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  • in reply to: Restricted to Podium license owners
    This content is restricted to Podium license owners.
    in reply to: Windows Blue by mid-2013 #23170

    Hey Telenator, one thing I’d like to correct you on, having worked (admittedly relatively briefly) in I.T. before, and reading plenty online (on both sides of course).

    Businesses are not particularly likely to pick up Windows 8 regardless. Your comments about it not being wanted is mostly true, but not just because they don’t like WIndows 8. Imagine companies upgrading every iteration of Windows, indeed even before the first service pack. Can you imagine it? No, no way. Way too much money.

    Windows Vista was also skipped. Even after the first, even second, service packs. Why? Because they’d invested in XP and it still worked.

    As XP’s support period was nearing, however, corporations decided to jump on Windows 7. It makes sense because XP was starting to finally age and become less secure. Of course, there was the pending cessation of security patching of Microsoft (I believe it ends next year totally). But it’s also because it was a stable version of the big jump Microsoft made from XP.

    I would never expect businesses to take up Windows 8 on a large scale, purely because they’ve pretty much all upgraded to 7 only “recently” (in business terms) and there’s plenty of support for 7 left. Of course, being able to avoid that new interface with Win8 is icing on the cake. 😛

    Of course, with their new plans for a different release schedule, I don’t know what will happen now. But I don’t think it’s fair to claim businesses are avoiding purely because they don’t like the software. It’s really not economically viable anyway, and those patterns have already been in place before MS were even starting work on Win8.

    Now if I may also add my own view to this… Er, in a specific context I mean. I’ve read quite a few people who were on the fence about Win8 for the general populace (but saw potential in it themselves, like me, and wanted to get into it). Win8.1 some of them feel will resolve many issues they had, and they believe it will be a lot more ready for the general populace.

    I really do have to disagree with that one. For ME, Win8.1 will solve quite a few issues (seriously, search should have ALWAYS just had one list of results, what’s with this switching between search areas? Ugh). But it will do next to nothing to bridge the division that the new Windows has created.

    Only time will tell really what this really means. MS may find a way, given way more time than should be needed (typical MS), to fit business needs in to how they want to portray their new Windows, and people may adapt. Or, it may not and MS may find they have to cede much headway.

    Or maybe everyone will move to Linux! (That was a joke. Not Linux, but the idea everyone would actually bother trying to do so.)

    in reply to: multiple tracks to same plugin #23169

    Please excuse my late reply to this, I haven’t been here for a while.

    I too was an energyXT user and also like the modular apporach to hooking things up. Perhaps not to the extent of Plogue Bidule, but hey, having the feature set can’t hurt, right?

    I had no idea there was any mention of XT3, and I have to say I never used XT2 either, as it removed features I used. Instead, I kept using XT1 as a modular VST, but recently due to computer software moving forward and fearing future instability for XT1, I have moved over to using Mulab’s Mux VST. I have to say, I really really like it. Interface is pretty clean, provides basic modular approach. Some things it doesn’t do as well as XT1 did, but in others, it adds elements that XT1 never had.

    Luckily (but not for my creative output needs), I haven’t worked on music a whole lot over the last few years, and thus converting the XT modular sections to Mux was not very hard (in Podium, of course)!

    You should definitely take a look at Mux if you liked XT, but of course, everyone has different tastes. It’s an option, anyway!

    in reply to: Windows Blue by mid-2013 #23075

    For people like me who constantly check tech sites, this is all old news. 😛 Right at the start of specualation about Blue (Win 8.1), which I think began end of last year, there were rumours (I don’t believe MS confirmed it) that Windows was moving to a more regular update schedule, and possibly costing less per hit because of it (obviously you couldn’t keep the prices as they even are now, despite having dropped considerably, if it were a yearly update). There are advantages and disadvantages to that system, and the one MS employed in the past, and none of it is confirmed. I’m not sure how reliable the sources are, either.

    I guess we’ll find more out when 8.1 is released later this year.

