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    CLAP all the way I reckon. I’m no developer, but from the outside it looks a lot more inviting 🙂
    Also, there is already a free CLAP/vst3 wrapper in the works:

    Seems like the way to go, to me.


    this Music Software is amazing !!! but seem not on working to support VST3


    would be really nice if there support for VST3 !!

    Paul Marlin

    I would love to have VST3 support. The new Blackstar St James plugin is VST3 only


    Yes, another hope for VST3 support here..

    Like Paul, I’ve just bought the Blackstar plugins. I’m having to export bounces, set up a project in another DAW to track the guitars with that plugin, export the rendered audio, then bring it back in to Podium to include in the mix. Of course, I can’t make simple tweaks without repeating this circuitous route..

    VST2 was marked as deprecated some time ago. I am immensely grateful for you still supporting VST2, but VST3 has now been out over 15years, and much as I don’t like it from a technical POV (it STILL doesn’t have a full MIDI implementation!), it is what many newer companies are offering without VST2 🙁


    Yes, it’s becoming an issue. I am finally starting to learn new DAWs due to the sheer necessity of using VST3. Maybe that’s a good thing, but Podium works so well for my needs, I hope VST3 compatability is not far away.


    I have begun updating the code to allow for multiple plugin formats. It’s taking some time because I want to get it right and make it future proof for new formats. The code for VST2 support is quite ugly in places, as a result of 20+ years of having to add special checks for various VST2 plugins that deviate in their interpretation of the VST2 standard. I would like to avoid having to repeat that with VST3 support. VST3 support in Podium is still some months away.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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