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  • in reply to: Review and Assessment of Current Podium Abilities #21907

    Although somehow this got on me, I will say just this-

    As for me “always” misinterpreting what people say, this goes back to professionally made insults and the Internet. If your going to make a supportive comment, make one. If your going to insult someone, insult them. Beating around the bush only leads me to believe you have no real motive to say the same “insults” to someone personally, physically. And if so, then you still look like the bad guy unless its a legitimate reason to insult someone. 

    And believe me or not but I’m a pretty cool relaxed chilled guy in real life. Maybe of course it’s just me giving into the existing yet “non-exist” behavior around here that got me all “insane in the brain”, but in real life, overall nice guy. 

    But who cares about that?


    I’ve said this in the past and as I’m typing this, I’m still regretting this,(as much as my “other” life regrets) and that is me signing up for a forum. 

    My thing was always: Never sign up for a forum, it’s like signing yourself into a insane asylum, you could very well become one of the patients.

    Forums have horrible social interaction amongst other human beings(Youtube being basically a video form of a forum)and I believe it’s been that way for a long while. Unfortunately this is the only medium to Zynewave and I’m sure just emailing him would get tiring and he would suggest signing up anyway. Although still in much regret of signing up and making posts, maybe I were better off just cracking a DAW(but I didn’t)or using the “evaluation version” of REAPER(did but stopped after 32 days) repeatedly just to satisfy any frustration I may have had with Podium. But I’ve learned my lesson and now I shall not(try) to repeat history yet again. 

    So what is this? A goodbye? Yes. You all can rejoice and cheer! No need to worry about me posting here anymore(or anywhere else) nagging you all, becoming a over-emotional, angry, “taking things in my direction the wrong way” person, because I “myself” have proven one theory right and that is for “me”, forums are bad. So it’s time I sign myself out of the “Zynewave Asylum” and believe that I can be a “positive member of the Internet society”.(that would a funny video series…guy or girl who can’t stop posting on forums and give in to the emotions that rise for them and yada yada, heh heh)

    Anyway make as many posts as you all want about me, I will not respond. I’m off for good and if I have a serious issue with Frits, I’ll leave the “emotion out”, email him, and describe my problem(or ideas) and that’s all. Best of luck to everyone here, and somehow even though I don’t think people would believe me I will “type this” anyway and mean it: 

    “I apologize for any rude and disruptive behavior I have displayed here on the forum. Therefore to refrain from any further behavioral issue here I will remove myself completely from here, but my posts may remain.”

    So. That is all. 

    in reply to: 2 in 1 demo teasers #21897

    Yeah I removed the songs a while ago, however you can check out my SounsCloud if you like, the link is always in my ending motto text!

    in reply to: Review and Assessment of Current Podium Abilities #21878

    Telenator I only wanted to push out the factors of looking at both sides of the coin.

    There are people in the world that never look at both sides of the coin when they are upset, and I will admit even I don’t sometimes, so maybe you need to backtrack on what you said and look at what my post really “meant”. The simple fact IS, Zynewave is “ONE. MAN.”. Especially since you admitted to have never coded before you would not know the amount of time and sacrifice he would have to make to balance his LIFE and Podium Development. I know for a fact he is not in Podium Development full-time because it is NOT making him enough money. Before you start criticizing my post about Zynewave’s Defense vs. People’s Defense[maybe I should have named it “My defense against Frits” since apparently I don’t represent the common cries of what people want] you should look at the overall meaning of the post.

    Also you came from a highly rated DAW company, Steinberg’s Cubase, to come here and expect something “more”? To me that is a bit unintelligent and very immature also. And I’ve been here since you joined and you bought the full version rather FAST. You didn’t extensively test it to know it’s true limitations or anything. So “now” you find the true nature of the development of Zynewave Podium and now you flip sides? 1st you were with Podium now you are against the development cycle and the program itself? Maybe you should go back to Cubase or Reaper and see if it makes you happy.[which it won’t, even you said every DAW has it’s problems, which is true]Because as most people have done, they have extensively used the “Free” version to see if it is worth it, and either stayed free or stupidly [rushed]paid for unlocking: Multi-Core processing, and ReWire. Wow. *waves hands excitingly* Because in reality that is “all you get”.

