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    Points Value

    If disabled then displayed as before …
    Inspector Bar & Slice

    It is for the audio clip on the timeline …
    for MIDI clip in the editor or timeline
    – Name
    – Start
    – Length
    – End
    – Transpose : in Semitones
    – Velocity
    – Random Options

    For Points :

    – Random Options on “right click” …

    I hope you get the idea

    Eq In Mixer

    Punch & Loop

    in the old version can not see the “clock times” value …

    To use the computer keyboard as a MIDI

    add «On Off» button on toolbar & hot key

    Hotkeys Editor or “.ini” file to change the names and values …

    Project & Track Images folder in settings

    Auto Fade Option
    For audio clips, slice & “Slice TO Grid” …

    Slice To Grid + Transient Sens
    If the basic “Slice” in the panel is “To Grid” in the menu …

    Reverse Tremolo Effect :

    My humble opinion 😉 …
    How should work “bounce” feature :
    Press the “B” in select track – starts the test track parameters :
    – get_track_param ‘name’
    – get_track_param ‘group’
    – get_track_param ‘compos’
    ____if ‘group’ or ‘compos’ = true
    ____create child track
    ____set child track option ‘name’ = parent track ‘name’ + ‘bounce’ +’get system time’
    ____move bounced audio to child track

    __if ‘group’ & ‘compos’ = false
    __set select track option ‘compos’ = true
    __create child track
    __set child track option ‘name’ = parent track ‘name’ + ‘bounce’ +’get system time’
    __move bounced audio to child track

    After Bounce :

    Bounced audio in a Selected Area
    works well in:
    Select Region >>> “Alt + K” >>> “Alt + B” …

    Modulation Track

    in this embodiment, the “Pan” depends on “Level”, that is, if you change the first value and the second is changing …
    + Audio Modulation :
    When the “Primary” argument is the “peak” value of the audio track, or RMS …
    algorithm will write later …
    most likely it will be a “percentage” + possibility of inversion …

    Surround Pan in Mixer

    Hide Track Button



    Some Tools For Mastering, Mixing & Sound Design :
    1: New option in “export sound file” …

    2: Master Track in editor for Sound Files, with support Vst …

    3: Spectrum Analyzer in the zPEQ …
    4: Merge Options in Preferences …

    5: Vca Group Track
    6: All Inserts Bypass Button
    7: All Sends Bypass Button
    8: Monitoring Button in return & master track, with separate audio output …
    9: Automation Line for Bypass Button in insert (or is it already ?)
    10: Dual pan …
    11: Multiple track selection and editing … zoom, move & other …
    12: More options for clips in inspector view : zoom selection, set cursor, open in Editor, Open in External Editor & other …
    13: Coloring clips individually …
    14: Global MIDI CC learn …
    15: Marker List in inspector when marker selected
    16: More options in Event List …
    17: When the project is in the boot stage – Show load bar …
    from the fact that the main window is active, can crash …
    18: Playlist mode with playback buttons …

    19: Support “M/S” channels in “Sound Properties” …
    not simply remove the right channel … how it works now 🙁 …
    20: Mute & Solo buttons for channels in wave editor …
    21: Vertical location of the windows in the “editor profile” + align left or right …
    22: Add Browser & Inspector in “Editor Profile” 😉 …
    23: Multi Take Recording for Midi , ReWire and Bus channel …

    Track Count + Child Track

    Display Fader Position
    + Choice of Color or : Color = “Track Color” Parameter

    More Simple Effects
    – Compressor with Side Chain
    – Simple Delay
    – Gate with Side Chain
    – Spectrum Analyzer
    – Filter : LP & HP …

    Lock Track Button
    to avoid accidental setting changes …

    change the way call “editor” in a separate window, at the moment, it changes the clip in the main window … this is not right & uncomfortably
    for example : “Shift + Right Click”
    in the future it will be much easier to add new features in a separate “editor” because he will be an independent object …

    Stickie Note
    – change the background color
    – the ability to add pictures

    Remove :

    100% value – by default

    – Remove it :

    Use the “Mouse Wheel” to change parameter value …

    Search for files and clips in browser :

    Why ? :
    There is no “Donate” button on the website ? – further impetus to the development of …
    Why not “Mac OS x” version ? – you lose a lot of users …

    Why all the audio files are loaded into RAM
    ? can make reading from the disk ? …
    if I open the file from the DVD size 2 GB or more it is fully loaded into the RAM …
    … with 4 GB of RAM on my PC – :frustrated:

    To be continued …



    Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

    This is the right way to do features requests.
    The request must be accompanied by a suggestion or an explanation like this.

    Among other things, I agree on almost everything you’ve posted.

    @Sobaka wrote:

    – Transpose : in Semitones

    For a single audio clip, zPitch should be use this value.

    Other parameter should be add for “Local” time stretch: – BPM

    For “Global” time stretch: the BPM of all clips match the project tempo.
    If the BPM value is not set then no time stretch for that clip.

