Topic: unable to reduce buffer size below 1000 samples

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    Salem puentes

    As the title says I cant reduce the buffer samples bellow 1000 without crazy distortion.
    I’m just trying to record a track (no plugins) without the live monitoring crapping itself.
    I’ve been searching for ways to fix this, a reason for why, or even some one with the same problem but it seems i’m the only one to run into this issue.
    I’ve read up that the standard for other DAWs is 32-120 and others had podium at 250 in 2012 so somethings obviously wrong.

    I’ve worked on podium before on crappier PCs and ran into the same issue (although worse), but i assumed it was because of the harware. However i recently bought a pretty high spec PC (SSD drive, 16g of ram, quad-core i7s) and im still running in to the problem.

    The only “hint” I’ve found in a diagnosis was looking at the taskmanagers stats ,and when podium is at “100%” CPU the task managers barely displaying 6% so this has to be some type of limit in podium.

    Any help is appreciated


    It depends on your audio interface or soundcard, and Podium’s Audio I/O settings. The best performance, with low buffer size, comes from using dedicated ASIO drivers for your interface. If you don’t have an audio interface and only use the internal sound functionality on your computer, then the generic ASIO4All driver could be the solution.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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