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  • in reply to: how to avoid VST scanning… #21054

    The other thing I sometimes do, when I’m starting something I haven’t got a template for, is to load up the default New Stereo Project and change it to “Don’t load plugins”.

    That way I can simply scan in the plugins one by one, as and when I need them. That keeps things nice and neat.

    You can do that on the main project tab, by choosing “Import Plugin” from the Devices menu.

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    @siegfried wrote:

    kim_otcj: I think you must scan them all only once…? and then you can load that setup every time you start new project, in no time… am I correct?

    That’s right. If you set up your folders properly in the preferences, all your templates will be in the first pull down menu of the new project dialogue. It’s just a matter of choosing which one you want to use.

    So my question is – If I have setup with all plugins (but I actually use in my song only few of them), are they all affecting stability of Podium?

    In my experience (which might not count for much), scanned plugins don’t effect the stability of the system or do much of anything at all until you add them to a project.

    I recently upgraded my computer, and some of my older plugins don’t like Windows 7 much (the Antress Modern plugins are particularly bad for this). So I’ve had a bit of experience with instability issues. If a plugin doesn’t want to work, I just delete it from the track where I applied it and the problem goes away. I’ve never found it necessary to delete something from the list of scanned plugins.

    Most of the time, even just muting a plugin is enough to take it out of the picture and get it to stop bothering your processor.

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    For me, the template system is one of the best features of Podium. I have several different setups ready to go — for mastering, for tracking, for cleaning up live recordings, for VSTi based tracks, and a few others.

    I have a couple of hundred plugins in my VST folder, and it takes a few minutes to scan them all. It would be a real pain in the neck to do that from scratch every time I launched Podium.

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    I’d check latency settings on your interface as well. I find that when I set my interface for the lowest possible latency, that has a pretty devastating effect on my CPU usage.

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    Here’s me, trying to recapture my misspent youth as a punk. 😉

    Locked Away

    This is my first recording with my registered copy of Podium (though I did plenty with Podium Free before that). Onto the gear list…

    I sampled the drums myself with a Roland R-05 recorder and the hire kit at my local rehearsal studio. I sequenced them with Softdrum LTD.

    The rhythm guitar is an Ibanez Jet King 3, tuned to open D and recorded through a Behringer V-Amp Pro. The lead guitar is a Maton Mastersound through a Vox Tonelab. I used an Epiphone Viola bass with flat-wound strings going through a Behringer Bass V-Amp Pro. All of that got into my computer through a Lexicon I-Onix interface.

    I recorded the vocal with a Shure SM-57 dynamic microphone. I’ve tried other mics, but I’ve found the SM-57 is the best match to my voice.

    For plug-ins I’m mostly using stuff from the Melda free plugin bundle, and the Antress Modern. Both are good, with lots of stuff in them.

    On the drums I used Modern Console EQ to make it all bright and shiny. On the bass and vocals, I used Modern Vacuumer Compressor. I used Modern Exciter to bring out the guitars a bit and stop them from being muddy. I also make pretty extensive use of zpEQ throughout.

    To master my final mix, I used Modern Analoguer to bring it all together, then MLimiter to bring the volume up to a decent listening level.

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