    @Sobaka wrote:

    Use the “Mouse Wheel” to change parameter value …

    And…to get a more accurate value setting: Shift + Drag (Ctrl+Drag).

    @Sobaka wrote:

    to be continued …

    is that a threat? 😆


    @Me le suono! wrote:

    For a single audio clip, zPitch should be use this value.

    in zPitch very weak algorithm processing …

    @Me le suono! wrote:

    And…to get a more accurate value setting: Shift + Drag (Ctrl+Drag).

    Scroll : for 24.0
    Scroll + Shift : for 24.0

    @Me le suono! wrote:

    is that a threat? 😆

    No, it’s the truth of life 😆 😆 😆 …


    May I just say that, considering all the messages so far about development of Podium turning towards different system types and it taking time away from other matters, Mac OSX support seems like a not very good idea! Unfortunately for one-man outfits, though, Apple products, including their computers, are increasing in usage, and I do wonder if things may need to be coded for both (or, heaven forbid, soemthing becomes standardised enough so that applications can run on either; but this will never happen, I’d eat a hundred hats if it did).


    Do you really think that in order to collect the Mac version of the program written in C++ , you need to move mountains ?
    I think the developer just do not want to work on this because there is no good financial motivation … 😉 …


    I just gotta chime in and say that I really enjoy reading this thread. Whole lotta interesting stuff here.

    Keep up the good work!

    Cheers, Alex

    The Telenator

    Mac/Apple use increasing? Yeah, its up from about 10% to 11.8% in the last five years. I’m not talking about iPads of course. Regarding desk and laptop computers Apple is going to remain a marginal product. Their pricing guarantees it.

    There is absolutely no financial incentive to create or port anything into that platform. None. I expect anyone who buys Mac stuff should be able to afford any number of other DAWs. Otherwise, I would question owning one in the first place. (eating ramen noodles and peanut butter sandwiches every day to buy your Mac?!) This is, of course, if they aren’t pleased already with what Apple offers for audio. Why compete with a computer maker that already has a product that has far more market than anything you put up against it? That’s just silly. It’s a huge waste of time. Sorry to be so blunt, but it’s a waste to time even having to discuss it.

    We can keep spreading this features issue out thinner and thinner, and I expect we’ll never see any movement. Consider the virtue and wisdom in statements such as “Keep It Simple.” That’s good business smarts as well. I do agree, however, that to dream is divine.

    Nice ideas depicted in the OP’s post, too. Quite interesting.


    Telenator: I kind of agree with you, and disagree with you. I certainly wasn’t talking about iPads either, unless they suddenly gain the ability to run OS X software (which they won’t).

    I have seen Macbooks become more and more popular however, and while I’m not certain if Apple can increase their share of that market, they’ve already surpassed what I initially thought they would achieve. I’m disappointed, personally (despite the positive competition it provides Microsoft, Google and so on), but I’ve known quite a few people who have switched to the Apple ecosystem, including for desktop computing environs.

    sobaka: Rewriting for OS X is not as simple as you might think. The fact that Apple desktops (at least recently and for the near future) use Intel CPUs makes it much easier, but there are still many Microsoft libraries that many people use during coding for Windows. I would assume Frits also does. If so, to code for OS X means to write new bits or find new libraries that cover the same functions required, that were already coded for Windows. Any DirectX programming, which is extremely common even for 2 dimensional GUIs in Windows now, would not translate to OS X. There may be libraries (free?) available to help mitigate this effect, but they also may have a performance overhead that isn’t initially accounted for.

    Image Line has been trying to produce an OS X version of FL Studio and I believe it was aimed for release sooner (possibly for the 11 release?), but I also believe now that too many issues were run into.

    It really does take a lot more effort than you might think. Having done programming a little myself, I would certainly not envy needing to maintain at the very least two code bases (meaning needing to invest in infrastructure to test both as well, which also exponentially increases time spent coding for both).

    An OS X version would also be typically expected to support OS X plugin formats (RTAS? I don’t remember what they are); this is something that I expect Frits has not done. That’s even more time spent.

    His focus on iPad would’ve done similar, but gladly (at least for me) with x86 Windows tablets coming into market, it would allow him to save a lot of time by using close to the same ecosystem he was already programming for.

    Anyway, I’ve probably gone into it enough. Sorry for the wall of text!

    The Telenator

    Well, to be sure, I just researched it. I did the same in 2010, but a couple of years have passed and I’ve been wondering what’s going on.

    Now, once again, we are only talking about home or personal computers, just to be very clear. Apple briefly attained a whopping 12.9% of the market; however that did not hold, slipping back to somewhere between 10 and 11% as most sources report. This has traditionally been Apple’s usual share of the market, going as long back as I began tracking. There used to be a common remark — ‘Apple’s 10%.’

    Moreover, the last quarter of 2011 and some of 2012 saw a huge fall off in Apple sales, speculation being rampant as to actual hard reasons but several were highlighted. At the highest price points Apple has maintained a very healthy margin, but this most come with consideration that it costs at least $2k USD to own any of their better machines, compared to $800 to $1200 for a comparable PC laptop.