    And talking about total “FAIL”, as I said above you came from CUBASE. Cubase is not driven by “one man coding person”, Cubase[Steinberg] has “team members and developers”, Zynewave does not.

    And let me get this straight for all who read this:
    For 20+ years did you develop a DAW? No.
    Do you live the exact lifestyle or KNOW the lifestyle of Frits? No.

    Then technically no one, not even me, has the right to tell him what he needs to do. For all we know he could be a workaholic, working around the clock, barely getting any rest, and trying to find time to develop things for Podium. All we can do is submit our frustrations and either move on or stick behind him.[find workarounds]

    Accusing me of playing “The Devil’s Advocate”, I really don’t care what you call me or accuse me of, I say what is on my mind, and could care less who doesn’t like it. I’ll keep posting and you’ll keep reading. That’s the idea of a forum. Maybe if you get rid of your apparent “Bi-Polarness” maybe we can get along, since I’m “playing Devil’s Advocate”.

    And no I wasn’t on a mountaintop vacation, I had to sacrifice paying for the internet due to personal life changes in my life. Maybe you have a steady income and a decent job, but I don’t. And I didn’t negate anything, I go by what commonly is going on, and that is, the feature requests are in total chaos, with no huge mass all voting on one important thing that needs to be done. It’s this here, that there, this, that, and the other here.

    You paid for a program with hopes high. And also obviously wanted a reason to escape the fact that you were unhappy with Cubase because they didn’t do what YOU wanted them to do, they did what they wanted to do. And now you here, preaching again, the same thing. Only it’s more personal since it’s one man doing it, and like before, history is repeating itself, your at another DAW, and your unhappy with because it’s not doing what you want it to do, it’s doing what Frits WANTS IT to do.

    Here’s what I’d do. Move on. My older brother taught me that and I carry it with me to this day: “If something is wrong and you can’t fix it, and your getting frustrated and upset with it? Leave it alone. Maybe come back to it later.” That is why I am getting PreSonus Studio One[Producer]. I see my rants and submitted frustrations won’t be addressed here or fixed, so I’ll move on to something I’ve done extensive research on, and since it went “free” I’ve been messing with ever since, now I have the artist edition[version 2 I might add], and I’m messing more with that, and now 100$ crossgrade option, and I’ve signed up at the forum. Not only that I’ve been going to Guitar Center playing around with it, and looking at many YouTube tutorials. [something Podium ALSO lacks greatly] If that eventually upsets me, I’ll move on to Ableton Live, since for some odd reason there has been an “increase” in Ableton Live users.

    Anyway I’m done here, the moral of this huge rant? Start seeing both sides of the coin, not just “your frustrated side”.


    Move on.

    in reply to: Review and Assessment of Current Podium Abilities #21874

    You see here’s where I stand with this:

    On Frits defense:
    -He is only one “man”. Not a whole team, so updates can’t be frequent and take a lot of time to make. Even customizing current features can be a big task.

    -Users wanting features from every which way. If users agreed on a common feature, he could focus on that, then the next “greatest requested feature” he could then do, and so on.

    -Besides Podium development his personal life. Although we do not know much about it, he is clearly a hard working developer and businessman. I have some old friends who are those as well and that alone is a very busy and daunting task for one person.

    -20 years of hardwork goes a long way, and maybe he didn’t really think Podium would be this big once he started o focus more on it. Now with such a major rush of people coming here and asking for this and that, it can be chaotic.

    But, in the “People’s Defense”:

    -Features that are common in DAW’s is a given of what overall direction you need to take your product. Even if you don’t want to directly copy the direction of a popular DAW, still let users determine the most important feature and work on developing that.

    -About not having a team of devs is understandable but will not be “tolerable” with most of your customers or potential customers. This is a “big” drawback and as I’ve said before, any musician serious about his/her work will not wait around for one man to make a important update they need, they will look elsewhere and not only that, give your product very bad overall overview. So then it’s less exposure or even less people wanting to try your product[that being Podium] because of “word-of-mouth”. This could ultimately crush the business of Podium, and I’m sure Frits does not want that. But, he needs to make compromises soon, “or else”….

