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    Because “audible difference” is something subjective. You might not need it. I need it. 😉

    in reply to: Project Samples Management #20749

    I only have started to use Podium Free about a month ago, tried things and was impressed with it.

    There are still many things to be implemented, and so now I give a big

    + 1

    to this particular idea!

    in reply to: Preview 2.43: Podium x64 (for 64-bit Windows) #20742

    what is your PC config?


    Well, you know, CTRL+T is not lightyears away… 😉

    in reply to: Wave Pitch editing? #20704

    I find your algorithm very adequate! The time-stretching feature could be extremelly time consuming to implement, I think the time/detail ratio grows exponentially when you want to get it perfect. But for a simple stretching 10-30 % (which for me would be the most common use) I think z-algo 🙂 would be great.

    I find zPitch very usefull for up to 3 half-tones up and down. A similar in time-strech would be ver good.


    in reply to: Wave Pitch editing? #20696

    As time stretching / pitch shifting is something I use quite ofetn, I am very interested if something new on the subject has been worked on.

    To me, the zPlane is probably the best engine, but I understand the limitation due to the cost. Would “the basic components for a crude time-stretch and pitch shift” be more ready for release now? I’d love seeing that implemented!


    Hi guys,

    I am the “youngest” member to post here, eventhough I am pretty sure not the youngest as age… 😉 So, excuse my very limited experience with how things are done by Zynewave (Frits that is)…

    To me, Podium is one of the greatest, if not THE greatest little app that really does change workflow for someone coming from another DAW. And is changing it in a good way – at least for me, and so I feel inclined to encourage whatever drives it to the next level.

    Right now I did not even buy a licence, as I am using the Free version, but eventually I will. And when I do that, I’d like to support the dev, but obviously also to get as much as possible for my money.

    So, I’d say the key about this issue would be to maybe increase the price to some extend, or ask for additional fees or whatever, but in the same time the margin to play with this is rather limited. THERE ARE alternatives, and even if we feel Podium is the right one for us, another new potential clients could be turn back by a higher price. That means the actual user might be ready to pay more, but new user will be less, and in the end that is pretty much the dead of a product.

    Probably the best way it’s to increase the base for new user. Yes of course is easier to say it than to do it, but I think here is were we all can help. Spreading the Gospel of Podium will attract new payments of 50 buck, which WILL allow for buying and implementing elastic audio, MIDI controller support, so on and so forth. And while we do that, Frits will continue doing the FANTASTIC job which is doing already!

    Simplistic might be what I say here, but I really believe Podium deserves to be well known, to have a much higher awarness among the musicians, recordists, studios, etc. And that will make possible to atract more new buyers which will allow more investment for future development!

    Best wishes,

    in reply to: Nucleum #20687

    My way of doing it:
    1. add track
    2. click on “source” and choose Nucleum
    3. choose pencil tool from the top of the screen
    4. draw on the track
    5. double click on the drawing or choose editor from the bottom of the screen
    6. play the piano roll

    To navigate Nucleum presets, click the “E” button on the Nucleum, on the track and the interface (GUI) will appear,
    right click on the same button and choose preset.

    Yet, I would recommend to add a midi keyboard and simply use that to input notes.

    in reply to: some small requests for zPEq and zReverb #20669

    @bladerunner wrote:

    would it be possible to add mousewheel support for the Q value in zPEQ? it’s something i have gotten used to in other eq plugins.

    also in zReverb the ‘Hi-Decay’ parameter on the gui comes up as ‘Damping’ when automated. can this be changed to ‘Hi-Decay’ for consistency?

    cheers 😉


    in reply to: Render a Single Track only #20657

    Hi there,

    I haven’t tried it myself, but I believe you can do that by soloing the track you want to render and then simply go to File > Export to sound file.

    That works usually.

    in reply to: April 2011 competition #20652

    Congratulations kxuser!

    My guess was entirely based on the forum activity… I was sooo wrong!
    I believe Podium should become more popular, as it is a great application, that I find to be quite complete, against my first feeling. Also the fact that one single person is doing it it makes it even more remarcable. I haven’t heard much about him, but what I’ve red it’s only good things! 😉

    So, make great music Kxuser and enjoy your prize!

    in reply to: new user #20642

    My needs right now are not extreme at all. Just digging into Podium, but I like it more and more. It is quite deep and detailed program, it just takes patience and good amount of hours for studying by practice. Not very intuitive for all the functions, but quite straight forward for hte basic recording/editing.

    It is definitely growing on me!

    in reply to: April 2011 competition #20630

    definitely, one more after I did it… 🙂

    I’ll go for 500.

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