    I’m not certain which other part of my post it was you found issue with, but market is none of my opinion, simply what the trades and blogs report.

    One last comment that goes along with this subject is what you may find more interesting. You reported some folks ‘bailing PCs to head for Apple’, and I have seen some percentage over all the years. What surprised me greatly in the last year or two is what I never would have expected: I’ve seen and am still seeing notable examples of Apple users calling it quits with the Mac and going out and buying a fully loaded Microsoft PC. Reasons given were — they are sick of the overpricing, sick of the Apple culture, or never really bonded with the Apple UI or OSX.


    Oh! No real issue at all, I was surprised to see you say that only because I’d seen and heard lots of people considering moving to OS X desktops. Note, considering. Not all have shifted, I suppose. Many people are happier with the cheaper models … but they can still get even cheaper Windows PCs.

    Actually, I’m quite happy if what you read is correct about Apple dekstops slipping back a little. 🙂

    So yeah, I wasn’t taking issue with your post at all. Happy to read that one. 🙂 I was actually more interested in pointing out to sobaka why creating an OS X version of software made originally for Windows is likely a lot more effort than sobaka appears to think.

    The Telenator

    What I thought was equally interesting about Apple’s sharp decline — and that was confirmed by several leading publications — was Apple’s sharp increase just beforehand. You know, before I knew the extent of Apple’s pricing for a good model, I had assumed they would be well up to 25% of market by this late date. Besides money, as we all know, are personal issues. Some people simply fall head over heals about the way its OS and desktop interacts. I spent some time on a girlfriend’s Mac way back in the early 2000’s and tried but really failed to fully embrace her laptop. I always felt like a foreigner on that machine, having started in ’98 on Windows 95.

    My understanding is that porting a big rig like Podium, a complex programme, to OSX is one of the toughest tasks in DAW/VST design. I mean, after the thing is basically a finished product. If true, this would explain the curious situation where we find some of the better freeware and cheapware plugins still not available for Macs. I can easily understand some tiny 1 or 2 plugin outfit not being offered for Mac, but there are much bigger outfits that have nothing besides Windows and it’s been years now.


    A thoroughly thought out list of feature requests there, sobaka!

    Love the idea of the Inspector Toolbar for adjusting clips.

    • Random Options on “right click” for points

    • The Adjust Points dialog has a randomise dial with a button to generate seeds.
    • I would love this on plugin parameters. This would give instant preset generation.

    • Eq In Mixer
    Currently you can enable the drawing of zPEQ on the mixer channel. At the zoom slider’s maximum, it will be ≈ 285px X 145px. I like the idea but I’m wondering what happens when you have numerous zPEQs as inserts?!

    • Modulation Track
    Love this idea!
    To extend on it, I would prefer it didn’t control parameters on its parent track. Rather, the primary and secondary slots would be receptive to any parameter object in the Device List.

    • ‘Hide Track’ button
    Assuming you mean a button to ‘Hide Track Header’, that is available as a slight variant. Drag the right edge of track headers to the left. They minimise all the way down to a few pixels. No doubt this would be easy to implement.

    • Some Tools For Mastering & Sound Design :

    1. New option in “export sound file”. ie. Import into the project.
      1. If you’re exporting the arrangement, the master track will render a bounce. When you save the project, a *.wav file will be created in a subfolder next to the project (*.pod) file.
      2. Same goes for a stem; the bounce render of children to the master track.
      3. If it is a single sound event on the timeline it will reference the sound file you export.
      4. If it is a new sound event, one that is a merging of numerous sound events, or recordings, it will ‘save with the project’.

      Newly created sounds, as described in a, b and d, save with the project in a subdirectory of your project folder:
      …(Projects folder)(Project name)(Arrangement name)
      For circumstance c, export to the directory mentioned.


    @Levendis wrote:

    • Eq In Mixer
    Currently you can enable the drawing of zPEQ on the mixer channel. At the zoom slider’s maximum, it will be ≈ 285px X 145px. I like the idea but I’m wondering what happens when you have numerous zPEQs as inserts?!

    Alternatively, use “” Ctrl + Click “to open the zPEQ in a separate window …
    @Levendis wrote:

    • ‘Hide Track’ button
    Assuming you mean a button to ‘Hide Track Header’, that is available as a slight variant. Drag the right edge of track headers to the left. They minimise all the way down to a few pixels. No doubt this would be easy to implement.

    I know, but to restore the size of this method are uncomfortable. “One Click” is easier and faster 😉 …


    • Eq in Mixer

    While the mixer limits zPEQ’s interface, though sufficient IMO…

    … the Rack Editor in the Inspector can be resized for fine editing. The rack is great ’cause it shows signal flow, of selected tracks, through parent tracks right up to the master.


    What is your screen resolution ? …
    on 2560×1440 not actual …
    this is my personal request, if someone doesn’t like – your cause …

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