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    Hmm, I think that will place the left and right channel meters too far apart. And what then with mono and surround meters?

    I thougt of that, too, but I have no idea how to handle surround meters then. Mono meters wouldn’t be a problem, would they? You could put the faders left or right of the one meter..


    @Zynewave wrote:


    It seems you misunderstood me. To try to make it clearer, here’s a screenshot of a track configured both for level automation and audio mixing (which is a setup that I’m not recommending because it is of little practical use):

    Sorry, maybe I did misunderstand you πŸ˜‰ but your screenshot is exactly what I suggested but…the fader would show the db values but the track would not be configured for level automation. However the fader would still control the track gain.

    It is not a radically new feature to have a fader, control volume levels on a track without level automation being activated for that track. Many hosts operate this way.

    Yes you can automate volume levels in other hosts as well but you can easily just use thier track faders to adjust volume levels with no automation active.

    The track is not configured for automation yet the fader controls the track volume.

    The fader requires more pixels than the width of the dB labels, even when the fader overlaps the labels.

    Yes you are right but it is a very small amount really IMO πŸ˜‰ . The track in your screenshot is hardly what I would describe as abnormally wide.

    But if you think it is just too much width (especially considering compacting of strips is possible) then it’s OK if it is just too problematic to implement. Really. It just seemed like a nice suggestion.:) There are far more important things I would like to see in Podium, I just really thought this would be very simple feature to implement.

    I do appreciate your asking for ideas for it’s implementation and do not want to sidetrack you into something that from your perspective as Podiums developer, just will not work as a feature.

    On top of that, one of my design criteria is that the level meters are centered on the strip, which results in some wasted space to the right of the meters.

    If that is your design criteria then I do not want you to change that.:wink: You have done a great job already on Podium’s design. So maybe it just will not work. I thought this FR would be a small thing to add. No worries.

    The only other suggestion I can offer at this point is Samplitude’s approach…placing the db values on the meters.

    In Podium however the fader could reside on the right side of the meters filling up the space you described as “wasted”. The db values would be on the meters as in the Samplitude screenshot.

    Beyond that idea…I have no idea. πŸ˜†

    I will say this though…perhaps Podium does need at least an optional wider setting to accomodate faders. Possibly off by default. But if the additional width is not something you think will work, like or want to consider just yet, that’s OK, as you have done a great job with Podium’s design already.

    The faders are a ‘nice to have’ IMO not a ‘need to have’ like the zGrid for instance to keep track counts in Podium projects lower and comparable to other hosts.

    It’s a minor thing in comparison to zGrid IMO. πŸ™‚

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