    But 8.1 won’t “fix” the WinRT and Win8 divide. Some conspiracy theorists (who might be right, for all I know) believe MS deliberately made WinRT purely to get the push on to Intel to make more competitive CPUs for mobile usage, as they were lagging considerably. I’m curious to see if Haswell changes much. Of course, for people like me who are more aware of this stuff, I know that it’s a product I will likely want (I’ve held off buying a tablet mostly due to current Intel CPUs being still impractical). However, can MS overcome the general view that people seem to hold about them, how their products are used and what they are for? I guess only time will truly show this.

    As interesting as they are, I’m a bit sick of all the rumours. Trying to help move their products up the chain, I’ve tried to push MS to fix a few of the issues in some of their products (apps, basically), but they are very unresponsive. I guess we’re stuck with rumours for most things with MS, as they don’t seem to concerned about providing much detail about anything to the public, unless it’s a buzzed up blog post by a senior employee, and/or a marketing statement (usually the same). A pity, too!

    And .. that’s probably all I have to say. It’s all rumours at this point. 🙁 Not sure about the mid-2013 either. I’ll believe it when I see it, but I personally suspect it’s more heading for end of third quarter or a bit after, which would be close to the one year mark of Win8 release.

    in reply to: How many women are in this forum? #23066

    Whoops! Yes, like I was saying, I doubted the intent was of that sinister nature which I indicated. It was more meant to be a comment about the appropriateness of such a question, and if it really needed to be asked, mere curiosity or no, but yeah, don’t take my comment too seriously. I know this is general chat.

    Hey you know, for the sake of curiosity though, how many people who have gender-switched do we have on here? 🙂

    in reply to: How many women are in this forum? #23052

    Is this topic really important, even for a mere curiosity? It feels much like on computer games forums many years ago when guys would ask the same, and it just has this weird, creepy feeling to it. Of course, I’m curious too, purely from the hope that there’s some evenness to it, but there’s just something .. maybe politically incorrect? … about it. If I were a female, I wouldn’t be responding to the thread. From what I’ve seen, usually the only females to respond to such requests are either attention seekers or are strongly idealistic and think they might be proving something about themselves or the state of women in (whatever it is, games, music, etc).

    Sorry, I guess what I’m saying is pretty down about something that is *probably* just a mere curiosity to you. You could just as easily ask, however, are there any government officials on these forums? Are there any solar power engineers? Are there any gamers on these forums? (I’m one!)

    But what is much more common on the internet? “Are there any girls here?” or similar. To me, this sort of thing seems even more off-topic than for general on a music software website, and typically appears to occur when the forum is (likely) largely composed of males.

    To interact a little more with the topic, I would imagine plenty of females produce music, as they also play computer games. They may not deem the forums worth their time, however, and who knows about specifically Podium users. I could ponder on how many females use Tracktion, too, or Renoise…

    Of course, I am not a moderator, nor do I claim any inherent right to say what people should and shouldn’t do..! (And I only say this because I fear what I say will be over-reacted too .. I’m proactively self-defensive based on what often occurs on the internet… T_T) I just wanted to share my opinion that it’s not really an appropriate question given the nature of the website, and I guess based on the internet’s history, in my humble opinion.

    in reply to: FR: Parameter names update if the VST changes them #23051

    Thanks for noting it Frits. It’s no big deal and there are tons of features that are much more important (as people continually mention here!).

    It’s just one of those little nuisances that occasionally pop up. energyXT isn’t so bad because it’s just “parameter1”, “..2” and so on by default, but Mux by default uses a basic effect which has the first parameter marked as “Gain”. This means that if I change it to Cutoff or anything else, I need to adjust “Gain” in Podium unless I rename the automation track and/or the parameter device in Podium, which is why I request it now instead of long ago with energyXT (I just had to remember parameter1 was cutoff .. and so on).

    in reply to: Help please!! #22873

    This may not need to be said (and I don’t know if it applies to using purely MIDI, but it does if using USB MIDI devices connected through USB). The keyboard needs to be plugged in and turned on before opening the software, in almost all cases I’ve experienced or heard of.

