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    Harry Flashman

    I am new to Podium Free. How do I use a recorded Wav music track from hard drive ? How do I insert it to a project and then add voice over?


    Hi Harry,
    You can drag a *.wav or *.aiff file from Podium’s browser, or your system’s file browser, to the track timeline. This can be done on an existing track or if dropped to an area on the timeline which doesn’t have a track header then a new track is created.

    Adding a voice over can easily be done with recording onto a track which is set with a microphone (or other audio) input. You can even do a multi-take recording, as described in the Podium Guide (Chapter 6.4.2).


    To add a audio/MIDI file to Podium, drag & drop the file from Windows Explorer to Podium sequencer.
    I assume that “Add voice over” means… record your voice in a new track. 😉

    Quick setup for recording.
    – Setup -> Audio/MIDI -> Audio -> select the audio driver, the audio interface and the sample rate;
    – Setup -> Preferences -> Engine -> select the sound file format and the bit resolution;
    – Project -> New Project -> Create project;
    – Add a new track (double click in the empty area under the last track);
    – Drop down the “Input” box to select the recording source: Audio Inputs -> Audio In 1+2 (stereo input);
    – Click on the “X” button near the Input box to disable audio input monitoring (the X will become yellow);
    – Arm the track for recording (R button in the track header, it will become red);
    – Press the Record button in the transport panel;
    – When you are ready, press the space bar to start/stop the recording.

    To export the arrangement: File -> Export to Sound File.
    Podium will render the audio in all not muted tracks and will prompt you to save it.

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