    -Users are screaming for updates since Podium became a potential serious DAW product within the DAW market. Neglecting “important” updates for users not only is bad for them, it’s bad for Frits, and it’s bad for business. Not even as much as giving them a update or progress of the update/feature is a “no no” for business. I thought a “percentage system” on updates and features would be most exciting and very rewarding to those wondering about the “pipeline and/or progress” of a requested feature or update. Of course Frits ignored it, but I expected that. And sadly I used to think being in contact with the creator was a good thing…now…I don’t think it’s as “rewarding” as I thought… 🙁

    -This may be a serious offense to Frits, hell, I may get scolded for this, but I’m going to say it. Pointing out your “20+ years of hardwork” I’m starting to believe it’s an excuse, or a way to push back any progress or effort you want to put towards certain updates, or major opportunities for Podium. I’m sure like the devs for Kristal Audio Engine who were acquired[bought] by PreSonus, you’ve had offers to make joint deals with other software companies. And not even to that extreme, you have had offers from other people[devs] to help you develop Podium to make workflow go easier for you, but you declined or asked them[which I’ve seen you ask this before Frits], “How much do you think 20+ years of work is worth?” Personally I think you should stop mentioning that, and try to at least see both sides of the “business coin”. As long as you keep ownership, name, and everything you can with the program and just have people help you[and of course you credit them, and so on] I’m sure things would look up for you Frits, but now, who knows…

    In the end of all this, the direction of Zynewave Podium is up to Frits, NOT US. We have to learn that. What he put up front is just words, but as I’ve learned in my life, actions speak louder than words do. And for the time I’ve been here, his actions have gotten less and less and “less”. And as I always point out, “NO” serious musician will wait around for him, only leave and give Podium bad reviews, feedback, and overall bad “name”. Which in turn hurts Frits and his program, and even his business. I’m not saying all musicians will leave absolutely horrible feedback but, some will. But it’s up to him, not us, and for those serious musicians who want to stick with Podium, as much as you deny it, deep down, you know it’s true. I know it is. To me Podium is “baby steps” to the big DAW’s out there. And at the state it’s at now, nothing more. Telenator put it perfectly when he basically said there are more “workarounds”[or “band-aids”] for this DAW than anything else. This is bad, because eventually people will see that, and not like it one bit.

    Anyway for now this concludes my rant…

    in reply to: Review and Assessment of Current Podium Abilities #21862

    Not to try to start a “agreement war” here but I have to point this out regarding tablet development.

    In the U.S.’s unstable economy[believe it or not, it is still unstable in most states], developing a program for not only a medium for those who are not “tech nerds”[such as myself], but as Telenator put it, it would only be absolutely for kids to download for free and make little noises with. If a hardcore musician bought the app[for example] he/she would criticize not only the Podium app to shreds, but even worse, the not-so-heavily-featured Windows program itself.

    I recently looked at a GameInformer and I literally laughed so hard I was in tears. They did a poll, and realistic study on mobile O.S.’s. Long story short, if you are not developing for the iOS, then expect more coding trouble or no exposure at all.

    iOS>Google’s Android O.S.>Windows Mobile 7-8

    They even mentioned the Windows Mobile 7 Phone, and I LITERALLY forgot they EXISTED. LITERALLY. The only good thing a Windows Mobile O.S. has going good for it is Xbox Live. That’s a given of course. Everything else is tremendously failing on the mobile outlet of Windows and it’s getting worse by the year. So I also believe the development for a mobile “Windows”[which is even “worse”] version of Podium will bring Zynewave more pain than joy.

    Plus only hardware enthusiasts are going to be using Windows 8 and Windows Mobile 8[Mobile 8 is will be on Tablets too…] not general consumers with a brain. And with Windows 7 being a breath of fresh air from the garbage Windows Vi[Shit]sta I’m sure many people are not going to be jumping “immediate gun” on Windows 8 or Windows 8 mobile, there are even people who already tried the beta of Windows 8 and hate it. It’s geared towards mobile/tablet platforms[because Microsoft is trying to take over everything] and it running on PC’s will be GPU heavy, “like” Windows Vista.[Note: Windows Vista was actually supposed to be the perfect “gaming O.S.”……hahaha on that thought…]

    So all in all I think about this:
    Windows 8=Need to buy a better GPU, better “compatible” CPU, more RAM, faster HDD[Solid State most likely], a possible Win8 compatible motherboard, better PSU, make sure Win8 is 64bit which is more money, Podium full version and the app, a Windows 8 tablet, Windows 8 phone, should I keep going?

