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    Judging by the numerous requests for MIDI plugins support in Podium, I guess I am far from alone in this regard. So here it is guys 🙂

    The way to use MIDI effects in podium is to load a vst host that supports both instruments and Vst (midi) effects inside Podium as an instrument. There are plenty of alternatives out there, but all of them are payware, which is not an option for me.
    So I just came across the freeware solution for this.


    Supports both VSTi and MIDI VST. Just load the desired instrument inside WusikVM, then click on the “midi” button, from there just select your midi effects, and that’s it. MIDI effects in Podium.

    Tested with the following ones:
    Kirnu Arp, Mucoder’s Hypercyclic and Tonespace, ChordSpace, Angular Momentum R-Peg, Step Machin, xoxos Arp4Midi, Hyperion and Series
    All working.

    The Downside

    1) Once you load the the synth/instrument inside WusikVM, if there is not an internal presets selector in the plugin itself, you can not browse through them. (Although Alpha 3 Free’s presets showed up in the preset browser of Podium). So this is not very convenient for preset people.

    2) For some reason if you put the cursor at the beginning of the clip and hit play, the first notes are almost always faulty and messed up. So one must consider this. If the MIDI-sequenced clip is at the very start in the timeline, just give it a little headroom, like 1 bar. Then it works PERFECTLY.

    3) No automation parameters. The only ones that Podium detects are the Volume and Pan, plus Oversample. There is a sub-workaround for this though: clever usage of LFOs, or just loading, for an example, a filter plugin after WusikVM and automating its parameters instead.
    Another way is to record the MIDI output, and then use the generated sequence in another “normal” track with the desired instruments etc. Didn’t work for me, I guess this is where Asio4All can not reach;without the MIDI output and so on.

    -Just for the record, the bounce work just as it is supposed to.-

    So while we are waiting until Podium extends its Audio and MIDI routing capabilities, this is a useable and actually working method. A bit tricky and not so intuitive, but hey, we got our MIDI 😀

    (Please, let this not make you postpone the native MIDI vst support for Podium Frits. 🙂 )

    I hope this was helpful guys.

    Peace and Vibe On



    Good info, thank you. Phrazor is another one…the last beta is freely available at Gersic:
    It’s been discontinued for 5 years but is still great. It’s a host that is also a VST, a mini Ableton-ish workstation thingy. The interface and concepts require a little study but it’s not rocket science. The free beta is fully functional, and there are tutorials you can run inside of it. If you can’t get the MIDI plug aspect of it just post and I’ll explain.


    Oh, thank you very much 4mica for the heads up. Really appreciate it.
    It is always good to have alternatives.

    I tweaked and experimented with Phrazor and it is really a great app. Pity it’s discontinued though. Yet even with the limitations of the Demo version it is quite useful (after making track templates it is), and I like it more than WuisikVM for now. Definitely worth playing with.

    Peace and Best Vibes



    You’re welcome Cymatic. Many don’t know about this as it’s so dusty and all, pity. I’m using it for live clip triggering, which takes a minute to set up as do some other functions, but of course can be saved as a template. I love Phrazor’s handling of presets with its own programs…I’ve had issues with creating presets from certain vsts inside Podium, but none if using the programs.
    One more thing -you’d said demo; did you get it from Gersic or Sonicbytes? Gersic’s is the fully functional beta, only a few steps behind the one Sonicbytes has. Or should I say had, as it’s not even for sale anymore. But they still have the demo, weird!
    As Flav would say “rock that shit homey”


    My bad. I’ve downloaded Phrazor from the dev site, therefore Demo, with the save/load, midi drag etc. limitations. They still host the files there.
    So thanks one more time for the heads up, will go to Gersic now for the beta and see how it works.

    Best Vibes


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