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    😳 Phew, I’m really not the first in this thread. So all of my outstanding things for Podium are already said. My turn is now to quote and bring them in my order:

    1. Auto-quantize while recording
    2. MIDI controller learn/mappings for plug-in automation
    3. Flexible MIDI routing and plugins support
    4. Keep speedness, smoothness, clean graphics and good workflow
    5. MP3 export
    6. In GUI-less plugins the parameter knobs are too small and hard to control; it should be “straight-line”, not circular.
    7. Audio time stretch
    8. Plugin presets should be also available in the plugin’s own window.
    9. File management: an option to copy imported files to the project folder -> “save and collect”
    Malcolm Jacobson

    It looks like timestretching is already under-way, and I already have a license, so I’ll just post my two remaining feature requests:

    1. Ctrl+click to select multiple tracks – for grouping, deleting, copying, adjusting volume, etc, etc …

    2. The ability to record the output of tracks, in real-time, without the current, somewhat convoluted, bounce system.



    I only have two feature requests and already a licence, so:

    1. Video track

    2. File managemant: Consolidate, “…an option to copy imported files to the project folder -> “save and collect””



    As has been said before most of what I would have suggested has already been suggested. However, a few small things 😉


    I use a sustain pedal a lot when recording. If I’m playing back a track that has sustain ‘on’ and then stop playback the sustain continues – holding the notes until I force them off by powering off/on using the power button. It would be nice if there was an option to force this when playback is stopped.


    When adding a parameter for a plug-in on a mixer channel, the same parameter gets added to all mixer channels containing instances of that plug-in. e.g. I add a ‘cutoff’ knob for a channel with Synth1. Then every channel with Synth1 gets this added, even though I only want the knob on the channel I’ve chosen.

    FWIW my five, in order, would be: Auto-Quantize when recording MIDI, MIDI Plug-in support, Audio Time Stretch, Support for MIDI controllers, MP3 Import/Export.



    1. Some way to apply effects to clips/objects
    2. Option to disable plugins completely, so they don’t influence the delay-compensation.
    3. Option to self-customize the hotkeys.
    4. A quick, one-touch recording option.
    5. More metronome-options


    Hello everybody. Here’s 5:
    1. Midi loop recording
    2. Avoid keyboard focus for devices option
    3. Auto-magnify midi pattern in the piano roll editor, as it is in the separate editor window. 3 and a half: auto-scroll to main body of midi pattern
    4. A good meat-and-potatoes sampler
    5. Customizable shortcuts

    Have a good day—


    1. Good sampler
    2. Video track


    I’m new to Podium, so my needs may change in the future, but here is my list :

    1. VST midi plugins support,
    2. Midi controller support (other than Mackie control compatible ones),
    3. Something in the horizontal way in the arrangement window, to insert, move, change size of sections of a song,
    4. A parametrable count-in for the metronome when recording,
    5. A plugin for the voice (correction, harmonizer, etc…).

    I don’t see the need of a sampler, there are so many ones, and so many formats.
    If you add a sampler, please use the sfz format, and make it capable of loading sf2 files.


    1. Audio Time Stretch/Pitch Shift

    2. Auto Quantize

    3. Metronome Preroll (really needed when recording from bar 1)

    4. Interface on the VST GUI to browse, load and save programs/banks

    5. Novation Automap integration


    Not easy requests, also i am not a registered user, in fact I try not to use anything else beyond Reaper/Live was I want to learn only those two, I almost just try other hosts, so take that in consideration.

    So consider them sugestions and not requests.

    1- Step Sequencer
    2- Session/Matrix View like in Live or Sonar, with individual envelopes (AND/OR)
    3- Pattern sequencing like in FL or Orion
    4- Staff view/editing, nothing like Finale or Sibelius, more like Mixcraft
    5- Audio Time Stretch/Pitch Shift
    (6- A virtual MIDI Keyboard would be cool too)

    These are mostly things that would help me make music.[/u]


    Ok, I haven’t had the chance to really-really test Podium under heavier conditions and longer projects, so I may be missing some stuff, and all these probably have been mentioned before, but here are the most important things I’d like to see implemented at the moment:

      1. Groove extract/quantize. Maybe having a groove pool where we can add our custom grooves too.

      2. Audio time-stretching

      3. Support for midi-plugs: arpeggiartors, chorders, etc.

      4. Ability to list/change vst presets from the vst window itself, without having to go to the inspector.

      5. Ability to select multiple tracks using the ctrl/shift keys (and do stuff to them).

    Podium is a good host and surely will only get better, while looking lovely all the time.

    Thank you and pardon my English.


    The competition is now closed. Thanks for all the contributions.

    There were 25 replies. I went to the website, entered 1 to 25, pressed Generate, and the result that came out was 18. Counting the posts from the start, this means that Shifrin is the winner of the free license.

    All the other competition participants will receive an email with a special offer on a Podium license purchase.

    If you have comments about the features that have been suggested in this topic, you are welcome to continue replying to this topic.


    Wow! Don’t think I’ve ever won anything before 😯

    Seriously though, it was very generous of you to offer a free licence and I feel honoured to have been the winner 😀

    Many many thanks to you Frits!



    Congrats Shifrin 🙂

    Now I’ll have a discount to buy Podium, again! 😛


    @Shifrin wrote:

    Wow! Don’t think I’ve ever won anything before 😯

    Seriously though, it was very generous of you to offer a free licence and I feel honoured to have been the winner 😀

    Many many thanks to you Frits!


    Congratulations Shifrin 🙂

    Nice idea with the discount offer as well Frits. 8)

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