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    I love track tags. 😳
    Nevertheless, here’s my wish list:

    – Support drag-and-drop of tags, including placing them in exclusive/non-exclusive groupings.

    – An “add tag” + button. It gets a little repetitive to enter the tags dialog again and again in every arrangement. 😉

    – A “delete tag” option in the right-click menu.

    – A right-click option for the above button to “create tag from selection”.
    This would be incredibly useful once you can select multiple tracks.
    Logic has a very different folder system, much like in Windows explorer, where you can only see the tracks inside a folder. This is sometimes awkward compared to Podium because you can lose context, but it’s nice if you want to concentrate on one or two tracks.
    With this feature, I could create quick throw-away tags during editing and arranging just for this purpose! Of course it’s much more useful if you can delete them more easily than with the tags dialog (see point above).

    Anyone else got some? 🙂


    Well, I asked in the past some independency between mixer and arrangement tracks, so you can have (i.e, any drumsynth) one midi track in the arrangement that feed 4 audio tracks without getting too messy


    I’d use a create tag from selection option almost exclusively. +1 for all options listed.


    Thinking about it some more, that one FR could actually be taken care of with just an “add tag” button.

    After making the track selection, you’d click “add tag”, then tick the small button to tag all selected tracks, instead of right-clicking the add tag button and selecting the “create tag from selection” option. At least that’s one way I can imagine it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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