    Podium supports standard MIDI devices, so I can’t imagine you’ll have any problems using it, as long as your drivers (if you aren’t just using Windows defaults, which I’d recommend starting with), and hardware are functioning correctly.


    @The Telenator wrote:

    Well, I think THIS takes care of all thoughts concerning the touch screen as it applies to us, don’t you think?


    Ouch, watching that was painful, only because I have an alert that goes off whenever people try to sell something as the only thing that’s using the technology, when it isn’t! Looks like it mixes (pun intended!) quite a bit of useful stuff in there. Multitouch as I see it would be good for things like that, and controlling multiple things, though I’m not sure I’d get over wanting a physical knob, honestly! 🙁

    That nanotech he’s talking about on the screen, though… It isn’t widespread, but I’ve already heard about it, which means it isn’t straight out of a laboratory or anything. And his bright, any angle screen is just sales talk for a modern IPS screen; coupled with multitouch, admittedly, they aren’t that common, but they certainly aren’t “just coming out” as he supposes.

    Just had to air that. Those sorts of claims lower the credibility of companies for me, which is a shame. I’m a spec sheet guy, though. I don’t want to be sold to with talk, I want to be sold to with specs and facts.

    Still looks like a useful thing (if it wasn’t using Apple, which to me it looks like it is).


    I’m pretty it sure it will, at least if it’s a Windows machine. Windows 8 is, as you know, pushing touch a lot. I’m not sure if it’s because the OEMs think it’s useful, though, or just because it’s the big craze at the moment, sigh.

    in reply to: Your Bridging Successes? #22853

    I know the topic is a bit of a tempest, but is there any reason you need (or indeed, want) to move to 64-bit, when 32-bit works just fine on 64-bit, at least for now?

    (In 5 more years or however long, this question won’t be relevant, but I mean, for now…)

    in reply to: FRITS, WE NEED YOUR INPUT! #22852

    @alex wrote:

    Why would you delete the plugin that you use (have used) in projects unless you have the newer version?

    Are you familiar with Elogxa’s Baxxpander (not sure if I got the number of X letters correct)? I found a replacement, and as I hadn’t created that many songs, I thought I wouldn’t have used it anywhere. So I deleted it.

    … and then many months later, I tried to load some older songs, and realised I HAD used it. Oops! And as I have a naming scheme for VSTs (they are horribly non-standardised, when relying on filename, so I “fix” that…), when I downloaded it and put it in the same folder, it didn’t work. I had to give it the same filename (of course, knowing my naming scheme helps in this case…)

    Anyway, my original point is that plugins can be deleted. And forgotten that they’d been used… I wouldn’t say it’s a large case, but just something to keep in mind, is all!


    I think you summed up my feelings on it. I like modular though, or at least having that power there if I need it (after tracking with Fast Tracker 2 a long time ago, I moved to Buzz Tracker, which was modular, so I guess you could say I semi-grew up with it).

    Something about its interface didn’t rub me the right way, so I avoided it. Then they released a VST version for the modular part; essentially the part that had me interested! That would be the only reason it’s still on my radar.

    I did see your post, and actually chose not to reply. 🙂 I felt I’ve probably said all I can about tablet/touch and where DAWs are going, and so on. But maybe there’s room for a response… I did come to a realisation, too.

    I’ve been “promoting” (I guess), or at leasdt positive, on the whole tablet idea, and by extension, touch. I’ve realised that it’s possible that some people may think I believe touch input to be revolutionary … which is completely untrue. I think it’s like another way to do things, good for some things, bad for others. I believe having both it and a mouse could be better (but won’t know until I try it .. if I ever choose to go that path with my desktop…).

    The key is; I don’t think touch itself is revolutionary. For phones it is (imo), due to the small real estate you have to interact with the device. But not for desktops.