    Half of that is already more than likely over 500$ and that’s just to be “Windows 8 ready”. Even if you were to get a laptop or a pre-made PC, it’s still going to be at a high price.

    My end conclusion, I believe Zynewave should stick with developing Windows XP/Vista/7 versions of Podium, and leave the tablet or “mobile developing” alone.

    Or just do what he believe’s is right…

    in reply to: Mastering with Multi-Band Compression #21860

    I learned from YouTube, this video to only use -4dB on single tracks and never go beyond -4dB.

    Also I never go beyond +2dB on my single tracks either. If I have to, like the vid says, I re-mix the track, OR I look within the plugin to see if something is causing the dramatic increase in audio.[chances are that could be the culprit]

    I just don’t rely on one vid either, I have tons of vids I’ve overviewed, and viewed in general NUMEROUS times. This gave me a “overall common technique” view of what to do. Plus of course, like my mentor, I discovered learning on my own and doing research keeps an open mind on you not thinking from what you learned in school, “Hey this is how this was done, and this is the only way it SHOULD BE done!” I’m not saying school is “bad”, but there is a LOT of things in life you can learn on your own without going to school. I know many successful musicians, even some I actually talk to, that have never touched a SAE College[“Sound, Audio Engineering” for those who read and want to know] and make amazing mixes. This only inspired me to do the same. 🙂

    The only compressors I use are MeldaCompressor[rarely], FabFilter Pro-C[frequently] and Stardust by Arguru Software [moderately and I use it on my Master Chain]

    And I know about making sure you music “breathes” and leaves dynamic range. I don’t like overcompressed music anyway. 😛

    Honestly, it does not make me feel better that you are having problems with Podium. But of course if I say anything, critically judging Podium or Podium Free, well…I’ll just leave it at that…[you can most likely “guess”]

    Anyway hope you can relate to what I do in the video![Note: I do not follow the video to the “letter” but some of those techniques I use and it helps a lot! 🙂 ]

    in reply to: Mastering with Multi-Band Compression #21858

    If I may add:

    The only time I use compression is on my snare and kick drums. And only if I’m layering drum samples, and even then the compression I use does not kill the overall dynamics of the audio. Because as I also learned, your audio needs to breathe still, have “body”. Not be balled up and silenced.[thank goodness for YouTube]

    I’ve learned a LOT during my self teachings for music production.[without going to any school for it, mind you] I told a fellow artist this [and I unfortunately love this movie] and it 100% relates to my quest for making decent or even my own greatest scores in my musical future:

    James Cameron’s: AVATAR

    Jake: “With Neytiri it’s learn fast, or die.”

    This is how I view my life as an solo artist. Learn fast or my future as a musician could “die”. 😉

    But on the topic of compression I know how to use it, and do’s and don’t’s! However as always Telenator, it’s good to read your posts from time to time, seeing how you are still helping those you can, who will pay attention. 🙂


    Just a quick note, did anyone of you try this in Podium “Free” instead of the “licensed version” which is way more updated than the free version? Just a thought…


    Thanks Adi![if I may shorten your name to such]

    I’ve heard VERY good reviews about the PreSonus Audiobox[note that this is the 250$ bundle of course], and my mentor “jokingly” told me he was jealous of me obtaining that and my Schecter Omen 6.[If you haven’t guessed I love rock/metal/symphony and electronica, so that is what I make] So I feel that I made the right decision with purchasing the Audiobox[and the guitar] not only for the software, but moreso on the hardware!

    I’ve looked at the Native Instruments Complete audiobox bundle and I must admit based on reviews[which were good ones] and the software that comes with it, I may be tempted to buy that in the future! It “looks” cool, but of course looks aren’t everything, but Native Instruments has never let me down so I’m sure the audiobox lives up to the good nature of it!

