Topic: Users: would you use this Motorized Fader function?

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    In a previous thread in the support forum, I had suggested changes to the motorized fader functionality to allow control of parameters during playback without recording automation data. I was told that this is possible but not an in-demand feature, which is fair, but I would like to see if others have an interest since this would be a massive improvement for my workflow.

    Since the current functionality is such that any fader movement over time is recorded and then played back, it isn’t possible to sit and mix while listening. I would like to loop a section of a song, for example, and adjust EQ and volume settings, etc. and have this values remain constant as it loops. I would rather have a button to enable automation recording.

    Does anyone see this as useful and a feature you would like implemented in the near future? Here is some discussion from my other thread with a link to the topic.

    I also noticed that when I switch presets, the motorized faders don’t update to reflect the setting. Would there be an issue with locking faders to the actual parameter settings instead of the recorded automation data, and then having recording optional?

    Zynewave response
    The parameter track faders are locked to the value on the track, which does not necessarily correspond to unrecorded edits made in the plugin. I think what you really want is a way to edit plugin parameters without having them assigned to parameter tracks. This is something I originally planned as an extension to the current MCU support in Podium. Currently you can only adjust gain/pan/parameter tracks. This could be extended with the use of some of the mode buttons on MCU, to include bus sends and plugin parameters. However, since there are very few users that will find this useful, I fear it is going to be years before I find time to add this support.

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