    The reason I believe touch is important is that I believe it will spread (I scoffed at it years ago, saw the iPhone as a toy … oops?). AND, because (again due to form factor) I believe tablets are a big future item. Accessories are not so annoying when you have a fixed location and a desk set up. Tablets are not that usage model. So if tablets are the future, then by extension touch will inevitably have to become a part of things.

    Honestly, I have often found the enlargening of UIs that touch inevitably causes to be annoying at best and downright ugly at worst. And until I bought a smartphone, I thought the entire idea was ridiculous and just a passing fancy. I’m not so sure any more … but yeah, I don’t think touch is so revolutionary,.

    Give me a music host that I can control with my mind easily and fluently..! Now THERE’S revolution! … well, maybe. 😉

    in reply to: FRITS, WE NEED YOUR INPUT! #22822

    One problem I have with automatic removal of plugins and so on is in cases where older songs are loaded, and the VST has since been deleted. I have had this occur.

    Podium is the first host I’ve used that actually keeps it there, along with the data, even if it can’t actually use the plugin, because it’s not there. That means I can go and try to source it again, and plug it back into the project. I believe (?? though I haven’t tested it much at all?) that I can edit and save the project and it will retain that data regardless if the plugin is missing or not, until I actually remove that from the project. Please correct me if I’m wrong, though, for my own peace of mind if nothing else. :S

    I like automation, and I think it’s a balance. But, as a sporadic user of music software (and quite possibly a minority), I sometimes have stuff I’ve worked on from a long time ago that I want to load … but I’ve renamed VST files (yes I’m obsessive), or deleted them, and hadn’t realised I’d used them in something, and then … other hosts I’ve used just remove it and then instead of having a chance at fixing it up, I’m left with nothing, to try to work out how to get back there again.

    Automatic plugin scanning at the start is trickier than it sounds, too, in my opinion. How does Podium know whether a plugin has been updated or not, whether it exists or not, and so on? You can look at files … but updated VSTs with the same filename, does it bother to check them? If so, it needs to read at least some of the VST to check version or other data. Or, you could use the file system’s last date modified, but then what if it’s not correct? What if it’s the same, and Podium skips it, and it turns out to have added parameters that you’ll miss because it wasn’t reimported?

    Just some thoughts. Having to read the VSTs to check if they’re updated or not may increase loading time enough to make it not a lot less than just reloading them all, though only programmers with experience would be able to know whether this is truly the case or not (I’m not one, I only suggest this is the case).


    Well, you’re right, touch and tablet are part and parcel. I guess that’s why I said touch and didn’t mention tablet; I already see them as the same (I can’t imagine using a screen that small if I have to use keyboard and mouse, more than doubling the effective workspace size, haha).

    As I said, I was making no judgements, only noting that slowly, developers are becoming interested in developing touch interfaces (and therefore, essentially in preparation for tablets, though I guess they could be focused on large touch desktop screens?? But I doubt it as much?).

    MuLab, as I understand it, has a fairly dedicated following? I’ve read quite a few people switched. Of course, I didn’t continue to follow it, so it could’ve gone downhill from there. Quite a few people switched to Podium. Quite a few people switched to energyXT. Quite a few people switched to Cubase … etcetera. Still, my understanding is MuLab commands a small but pleased group of customers.

    Touch I imagine would take quite a bit of time to redesign an interface for. To make serious changes to an interface that all your previous users are used to is always dangerous. 😛 (*cough* Windows 8 … among many, many others in the history of computers), and yet, in the past Microsoft tried to put Windows on tablets (Windows Tablet PC Edition – XP pretending to be for tablets) where you had to use a stylus. I have no problem with this, but in terms of mainstream usage and optimizations (let’s not talk about battery life and performance, sigh), it flopped incredibly. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the first month of release Microsoft’s Surface RT sold more than their previous tablet attempt did ever, and that’s saying something, considering what people are saying about the Surface RT’s sales “performance” (or lack thereof, for varying reasons).

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