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  • in reply to: Default note velocity… #20708


    Heck, yeah, it makes a difference.

    For those making electronic, synth-based music, there’s nothing that would be noticed.

    But for others, like me, who create everything from sample sets, where each velocity is a different texture, or a different drum sound (or hit), this is a make-or-break as far as workflow.

    Most sample devs, especially drum sample devs, put their best hits at 127, so it’d be really nice to have a global option to set it to whatever value you’d like.

    No offense to those who posted here whose first language isn’t obviously English, but please don’t assume “everyone” loves it this way, or that “all” other hosts do this, because they don’t.

    Even Tracktion allows an option to “set all incoming MIDI velocities to full” which is spot-on needed for anyone doing non-electronic music who cares about fast workflow.

    Sorry to make this more important than it probably seems, but when your output quantity means you’re making more money, little things like this mean a lot.

    Thanks for listening,

    – (A/L)

    in reply to: How do I create a "note sequence" from only the mo #20706


    Thanks very much.

    Duh – I didn’t have a VST loaded. 🙂

    Thanks, again.

    in reply to: The Podium Music Lounge #10620


    Hey, Podianer,

    I love your rock guitar tone. I’ve got a Guitar Port but haven’t used it much.

    Any chance you’d let on what amp models you are using?

    Thanks a bunch!

    – A


    @rinxai wrote:

    IIRC, i first came across Podium in a post on Cockos forums


    Someone coming FROM Reaper? Kill you on KVR, they will!

    Honestly, I won’t go with Reaper and I am still looking at Podium as my one-host-only.

    Can I ask why you found Podium so attractive and what you like about it so much?

    I like the quickness of Tracktion, but after I downloaded T3 it seemed to be slightly a step away from what I liked it for.

    Does the “heirarchial” way of doing it involve extra steps to get something going as opposed to another host like Cubase? Is the advantage that it’s more creative?

    Thank you for any replies,

    – A

    in reply to: Okay, point-blank… #9873


    How does the heirarchal structure do things like parallel bus compression, like, on a drum track?

    For things like routing, is that all done in the mixer part, or on some part of the “heirarchy” for lack of a better term?

    Thanks a lot,

    – A

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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