Topic: Weird overload issue with microscopic fades

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    1. Weird overload issue with microscopic fades

    I stumbled over this by chance while using the beat slicing function: I imported a drum loop and sliced it with rather extreme settings. Every so often, the meters would go crazy at one point in the loop, and so I investigated.
    Even though I had set slice crossfade time to zero, there was a tiny fade at the position that seemed to trigger it. I played around with it and found a way to reproduce it well enough.
    It’s hard to explain, so here’s a Bug Report Video (the audio quality suffered a bit, but you still can sometimes hear a distinct click at the fade). The signal is blocked completely if there’s an active effect on the track.

    Tried with both mixer engine resolution options in 2.23 beta 4. The mixer peak display only shows cryptic stuff at 32-bit. Maybe the fade is producing a severe rounding error or something!? :clown:

    Technical info: Core 2 Duo processor (E4600), Vista 32-bit, the file is a 32-bit/44.1 kHz stereo WAV.

    You can of course have the file, should you need it. Edit: I inadvertently deleted it since, but I have a different project file ready.

    2. Zynewave plug-ins window size bug (fixed)

    When you replace a z-plug by another one, the new plug-in editor will have the same window size as the previous one. Not good when you switch from pitch to something else. 😉


    More information on this! 😉

    First, two events that cause trouble seperately, then together, showing the fade position. They’re phantom copies, so the end of the first event is exactly the same as the start of the second one.
    Assuming the smallest possible step in the arrangement view is one sample, this looks like a ridiculously short fade over identical samples…

    When this is played back, it creates an overload of some kind and the peak indicator displays cryptic stuff (+1.#J) like seen in the video – unless I enable 64-bit processing. If there’s any plugin in the chain, it either completely overloads or mutes the master track’s output.

    Now, I don’t think anyone is ever likely to do something like this on his/her own. I only noticed because Podium’s beat slicing function set up a wonky crossfade like this for me. 😆

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