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    I’m trying out Podium with an Auzentech X-Fi Prelude card. Windows Vista sees my audio outputs in the correct order.

    Podium made a 5.1 audio definision for me, and it starts correctly. Channels 1/2 are Front left and right. But then It swaps channels 3/4 and 5/6, thinking my surround is my center and vice/versa.

    I cant see any way to fix the order it sees my outputs in, since it only lets me choose the starting output. Is there any workaround so I can have a proper 5.1 audio device definition?



    The reason that it is ordered as L/R/C/LFE/Ls/Rs, is because this is the standard channel assignment order used in multichannel media files and studio mixer/effect devices. Some time in the future I intend to make a simple VST plugin that allows channel reassignment, so that it is possible to arrange channels for playback on devices expecting a different channel order. Currently you cannot reorder the channels in Podium.

    Depending on how you connect your monitors to the Auzentech soundcard, perhaps you can just swap the cables for channel 3+4 and 5+6.


    Yes, being able to choose the outputs order is an old FR 😉
    You can use the MiniRoute 66 plug on the master :
    There are Presets for all the standard surround connections.


    Got it. That did the trick. Thanks!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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