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    I’ve been using Podium Free for about a year now. I really love the layout and functions, particularly the piano roll editor and the ability to edit the audio wav tracks with ease. I like it all.

    Unfortunately the package doesn’t seem to be compatible with the Focusrite Scarlett Solo interface which I’ve recently bought (or more properly, with the Focusrite Asio drivers). This seems to be a known issue.

    Two questions.
    Does anybody know if this is just a problem with the free Podium? If so I may have to purchase the full version.

    Or, is there any chance of the free version being able to be fixed to run with Focusrite?

    I really like Podium Free and it would be a shame for me to have to get used to using a different DAW….Reaper, for instance.

    Can anybody give me any help or advice please?




    My apology if this is old news; have you tried the ASIO4ALL drivers with you interface? They are a more generic ASIO driver for Windows that works with any interface.


    First of all, thanks for this software. I enjoy using podium, unfortunately I also have the same problem using my Focusrite drivers, so I won’t continue using Podium. I’m just using the free version, so no big loss, except I think it’s one of the best free offerings out there. I’m sure it would also be a worthwhile purchase if there was ongoing development and it worked with my drivers.

    I was wondering if this driver issue will ever be addressed by the developer, or is it more of a issue with Focusrite? Also does this driver problem occur in the paid version as well? Also I don’t think ASIO4ALL is an option as pernst suggested. I can’t get my Focusrite interface to work with ASIO4ALL.

    Anyways thanks again for Podium. It’s a very impressive DAW.

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