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    How to participate:

    Post a reply to this topic with a list of 5 features that you would like to see implemented in Podium. Place the most important feature at the top of your list.


    The prize is a free Podium license for the full version, including a 1-year upgrade period. If the winner is already a license owner, the price will be an additional 1-year upgrade period.


    At the end of the month Zynewave will pick a winner by random among all valid competition entries. An extra winner will be picked if more than 50 users participate in the competition. The winners will be announced on this topic, and will also be notified by email.

    You may enter only one post in this topic. If you have comments to the competition, please post these in another topic. Users that tries to enter multiple times by creating multiple forum accounts will be disqualified from the competition. If you want to change your competition entry you can use the “Edit” button at the top right corner of your post.


    1. Auto-quantize while recording
    2. MIDI controller learn/mappings for plug-in automation
    3. REX support (in the browser and drag/drop from browser to timeline)
    4. Audio time stretch
    5. Video playback/track


    Hi! Maybe my wishes are out of the reality, but they are what i would like to see in more sequencers, that are powerfull but that lack in that aspect:

    1-Staff/Score Edition for single/multiple midi objects. (for basic harmony work and composition, not in a Finale/Sibelius level)
    2-CC/automations lanes synced with Score View.
    3-Inline Midi Edition.
    4-Audio to Midi input on Midi tracks (ala Usine)
    5-Video Syncing

    rui r

    1.speedness, smoothness, clean graphics , good workflow (actually i think its already achived, but for me its a nº1 feature to always keep in mind for future updates)
    2.add more than 1 track at the same time
    3.option to use no instaler
    4.mp3 export
    5. + drag and drop from the browser

    and thanks a lot for the free version, its the Sequencer/host that i am using now 😀 !


    I’m trying Podium Free and i really like this DAW. Here is my wishlist:

    1-Smoother sequence editing (the “sequence window/editor” opens slower than the sound one and the zooming in the sequence editor is not smooth)
    2-In gui less plugins the parameter knobs are too small and hard to control; it should be “straight-line”, not circular.
    3-Plugin presets should be also available in the plugin’s own window.
    4-I’d like to have a Portable edition of Podium.
    5-Plugin window should be automatically displayed right after inserting the plugin.



    1 – Support composite tracks also for MIDI, not only for audio
    2 – Flexible MIDI routing and plugins support (ideally capable in the same way as audio, i.e. support for busses, groups, etc).
    3 – Quick way to split existing events at the point of mouse cursor (sth like modifier-click)
    4 – Possibility for vertical zoom of audio events contents in track view (i.e. not whole event hieght, just the waveform picture in it).
    5 – Time stretching/pitch shifting of individual audio/midi events


    1 – MIDI plugins
    2 – Option to save PluginDataBase from device menu, not everyone knows how to navigate towards the file, and it’s a smooth solution.
    3 – Option to avoid keyboard focus for devices, allowing switch focus from device to Podium with a hotkey. This will allow use space bar to play/stop while program a plugin.
    4 – Allow customize right click mouse button in editors and arrangement, so you could right click to delete events, and shift+rightclick to split them
    5 – Use different vertical gridlines width each beat [as I showed in the picture of this thread]

    Of course if I win I’ll give my license too


    1 – Modular region e.g Tracktion’s racks
    2 – Groove / shuffle
    3 – MIDI Plugins
    4 – TimeStretch
    5 – MIDI learn

    Thanks for the free version Frits, it will be getting a lot of use here 🙂


    1. File Management

    2. BWF file support (Import and export for easy file placement in Podium and when exported for easier file use in other DAW’s)

    3. Multi-track MIDI and Audio export (to facilitate much easier file transfer for clients e.t.c)

    4. x64 version of Podium

    5. Pitch correction as a plugin or as a view.
    ReaTune and GSnap are good examples of basic but still highly useful plugins of this type. Perhaps the zPitch plug can be extended to include this functionality. Neptune is a more advanced example.


    Podium’s near perfect for me, but like everyone else I have a few small suggestions
    1. File management: an option to copy imported wavs to the project folder like conquistador says, or an ableton live like “save and collect” menu item (I’d prefer the latter, if I had to chose)
    2. Edit in external wav editor button/menu item in the audio editor. Podium’s audio editor is good, but sometimes I like to use features only availlable in external editors.
    3. Windows compliant drag and drop: this would allow to drag wav files from podiums browser onto a sampler plugin or a bounced track from the timeline straight to your desktop.
    4. When using the spline automation curve, you first need to move the spline handles out of the way before you can change the location of the automation point. It’s very annoying and fiddly.
    5. Simple audio timestretch/pitch shift in the arrangement view.


    1. All in one pianoroll tool (option to turn on allowing strech notes via regular cursor) (everyone doesnt want to reach keyboard all the time to find another shortcut = kills your creativity

    2. Option to avoid keyboard focus for devices, allowing switch focus from device to Podium with a hotkey. This will allow use space bar to play/stop while program a plugin. = fucking annoying

    3. Proper duplicate command (fix for insert to support bunch of notes)

    4. Native compressor or simple ducking plugin to allow us to use “easy sidechain”

    5. Audio timestreching

    to caco, there is swing already


    2.Support for Mastering to digital release.(ie SoundCloud)
    3.Drag wav files back to Podium Browser maintaining
    4. Proper count-in
    5.Rex Support


    Come on all you readers, don’t be shy – step up and win! :mrgreen:
    I’ll give the prize away to the next non-licensee that posts after me, should I end up being drawn.

    So only five, hm? I have to think very hard about this, but here are my top picks for the moment. All modesty left outside this time. 😉

    1. A few more special (sub-)tools or editing capabilities, such as slip(!) and time selection (called “text tool” elsewhere, I believe). Along with extra options for some tools, e.g., automatically converting splits to crossfades.

    2. A revised method for invoking tools. –> Gathering ideas over here!

    3. Applying trimming, fades, and other settings to multiple selected events.

    4. Option to see grid lines through event backgrounds, and option to toggle grid visibility on/off (without affecting snap) in the tracks region. It should still be visible in the timeline, marker, tempo regions.

    5. Video support, actually (edited).


    I have to put in some more time with Podium to really get to what’s missing, but I’ll post my five:

    1. ‘Complete’ support for my US-2400 (probably MCU-mode) that includes the ‘control-strip’ mode; switching the US-2400 to control-strip mode gives 24 rotaries to control a full channel-strip (4-band para-EQ, sends, pan, etc.) on the selected channel.

    2. Single-click select VSTi-patches in the inspector for faster preset auditioning.

    3. Preset-selection on the actual VST(i)-window.

    4. Some form of pattern-sequencing natively implemented.

    5. Mixer snapshots; the ability to save/recall several alternative mixes to be able to compare them.

    It’s possible that one or more of these are already in Podium but I missed them 😀


    first of all, i <3 podium. these are things i'd love to see in it:

    1) timestretching
    2) midi mapping (midi learn)
    3) native impulse loader
    4) native sampler
    5) portability

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