiki, lurked here in the forums, reading, and getting familiar with Podium, so that to know what to expect and what not; and accordingly explored and experimented with Podium Free. As a result I decided to make it my main DAW, since the other freeware DAWs were no good for me, did not “resonate” with me at all.

    I’m just finished with my projects and tracks templates (for different styles), plugin configurations and so on, and was preparing to start my first track made with Podium. So what better than start with the participation in an official contest (that would only add to the motivation and eagerness to further master it).

    So, If I may make a suggestion, that would be something borrowed from the above-mentioned ones, plus some additions:

    A track without time limitations, using only 2 virtual synthesizers, Nucleum and (a few alternatives)
    1. SynthMaker AnnA
    2. Fuzzpilz Oatmeal
    3. TAL Noise Maker
    4. Synth 1
    5. TranceDrive

    of course with emphasis on Nucleum, using the second synth only in extreme circumstances, so that to enrich the patch banks.

    + One of the freeware mixing bundles

    1. Kjaerhus Classic Series
    2. Antress
    3. Variety of Sound
    4. Melda Production
    and so on

    + The only Samples allowed being Open Hat, Closed Hat, Snare (for the ones who require them) yet free ones, accessible to all.

    And as levendis proposed, all participants posting the .pod files.

    And to make things more interesting and intriguing, the winner track to be remixed: (alternatives)
    1. by the second and third ( and fourth maybe? ) place participants;
    2. which can be the assignment for the next contest even, as a natural continuation of the former.

    That would certainly add musicality to the contest (after all everything is about music ), and could lead to a track (composition) being the result of a collective effort and vision. And finally posted for free download for all.

    After all, giving is so much more than taking πŸ™‚

    Vibe on




    Thanks for the suggestions.

    Considering the modest amount of traffic this forum is currently seeing, I have my doubts that a competition topic that requires a lot of time investment is going to generate a lot of competition entries.

    Today I have released Podium Free 2.40, and set up a new April 2011 competition. The competion topic is simple. All you need to do is write a number :wink:. I’ll consider more elaborate competition topics when more people start to join the forum and the competitions.


    Yep, a very accurate decision Frits. The enthusiasm with which I plunged forth faced nothing but the cold silence of a brick wall.

    And a perfect occasion to thank for the next Podium free release. A splendid gift indeed.


    Just a quick note here for those that might read this thread.

    Fritz has posted an April Podium Competiion

    get in on it = there’s only a few days left!

    The April Competion Link is !!HERE!!

    @ Fritz – I wish you would have sent a email notice about the competion
    – i just found out about it myself yesterday.

    I’m posting about it on as many boards as i can to let others know about it with a link back.
    Hope that is okay with you, as i don’t have time to wait for your reply.
    – only a few days left don’t yah know… ;0)
    it it’s not okay – well i guess you’ll just have to shoot me.
    but not till after the competion – okay?
    I’m curious and want to hear the right answer and see who wins!


    @chase wrote:

    @ Fritz – I wish you would have sent a email notice about the competion
    – i just found out about it myself yesterday.

    In the “Competitions” announcement topic there is an explanation on how you can get notified by email.

    I’m posting about it on as many boards as i can to let others know about it with a link back.
    Hope that is okay with you, as i don’t have time to wait for your reply.

    Post away. It would be nice to have more people visit this forum.

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