    I know the Artist edition of PreSonus does not allow you to use 3rd party VST’s but the crossgrade option is only 100$ to go from Artist to Producer.[Note this is Studio One Artist going to Studio One 2 “Producer”.] I will still use Podium and as it sometimes causes me some frustration and me being overall upset when things go wrong, I will still use the DAW.

    I will always enjoy making music, this is why I do it! 😀


    Thanks for the feedback Adimatis!

    I will not lie, it’s the best freeware DAW out there. There aren’t any DAW’s that can compete with Podium in terms of a free version. As I expressed I am more than grateful of Podium Free and I love it.

    But i am only concerned with “stability issues” Adimatis. Not extra features, only stability issues! I really just want more stable management with VST’s[there was a discussion about certain VST’s making Podium CPU usage “jump” even in the full version], the rid of the .MINI file system or integration of it into the .pod file, and a backup system, with multiple file pathway save system! That is all I would ever want for Podium Free and the full version! That would make me buy it without question!

    And Free users opinions shouldn’t be silenced by the paid users. That is very unfair to me, but alas, you may be right. Heh, oh well I suppose.

    And I guess it is a different story for the payed users in some aspects, BUT- overall we both[paid and free users] use the same program, so why not share views? I also think due to the divided-like feelings that, that is why Zynewave just does what he thinks is right. If we come together on a common agreement on a feature that is already there and needs to be tweaked, or a feature that we can all agree is very important and needs to be implemented Zynewave can come to the conclusion that it needs to be done. But divided he may only see chaos, so he does what he thinks is the “next best approach”.

    But I do remember this:
    “Development concentrates on quality and stability. Software updates are released frequently with an active user-driven development cycle.”

    Correct me if I am wrong, but that clearly mind-as-well say: “Updates come if enough people are in agreement on the much needed update or feature.” And he states stability, which as I stated in a different post I read he did admit Podium needed more looking into for VST PC resource usage too avoid the irregular CPU/RAM usage.[and yes I know about VST’s having irregular behavior themselves, I forgot the “term”, but I remember…] I just wonder if at all “when” will we see any of this? Can’t we even get a percentage update? Hahaha

    Like for example: “backup save feature progress”: 20%[out of 100% of course]

    I think that would be cool. Features and the percentages of them. Even if it’s 0%, at least we know what is being worked on. 🙂

    But yet again, who am I? Nobody, that’s who.

    Anyway, going to hopefully finish this song in “Podium Free”. Hopefully I can get further. Oh and my PreSonus Audiobox comes in later this afternoon! Can’t wait. I’m more concerned about the hardware than the software in it.


    Ok Druid let’s highlight some things here:

    -“You” feel offended when I compared Zynewave to EAGames? How do you think Frits feels when everyone on the forum compares his DAW to other DAW’s and say: REAPER has this, but Podium doesn’t have it. Cubase has that, but Podium doesn’t have have it. Abelton has this but Podium doesn’t have it. I think Frits would possibly feel hurt when his DAW is compared to other software giants out there. Especially when everyone is knocking on the fact Podium doesn’t have this feature or that feature. I’ve sat back and thought about that and that is just as worse. I make one simple “unrelated” comment about his “business directions” and you are quick to defend it? What about when people compare Podium vs. Competition DAW? To be honest I see to you and many other people I am just a threat, and if I am then so be it.

    -You accept I am having issues? I highly doubt that. I really do. This is more of a debate than anything else now…

    -Calm down a little? I literally “LOL” at most people’s responses and even my own posting because I know it would be taken negatively. Thus again, one sided people coming out of the woodwork “trying to seem” 2 sided. Absolutely funny.

    -People make unfair jabs all the time, it’s a part of life Druid. Where I work people make unfair jabs at the price of products that I try to sell them all the time, I have to deal with it. I suggest the same to you. And also, unfair jabs at you? Haha! So you’re and angel and you didn’t use certain “internet word placement sentence techniques” to make jabs at me initially? Wow. You must be a saint! *laughs*

    -You feel I will defend myself to death. Of course I will! You’ve read what I put above this little insert and you are making “professional worded jabs” also, so of course I will make some back. I don’t think anyone sits on the net and let’s someone else insult their intelligence.

    -If you have a issue with me, fine. This is a big issue for me and I want people and Frits to know about it.

