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  • in reply to: FR Wheel zooms #4116

    What other software products are using these shortcuts?

    for example, Vegas for the first three of them which is really very usefull.

    For others, it is sure that each one has a different combination with some times some coincidences : Nuendo/Cubase has shift/horizontal but alt for vertical function, EnergyXT and Samplitude have horizontal zoom with the control key while the shift key make a vertical zoom on the waveform for Samplitude etc.

    So there is no standard and obviously you can choose the ones that you prefer !
    It is just a matter of habit…

    in reply to: Groups or links #4115

    so maybe it will appear in January.

    it’s OK for me 😉

    in reply to: output settings #4114

    I’m curious; what program are you using that requires individual wave files for each channel?

    There is two circumstances where it is needed :
    – for DTS or AC3 encoding, most encoders need separate mono files
    – for playing multichannel musics in concert with different softwares : multichannel files support is yet very rare (for more than 12 channels there is only Podium and Max/Msp) and the output assignement to loudspeakers and levels control is easier…

    in reply to: 1.21 #4101

    This is much better now Fritz, running very smoothly here, whereas the previous version was very sluggish to respond when turning knobs etc

    but I’ve noticed that now Podium takes a fix percentage of ressources for the plugins that doesn’t depend of the activity of the plugin.
    The result is that the ressources usage is more constant BUT also that it takes a lot of CPU even if there is no need for.
    It is the case with Synthedit made plugins which have an automatic “idle” mode for each component…
    My question : do you think that it would be possible, as it has already been suggested, that the user could switch of the refresh rate that you have introduce in 1.20 version ?
    For me, the behaviour of 1.19 was better…


    in reply to: plans for next release… #4051

    Thank you for your clear reply, the most important with the multichannel buses is made and Noel will be nice this year !

    in reply to: 1.20 #4049

    I have now reduced this to 50 ms (20 times per second) which gives a more steady CPU reading and smoother graphics.

    Seems to be good…

    Since updating of guis actually has quite an impact on cpu load, could there be some kind of advanced config to set these things up? You set the default, advanced users can tweak it on their own.

    … and perhaps the idea of stefancrs will be efficient ?

    in reply to: 1.20 #4045

    Hi Frits,

    I have made some tests with the new version and :

    Fix: The graphics update in some VST plugin editors could slow down or stop at high CPU load. This fix should also improve overall speed of the plugin graphics update response to parameter automation.

    For me it is the contrary : my plugs automations are now jerky and eat a lot of CPU !!!
    I’ve reinstall the 1.19 and movements are smooth…
    Do you undertand what does it means ?


    in reply to: 1.19 #3985

    Frits, it is extraordinary!
    Podium is the first (and only…) multitrack software that make it possible to use buses and files up to 32 channels!
    It is sure, the majority of people will not be concerned for the meantime, but it is a beautiful demonstration of the potentialities of your software.

    I’ve no time to test it seriously this week, but I’m impatient to work with my 16 channels plugins and to show Podium to colleagues : they will not believe it…

    Mixer meter strips for surround channel configurations are grouped according to speaker positions rather than according to order in wave file.
    Miniature speaker position icons are drawn below mixer meter strips for any channel configurations other than mono and stereo.

    excellent and innovating ideas !

    THANK YOU !!!

    in reply to: multichannel files #3952

    If you redesign your plugin with changes to I/O or parameters, you will have to reimport the plugin.

    Yes, quite logical..

    Can’t make any promises. After the next release (1.19) I will begin to look at it.

    will hope

    Nevertheless, thank you very much for your support, quick and powerfull, I will let you work now…

    in reply to: multichannel files #3949

    I think I will create a device definition for it and add it to the database. That way people can import it with the correct mapping setup (rather than separate mono/stereo mappings).

    Thanks, I hope that it can be usefull for someone…

    I’ve uploaded the one which includes and chains some FX together the 5.1 module (5.1 filters, 5 channels delais and 5 channels reverb). There are two versions inside the zip, one compact and one expanded view, for different usages :
    Perhaps it would be fun even for stereo users ?

    Concerning the device mapping, how can I update one without having to delete the definition and reimport the plugin ?
    And is there this file concerning the SpatChain FX L correct ?
    So I can put myself the device definitions with the plugins.

    The extra channels should be ready in a week.

    Wonderfull !!!!!

    The plugin editor control recording requires more time to implement. It was not on my immediate plan, but several users have asked for it. I cannot promise it will be ready for December.

    Never mind…
    Perhaps the MIDI out of VST will it be ready ?


    in reply to: Close 2 open list windows and Podium goes to background #3940

    It happends allways for me too…

    in reply to: Some little enhancements #3939

    Added to the plan.
    Added to the plan.
    Added to the plan.
    Added to the plan.
    Added to the plan.
    Added to the plan.

