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    Donald S. Griffin

    With my MOTU 828 MkII set to ASIO Motu Firewire the play button in Podium did nothing. Even when I created a sequence that was just an imported MIDI File (no audio, just feeding to an SW1000XG card.)

    I took your advice and switched to the Creative Asio of my Audigy Platinum EX and set the project to 48000 and it works now but I would really rather it work with my MOTU 828 MkII. It is MUCH better sounding and the latency is 11ms with th MOTU.

    [since my initial post I found that red block in the lower right is the CPU usage which is all the way up when set to MOTO Firewire. But when I access the MOTU via “DirectX Full Duplex” or “DirectX Multimedia” ASIO drivers with about 768 setting then the MOTU works! When I tried to go back to the Motu Firewire setting to increase the buffer I got an error so I have to restart everything to see if buffer size increase will help. However, I did not have to go higher than the current 512 setting for Cubase SX, Tracktion, Chainer, EnergyXT or a few other apps. So something does not seem right.]

    I have used the MOTU successfully with lots of other software. One thing though. It seems the MOTU is slow to fire up. So it is possible that your software is not waiting long enough for a response from the MOTU or something like that.

    No faders? How do you change volume until that his fixed?

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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