    -I can’t bundle you with fanboyism? Then what is this? Fanboy’s defend what they love on a one sided basis. This clearly shows in your little speech. And I never accused you of being a fanboy, I only said the people when defend Podium even if someone has a legitimate reason to “critically judge it”, as I did. But you’re right and I am wrong, so again hats off to you.

    -If you have nothing to further say to me, then good. Because I critically judge Podium, you defend it and offend me, I defend myself and “still” critically judge Podium and of course jab back at you[when I should have just ignored it, well next time I will], and now you’re the victim? Hahahahahaha! This is like the school bully getting beat up and reporting that the little guy who had enough and beat “him up” was bullying him and should be punished! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! How about this? You stop belittling me and jabbing at me, I’ll stop jabbing at you and continue with my critical review of Podium and the “business direction” I believe it should go in. Deal?

    And now you apologize. While you still “currently view” that I do what you said I do[labeling and jabbing at me again..haha…wow], you are sorry and now want to end the “debate” after you offended me “professionally” so you had the “last say”. Ok I accept your apology.

    Then again this is the internet and apparently my words have audio behind them and seems to always be in the tone of “really angry guy”. There’s a difference between “anger and being upset”. I see being upset as a sad inner feeling like wanting to cry, or depression. Somehow a “quiet calm rage, like if someone upsets you, you drown them out with you iPod or something. Being angry I see as causing physical violence and doing violent things. Like you grabbing your home theater system and cracking it to full volume and playing the loudest, heaviest hitting song you own.

    Or in short as my mother perfectly put it: Dogs get mad[angry], people get upset, there’s a difference.

    In the end I do love Podium, and without Frits’ brainchild I would be dealing with DarkWave Studio and LMMS, which both I do NOT like. Podium has stability but that is the only single greatest feature for me. Other things as far as “other instabilities” and alternating certain current features I believe need to be worked on 1st and foremost, but it’s up to Frits.

    But what do I know? I’m just some douche who didn’t buy the program, so I didn’t contribute anything, and I just rant and rave and offend everyone. Heh, lucky me right?


    Am I volatile?

    That is what you assume, and you know how the old saying goes about people who “assume”. Of course my words seem sharp, but being volatile would mean I type completely offense to Frits. I only expressed that “internally” I was very upset and only spoke my strong opinion.

    Assumptions I am making?
    No. I been having this experience on multiple PC”s not just mine. I hope you didn’t skim over that point.

    Was I upset?
    Yes. But not enough to start cussing out[not saying you cussed either] Frits or saying what I used to say back when I didn’t think about Frits’ being one man and not having enough time to do important updates. not upset enough to immediate find other DAW’s and use them, and not upset enough to start smashing things or severely offending anyone.

    Druid you “assume” that my problem makes me want to explode, and yes inside it does. “Anyone” who has more problems then they can solve comes to a point in their lives where they become very upset. But if that does not happen to you, then maybe you can give me some pointers on what not to say on the “internet”, seeing how apparently my words have audio behind them.

    Did the .MINI file have anything to associate with “all” my song arrangements having the missing .wav “placements”?
    -Yes. The .MINI system I’ve been told “before” is a “snapshot” for the .wav files, if deleted the .wav is removed from the arrangement, you keep the .wav on your HDD, but now to Podium it doesn’t know “where” to put that because you just deleted the information that told Podium “where to put it”.[if you don’t believe me, try it.] And it was spanning 7 solo material songs and 3 remixes,[the drums samples I used] so if that happened to you, I’m sure it would have made you upset like it did me.[Note that these arrangements not only varied in length but because of certain tempos, had different placements in each project.]

    Maybe you use Podium for “fun time”, maybe you use Podium for “not so serious use”, however “I do”. I take my time making precise placements and audio slicing and everything to my arrangements only to have them deleted? I really think the .MINI file system is a bit broken. You may defend Podium because you refuse to give Frits your own critical opinion, but that is you. Not me.

    The track and any effect is still there, but of course the “.wav placements” are gone. And ever since my .pod file somehow became corrupt not only do I now save on my HDD I also save frequently on my external HDD “and” USB stick.[Yes, now I am that paranoid now unfortunately] So the .pod isn’t the culprit then what is? And how could I have deleted the “placements”, not the .wav file because that is still there, of each “placement” in 10 different arrangements?

