Topic: Preset recall bug??

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    I’ve just downloaded LoopAZoid, I’ll check it out.


    @duncanparsons wrote:

    on a similar topic, I’m having a problem with loopazoid…

    If I load a kit, do a GM mapping, get everything set up nicely, using a library preset with sync and everything… when I close the project and reopen, loopazoid is there mapped to the right place, but with no kit..!

    I know that kits can be saved with songs, as NTrack does it. I’ll see when 0.93 comes out whether it has been solved… Unless you can tell me from the start that it won’t be!

    Just tested the LoopAZoid. When I create a program library preset, and restart Podium, the sounds are there but with no labels on the pads in the plugin editor. If I create a bank library preset, then both the sounds and the labels are correct. I haven’t read the manual for Loopa… so I don’t know what the use of individual program presets are for. Just stick with bank presets and it should work ok.


    aha! got it to work now!

    not sure what I was doing wrong! but it works alright now.

    Sorry about that!

    …And on with the music!


Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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