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  • in reply to: Thank you for Podium Free 2.42 #21316

    @Zynewave wrote:

    The Podium free updates are identical to the “not free” version (apart from the specified limitations). The Free releases are just published some months after the licensed version releases.

    okay thanks 😀
    I’ll get my copy of Podium Free 2.42 🙂

    in reply to: MIDI Keyboard doesnt work #21307

    @druid wrote:

    I’ve been trying to help CDLMonline with this, and I had no luck earlier. I could’ve messed around reinstalling drivers, but I didn’t. It’s strange; essentially, it’s like the signals and/or setup of his audio/MIDI devices isn’t getting through properly.

    It’s even stranger that it works on the Podium demo and not Free. I’m assuming this may have to do with the demo being a later version?

    CDLMonline, I’m going to be a pain, and ask if you couldn’t try installing either the latest driver for your audio card (here is a list that might help), trying to get one for the exact model you have, or if you have the latest, actually trying an earlier driver version, if you can, for your RealTek chip. I would recommend before installing any new or old version, uninstalling the version already installed, and also uninstalling ASIO4ALL, and then once the new driver is installed, installing ASIO4ALL, and also restarting the computer before trying it.

    Other than this, I’m at a loss for why two versions of Podium work differently, and VSThost works but Minihost and Traktor don’t. :S

    yes It’s really crazy that It works with some programs but with some not..

    I will try that with the soundcrad drivers…
    But maybe not today…
    I’ll just post it when I have done it…
    just keep checking out this thread every other day..

    thanks 4 ya help 😀

    in reply to: MIDI Keyboard doesnt work #21304

    I compared preferences… but they are equal…
    except the multiprocessing & rewire service..
    but even If I turn this one off on the demo… asio & keyboard do still work!

    in reply to: MIDI Keyboard doesnt work #21303

    Okay It seems to be NOT a driver problem..
    Because I downloaded Podium Full Version Demo…
    and ASIO worked without ANY PROBLEMS!!

    And the error message with my midi keyboard did not occur!!
    Unfortunatley in the demo my VST plugins cannot be used :((
    I can scan through the selected folders.. and podium even finds them.. but for whatever reason I cant chose them at source… like before… so unfortunately I cant test if my keyboard really works.. but I guess it will work!

    But really strange that there are also some other programs where asio does not work… (Traktor, MiniHost,…)

    tell me if you have any suggestions & thoughts!


    in reply to: MIDI Keyboard doesnt work #21284

    @The Telenator wrote:

    I may be totally wrong about this, but my own experiences and everywhere else I come across the same two things:

    1.) It’s always the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth (which happens to be a Roland product, if you ever wondered);

    2.) The ASIO4ALL doesn’t like YOU, doesn’t like your soundcard; is just having a really bad day; its dialog window will not close or it refuses to close in the system tray.

    I used to wish someone would kindly offer as freeware an ASIO with very low latency that worked with any and all soundcards and devices that don’t require an extremely specialized hookup,


    1) Microsoft GS Wavetbale Synth is deactivated!!

    2) I know that ASIO does not like all soundcards… but why then it is working in VST host? (that’s a program to test VSTs & you can choose audio drivers too of course)… with the same settings..

    in reply to: MIDI Keyboard doesnt work #21279

    @kim_otcj wrote:

    Just a thought (because I really don’t know anything specifically about your particular setup).

    When I installed my USB keyboard, I had to choose which USB port I wanted it installed to. I always have to use the same one, and I got a warning message that said I wouldn’t be able to use other midi keyboards on that port.

    Maybe it’s something like that messing you up.

    no… does not matter on which port I plug it in… It never works 🙁

    in reply to: MIDI Keyboard doesnt work #21268

    okay thanks @thcilnnahoj

    in reply to: I Bought the License!!! #21266

    the things I love most on podium is:

    – the design.. this DAW is a really well designed DAW…
    for example Ableton in comparison looks like shit in my opinion..
    I am a person that is very much influenced by the design & look of the things I am working with… And I can say I LOVE it to work with podium because it really looks so beautiful for me… and I can even change colors if I get bored… 😀

    – the compactness… podium is not taking up a lot of space but has got really ALL important features!! Even the freeware version!!! And I am really thankful for that!!

    – the simplicity… It is really simple and not really hard to learn how to do basic things… if you dont understand anything.. you can either look onto the quick daw-intern help (bottom left), look into the podium guide… (the extended one.. you can find it somewhere in the forum)… or you can ask here in the forum and probably someone will answer you!!