    I will find software that is comfortable with me, and not make me want to “explode” because I am a musician I take each and every project seriously, but I am also not going to neglect the fact that Podium is holding me back from getting anything done. Maybe you all are used to Podium holding you back, but I however am not. I like to get things done and finalized and if Podium doesn’t want me to accomplish that then that’s fine. I’ll just find another DAW. You think I am saying this to deeply offend Podium, but the way I feel is that Frits does not “care”. Like the example I put of EAGames, he only listens to the overall direction of what “he believes” is the proper direction for Podium, not what the users want. I think after a while of giving “no’s” to people for certain features that have still yet to be mentioned of being even at the very least “worked on”, people have submitted to his “direction”. I however do not. I’ve worked retail for a long time, and I know, if the customer isn’t happy[or customers], which Frits has had a “lot” of unhappy customers, your business will be “unhappy” in a way of speaking. If Podium wants to see any growth I believe Frits needs to try to reconsider and listen to his customers and potential customers. Otherwise Podium will and always will be a “stepping stone” to the more high cost DAW’s out there.

    And besides to due to a past post I did a while ago, I thought you were never going to respond to my post because you find 100% of them to be “volatile and immensely offense”? Guess I was wrong.

    in reply to: My .pod project file is corrupt #21761

    As far as the project file that was corrupt, I overwritten it with a “month ago” .pod that I saved on my external 1TB HDD. So the corrupt file is gone. However if this happens again I know what to do Zynewave, thanks. 🙂

    As in “Temp001” when I looked in the folder there was no file with such a name. So I don’t know where it went. Sorry.

    If you do have plans to improve project backup, I highly suggest the “Multiple Pathways Save” feature. So I can save the .pod file in different locations instead of just one, so when I do hit “ctrl-alt-shift-s” it saves it to all the directories I added within the preferences menu.[and of course a + icon to add more directories.] This would be somewhat of a hotfix and almost just as good as a backup file feature. Also have a increments “slider” to adjust the time it save each pod file, with a maximum of 5 secs. So from “instantly” to 5 seconds.

    Thanks again Zynvewave, and I have no evil thoughts towards your development directions, but I really believe the more security we have in recovering our lost data when it becomes a situation where it becomes lost the better my experience will get.

    Also I don’t know if you believe this is right, but I think also the time between updating the Free version should be shortened. Not updated instantly but if everything is test and running well, instead of months later of the free version being updated, the Free version should be updated between 3 weeks to a month after everything has been tested, fixed and finalized. Just a thought Zynewave.

    I still have hope in you Zynewave. Please, don’t make me lose it in you. This is still the single greatest DAW I’ve used ever. And I really, REALLY do not want to be pushed/forced to get another one. I’d rather give my money[and future donations] to you. 😀

    in reply to: My .pod project file is corrupt #21755

    They are meaningless “to me” because I see the bigger picture beyond such such implementations of features.

    Let’s say you get your “time stretching”.

    -Now let’s say you .pod project file is corrupted.
    -Everything you did is now gone
    Now you see how useful the feature is at it’s point of implementation?

    Now again, you somehow recover your loss data.
    -And you heavily use time stretching and get more into you project you lost a lot of time on.
    -Now somehow again in the future…your .pod gets corrupted.
    Yet again, your MIDI files are gone, the position of your .wav files[if they were only saved to your core .pod file that became corrupted], everything is gone.

    -Frits implements tablet version of Podium.
    Podium[on PC] can still crash, and the .pod file can be corrupted.

    -Frits implements features for MIDI and everything “else” everyone wants.

    Doesn’t matter…if backup save isn’t there before all of these “extra” features, then when your projects crash “and” become corrupted, guess who’s going to want to go postal because all of their hard work is gone? Guess I’m the only one.[Which I doubt]

    Not to put the Telenator on the spotlight but he “just” learned due to file corruption, your MIDI files cease to exist. Period. There is no way to “recover” a corrupted .pod file.[or any corrupted file for that matter] So what then? Ignore the fact that no matter how many “new features” are put into Podium and without the implementation of “saving in multiple file paths” or a backup save, everyone is screwed if the file becomes corrupted? Maybe you favor those odds but I do not.

