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    @The Telenator wrote:

    All Daws have a degree of spiking. I covered that above when I tested it myself the other day.

    But I never had a DAW, which intodruces spikes lately and over 20% more usage

    Believe it or not, you see this kind of abstract testing a lot on forums but it serves no real purpose. It’s pointless to run any test that is not a real-world-usage situation. It’s like stating, Hey, my DAW doesn’t run on the planet Jupiter! The answer always has to be, So What?

    Very easy…I posted already the results of an everyday situation and it reflected the same…Podium takes a lot more CPU here than every other DAW I own

    If you are referring to the Mix meter in the bottom right corner, that is NOT your system’s CPU usage; that is Podium’s own internal processing and can be misleading if you are unfamiliar about how that works.

    Completely irrelevant, because I tried inserting instances till hearable underruns appeared and not about the CPU meter… this was only to tell the visible thingie

    I think what you really mean here is that you’ve discovered a couple of DAWs that work well with your gear, unless you have tested the some 30 or 40 now extant.

    Where did you found so much hosts???

    Ok, here is the list of what I tested: Cubase 5, Sonar X1, Studio One, FL Studio, EnergyXT and XT2, MuLab, Renoise, Podium, Reaper, Reason/Record, Ableton Live…

    I think, that´s more than enough to tell some results…
    Fact (for me): none of these other (comparable, because XT,XT2 and MuLab don´t support Multicore processing) DAWs have such a bad performance than Podium here and none of these produce such spikes from 72%- 96% with hearable results… for me, it is prooved…Podium has some performance problems…

    But of course, it is still usuable, we are talking here about optimizing and if there is something, which should be optimized and imho there is…


    @michi_mak wrote:

    it seems that Podium suffers from cpu spikes when various plug ins have been changed / added / deleted for some time

    My experience

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