    Whew, that is quite a plan !

    Don’t expect it all to be ready this year. If Podium could do this already, the price would be somewhat higher than 90€

    I will be patient… and I’m agree for a little supplement of price…

    in reply to: multichannel files #3935

    I’ve just released 1.18 which fixes the bug you mentioned in the first post. Next on my schedule is extension of the number of channels.

    Can I say : “Frits, I love you ?” 😛

    I’ve made a 5.1 plugin especially for use inside Podium and working on an other which includes some 5 channels effects… (which may be ready tomorow) :

    You can say now that Podium can mix in 5.1 !

    I will make a presentation of my plugins and spatialization techniques at Radio France in Paris the 3 & 4 december. I had previously planed to use Nuendo but now I would prefer to use Podium. Do you think that the extension channel and the automation of gestures which are made inside the plugins (instead of the control on the track) will be ready before ?

    And sure, no need for a heavy 400 pages manual !
    The 400 pages pdf for Max-Msp is unreadable…
    Your way with guide and swf animation is excellent, just need some more chapters…


    in reply to: Some little enhancements #3934

    Mute Event, with a right clic/menu or a shortcut (I can Mute a whole track, but how to mute only some events ?)

    Not supported. I’ll add it to the plan.

    Will wait…

    simple Event handles for fast fade in / out, like in all other multitrack softwares will be very usefull

    Already on the plan


    in the same way an Intensity handle for Events

    Please explain?

    Individual control of the global intensity of an audio Event by adjusting its height or a handle at the top (like in Samplitude, Vegas, Cubase, Wavelab etc.). Like adjusting the overall level of a track while preserving the curve track volume but for individual Events.

    Only audio recording requires that you manually place audio events. Automatic creation of audio events during recording is on the plan.

    OK !

    I assume you mean the minimize command for the individual tracks (and not the group collapse command). The problem is that the mixer channels cannot be made smaller without hiding meters etc. Often you would want the track to be minimized in the timeline, but still show the meters in the mixer.

    No, I mean the width.
    For exemple I have several insert tracks and an audio sub track at the right and I want to reduce the width of all the insert tracks but maintaining the view of the audio one. Actually I can collapse all the insert tracks from the one which at the left but the audio track at the right is also collapsed. I hope that my explaination is understandable…

    very important ! : is there a way to link or group Events on different tracks (for exemple audio Event with automation curves Events) so that they remain synchronized when moved ?

    There is no command to ‘group’ events together. If you select all sequence events in a group and start a drag operation, they will move in sync.

    Yes, but need to select each time.
    It is perhaps the function that is the most important for me (after the extension of the number of bus channels 😉 ).
    I hope a lot that you will plan to support it in a near future ?

    If you enter the sound directly from the browser window (instead of the arrangement editor), you will open the sound with the ‘Sound Master’ profile which allows playback/editing of the sound without the lock to an arrangement.

    Yes, I know, but it will be nice to be able to do this without to quit the arrangement…

    a shortcut for select all the sound in the same window


    MIDI key editor : it seems that it is not possible to select to view controlers in place of velocity ? So adding views with controlers and other will be very appreciated

    Any kind of parameters (controllers, mixer level, vst params etc.) are handled by the arrangement editor.

    Sure, BUT in the curve editor the notes are behind and often masqued. And I can edit only one curve at a time.
    Having the notes and the curves in the same editor is necessary when the controls are correlated like from a joystick.
    A possibility will be to select several curve Events in the Arrangement and that they will be stacked when opening the Curve Editor ?
    Perhaps is there a way to edit the curves directly in the Arrangement window (edit in place) ?

    Plus :
    I have searched for a lock switch for Events ???
    I have forgotten this too obvious request (certainly already asked and planned) : simple automatic crossfade of audio Events when they overlap… (later with the choice of the curve…)

    Thank you very much !!!

    in reply to: multichannel files #3926

    Thank you Frits, I’ve made some tests in 16 channels with two 8 channels master buses (thanks to the channel offset) and it runs fine with my RME.
    I am impatient to hear you telling that you have extended the number of channel configurations to the max possible ! I suppose that 8, 12, 16 or more doesn’t change a lot of things in your programmation ?

    I understand a little better the routings. Many things are in a very different logic than older softwares, but I suppose that with a some practice this one will in fact be more powerfull.
    I have not succeded with automation like in your snapshot, so I will try more (and I have not yet read all the 400 pages manual which is shiped with Podium 😉

    For the meantime I will wait for the MIDI connexions between plugins and make a list of little general whishes…


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