    Now look at the other way around.

    -Backup save is implemented.
    -Then your implementation of what you and everyone else wants.
    -your .pod becomes somehow corrupted.
    You have both:
    Another .pod file saved on another location, saved a second or 2 later than the 1st[so somehow a chain “corruption” doesn’t happen].
    And a backup file you can drag and drop or double click and open in Podium[just in case if Podium doesn’t tell you your project crashed and if you want it to open you backup save].

    Yes of course, I know people are skeptical about this, but either way to me[and “for me”]both features are “insurance” so you don’t have your hard work erased, taken from you, forever gone.

    I meant no harm to you in just mentioning time stretching Adimatis, but it’s one of the many features I remember was asked many times before. I don’t have a personal grudge to you or any of the users here, but, I really think not for the sake of just “me”, but for everyone, backup save is a KEY feature that needs to be in Podium. And if people don’t trust that, at the very “least” a way to copy the .pod file to multiple locations. And for this feature it can be checked to be enabled, and you can add more than “2” pathways.[Example: Saving the .pod to a USB Stick, My External, and my PC’s HDD]

    And I know it comes slow, but when either is implemented, the free users still have to wait for it to be beta tested, and bugs worked out and then finalized, “then” wait a few “months” for it to be released in the free version. That’s way too long.

    Anyway…gotta get back to fixing all my projects. *sigh*

    in reply to: My .pod project file is corrupt #21748

    Thanks for the post Telenator, it’s always good to read your posts. However this is what I meant to be more clear:

    If I press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S it only saves it in one specific directory being used. However I want it like “this”:

    [Press Ctrl-Alt-Shift-S]Saving .pod file to:
    Documents and Settings/Infinitoar/My Documents/Zynewave Podium/Projects
    My Computer/Expansion Drive[E:]/Infinitoar’s PC Backup/Zynewave Podium/Projects

    [note: this can be changed within the “Preferences” option. Which I believe wouldn’t be hard to code into Podium “AND” Podium Free]

    But there “isn’t” a + icon or a way to save to other “additional” drives or locations. I would have to manually save to each drive or drag and drop a lot. It’s a small time consuming workaround, but I’d rather not do it. It’s enough my fingers are now accustomed to hitting “Ctrl-Alt-Shift-S”. 😀

    My .wav files are still there but all my important MIDI files within each project are gone. This saddens me a lot because I use Camel Audio’s Alchemy Player[personally it’s the single greatest freeware synth I have ever used, and I continually look for .sfz sample libraries for it. The best one is Sonatica Symphony Library….very beautiful library], and I had a lot of symphonies MIDI’d out. 🙁 Only good thing is, I still remember how it sounded, so it’s not all bad.

    I read posts here and I am aware of Frits mentioning upcoming development for a backup save feature, but he won’t give us a time frame. I know he can’t because he could break his “promise”, but still. That is the ONLY feature keeping me from buying a full version of Podium. And if he wants to wait it out, then he can. I can’t.

    I am aware that some DAW’s plague your storage space with .BAK files because when I had Magix Music Maker it did the same to me, but I had changed the directory in one folder and by default I had Magix save every 2 minutes, and have 2 .BAK files overwritting the oldest one.

    I’m a Windows guy so I won’t even dive into my reasons for using Windows. The only iOS technology I have is my iPod Touch 4th generation. That’s all. And I use that for on the go ideas for my music.[among other things] I want to eventually use Linux but, Linux is beyond me for now. Maybe later…

    Anyway if that one idea for multi-path saving is implemented I suppose it will be a baby step to the backup save feature. But even if Zynewave implements that feature I won’t have it for a couple months even if it’s beta tested and finalized after any bugs have been fixed. Yet again this slows down my album and workflow, because like him I’m one guy working on my own material, but, I don’t like being hung up or slowed down by an update coming for the free version “months later”. Especially if it’s been already tested, fixed, and finalized.

    But it’s Frits direction, and he does what he wishes to do with Podium. I have no say so in what he does, and I will have no objection to it.

    But as I said-

    I cannot wait for him. Wait breaks the wagon.[it’s an old saying or those who understand it]

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