    – the possibilty for every producer to create his own style… what I don’t like on other DAWs is that they come up with sooo many plugins already built in… because these plugins are taking away the personal style of the producer…
    But in podium… you can look up for the plugins that you personally like most and just use them 😀

    – the community… I love podium community… in this forum I could not find any idiot’s yet… and everyone is trying to help each other..
    I really like that…

    THANKS ZYNEWAVE!! KEEP BEING LIKE THAT!! (and keep the great freeware version of podium available… )

    in reply to: Are you connected to the internet on your Podium PC? #21265

    @druid wrote:

    @The Telenator wrote:

    11. Always defrag before and after big projects. A DAW can frag a PC pretty good, but mainly you want to start clean.

    I want to just add to this: If you are using an SSD (solid state drive, has no moving parts), please do NOT defrag. If you are both on low budget, you are not likely to have this, considering their lower space and far higher price. However, in some pro-audio setups, and as time goes on, SSDs are becoming more wide-spread, and should not be defragmented as it reduces their life for no tangible benefit whatsoever.

    Also, some of those features like Windows sound, backgrounds and possibly even the effects (that Telenator receommended be set to performance) can be saved in a theme, so I believe you could create a normal theme and a recording theme, so you don’t have to chase as many settings down at once.

    okay thanks for your post!

    in reply to: MIDI Keyboard doesnt work #21264

    Ok if nobody gets a solution I’ll just use podium only on Windows XP…
    WinXP will be like my producing DAW 🙂 I think its even better than Win7 because WinXP’s system does not take as many resources away as the one of Win7..
    And I’ll uninstall all unnecessary programs on WinXP (no games, no instant messenger)… only the most important features … (for example internet browser… I guess I could need it often if I have to look up something..)

    in reply to: MIDI Keyboard doesnt work #21253

    @druid wrote:

    I’m sorry but I’m not sure what else to try, other than looking on your computer myself (I use TeamViewer as well :)).

    On that note, TeamViewer has an option that you can disable, which is not to load on startup. Then, you shouldn’t have that process, if you’d like to avoid that! It’s under Extras->Options->General->Start TeamViewer with Windows. If you go to Security->Windows logon, and disable that, it could also help prevent it. Obviously if TeamViewer can be used to login to Windows, it must already be running on startup, though I haven’t tested and can’t confirm that is the case.

    I have to admit I don’t think reinstalling Windows 7 will resolve your issue. Even reinstalling XP often does not solve issues unless the hardware itself is faulty (and then the issue will just come back later). I’d save yourself the effort, if I were you!

    okay… I’ll send you a message about teamviewer…
    & of course I am going to disable the autostart of teamviewer 😀 thx!!

    hm okay… I don’t know if you read everything but the thing is that on Windows XP (that’s my 2nd OS my laptop) asio & my keyboard work without any problems!!

    I read on the ASIO4ALL page or in the ASIO4ALL manual… (can’t remember) that you should try to use always Windows Drivers for USB devices..
    And when I connected my keyboard on Win XP, podium showed it as “USB Audio Device” (that could be the normal Windows driver!!!)
    but on Windows 7, podium showed my keyboard as “Hua Xing” (I guess that’s the keyboard usb driver…)

    Maybe that’s the problem..

    in reply to: MIDI Keyboard doesnt work #21246

    @kingtubby wrote:

    @CDLMonline wrote:

    How can I uninstall podium completely without that there is anything left?

    You probably need to delete podium.ini which resides in C:Users…AppDataRoamingZynewavePodium
    Edit: that’s on Vista, though may be similar on W7

    hm… I deleted the podium.ini file & then reinstalled podium & asio4all but the problems are exactly the same with ASIO & with the MIDI keyboard..

    I think if no one can find a solution..
    I’ll either have to:
    – reinstalll windows 7
    -use Podium on Windows XP & reinstall many plugins too.
    Because the problem is that all my plugins are installed in Win7… (yes… some of them you have to install!) and they won’t work all perfect if they are installed in different OS..

    please advice me what I should do…


    in reply to: MIDI Keyboard doesnt work #21243

    reinstalling podium did not help anything on win7 🙁
    But podium did not even loose it’s configuration… everything was again like before..
    I think it could work maybe if it would be uninstalled completely without that configurations or anything are still saved…
    I think there must have been a mistake at one time… and now this mistake will last for ever…

    How can I uninstall podium completely without that there is anything left?

    in reply to: MIDI Keyboard doesnt work #21240

    ah something else:
    It is interesting that in Windows 7 the midi keyboard is detected in Zynewave Podium as “Hua Xing” (I think that are the drivers of the keyboard)
    And in Windows XP it is detected as “USB Audio Device”

    in reply to: MIDI Keyboard doesnt work #21237

    Okay I installed Podium Free on Windows XP…
    Asio4All worked… but I had to put buffer-size at 2048 samples and use hardware buffer! otherwise it would have sound just like noise (shhhhhhhhhh)
    I plugged in my midi-keyboard and it worked without any problems 😀

    Then I tried to use normal windows drivers without asio and it worked too without problems…

    So as you can see now I dont need Asio to use my midi keyboard…. (still funny that Asio works on VST host but not on Zynewave podium…)

    I think I am going to uninstall Zynewave Podium and install it again.
    If this does not work again.. maybe I’ll think about reinstalling windows 7….

    please tell me about your ideas and what you can read out of my reports….

    I’ll tell you guys if it works..

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