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  • in reply to: multichannel files #3922

    Oh, is there a diagram or a shema that shows the logic and the relationships between the tracks, mappings and busses routing ?

    in reply to: multichannel files #3921

    So do I, with a HDSP cardbus interface.

    Me too…

    If you assign this mapping in your arrangement, the 8-channel sound files will be played correctly to the 8 audio output channels. Another way to check the audio playback of multi-channel files, is to use the project browser to open the audio editor for the sound object. Pressing play here will output the sound to the first audio channels that you have enabled in the interfaces dialog.

    OK, this works nice.
    I’m very happy to see a software that is able to mix and cut multichannel files. You’re the first after Nuendo !

    You can manually modify the mappings after import, to create multi-channel configurations.

    I’ve spent a lot of time today trying to understand how to configure the audio routing, but I’ve not succeeded.

    When inserting a multichannel plugin, I see that the inputs of the stereo “sub plugins” are setting with a channel offset, but how can I make to send a stereo track through it and have all the outputs together on the multichannel master ??
    I’ve tried to make several stereo tracks inside a 8 channels group : all sound is mixed on the 1/2 outputs.
    When the signal is send by the plugin to outs 3 or more, I see the meter of the other tracks following but the sound is allways on 1/2.
    In fact, I’ve not very well understood the Audio Configuration inside the Properties window of the plugin : Source channels/speaker seems to be the outputs of the plugin ??
    What is the Target config ? It is set to None by default.
    All seems to be possible but something is very strange for me.

    What I want to do, is something like that :
    – case one : mono or stereo track with 2 in / X out plugin (if you have a little time, you may try with this one :
    – case two : parallel processing, multichannel track-file with multichannel plugin (
    – for all and for instruments with multiple outputs, the possibility to record the result on a multichannel track, mix several multichannel tracks and export the wave extensible file…

    Do you want to bounce-record the bus output?

    So, yes.

    From now, only Nuendo / CubaseSX (and naturally modular softwares) are able to do this.
    Can you help me ?

    Also, a direct support for multichannel plugins in a future version of Podium will be great.

    If need be, I can add more channel configuration options here. The buses support up to 32 channels, which you then can access using multiple device mappings with different channel offsets.

    It will be wonderfull !!!
    I’m sure that all the guys who work with multichannel formats, from 5.1 to 24 channels (like me) will instantly buy Podium, even on Mac when/if you make a port some day !
    A multitrack software that would handle such possibilites is very needed by the electroacoustic community, and what pleasure to NOT use Steinberg (or others) softwares 😉

    Thank you very much !

Viewing 2 posts - 586 through 587 (of 587 total)
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