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    Please vote in the poll.

    This poll will run through 2011. Next year a new poll will be created so that all users can vote again.

    If you don’t know what Windows edition you are running, you can find the information in the System control panel.

    Link to poll topics for previous years:



    I use Podium with Linux and Win 7. Disappointed by more and more heavy Reaper (Cockos) for Linux. And that works really really well with wineasio on tangostudio x86-64 and mandriva x86-64.
    Great Work.



    Ubuntu XP



    I am using Zynewave Podium Free on Windows 7 64-Bit without any problems except my MIDI-keyboard issue:

    By the way: Zynewave Podium is the cheapest Sequencer which has still all important functions!! Even the freeware version can do almost everything!



    Just this last month I upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7. I would like to use the 64 bit version of Podium, but I just haven’t found that many 64 bit plugins yet. So I’m sticking with 32 bit for the moment.



    I have to admit that I’m slowly looking to migrate to Linux (Ubuntu) now, so my OS may change from Windows 7 64-bit to Linux 64-bit. Naturally, I’ll be forced to use WINE. And I’ll be keeping Windows 7 around, as I own the licence and it seems a waste not to. Windows 7 may become my DAW OS if Linux doesn’t pan out for that purpose.


    The Telenator

    Not much of a choice when I went to buy my first laptop middle of 2010. And I did want the Windows 7 anyway, ’cause the look of it is beautiful with all that Aero glass. It does everything I want, too, without being bloated with to many features. Like, I don’t have the touch screen and I don’t want it. I’ve seen Windows 8 and I’m just not interested.

    I like running the 32-bit Podium and 32-bit plugs on a 64-bit. For me it’s ideal until the entire world is 64-bit compatible. And that’s why I will probably never run Linux, either, although I do like that OS. But almost nothing goes with it, and bridging is something I avoid all around like the plague.

    I notice Podium is not so much of a CPU and RAM hog as some other DAWs, so I won’t switch to Best Performance mode unless I’m running more that 20 tracks and/or overloaded with plug-ins. I’ve got an average power dual core, 4 RAM with 4 more I can add, and some 360 gigs of free space on a 5400rpm disk. Podium has been working so smoothly, and it’s really a total relief after some unpleasant experiences with another over-rated (I believe) DAW brand.

    I’d accept a MAC if you gave me a really expensive higher model, but really I am more comfortable with your average well-made laptop PC.

    If anything, my dream move is to buy another laptop and dedicate it to music production only. That looks like two years away right now.

    I run out into some decent powered monitors and a very average set of Maxell headphones that just happen to be remarkably accurate.

    A guitarist, I run three different Digitech systems into Podium to record — ultra-low latency and many top-notch effects pre-added and processed before they hit the track. I often run the vocal mic through the Digitech stuff as well.

    Now that I have the licensed version of Podium, and I ditched my annoying last DAW, I really have to say I’m finally in Recording Heaven and fully intend to stay put!



    Time for a new poll? 🙂

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