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  • in reply to: Technology preview: Podium running on iOS & Android #20171
    Mike G

    Voted other, don’t plan on using a mobile app, but don’t have oppinion about whether it’s important or not. Peronsally I now use Win Phone 7 anyway…

    in reply to: Latency compensation questions #19146
    Mike G

    Thanks Frits, That’s clearer now.

    in reply to: Latency compensation questions #19137
    Mike G

    Tricky indeed!
    (I knew it was going to be difficult.)
    Sorry I don’t think I worded the original question very well at all.

    I suppose the idea of this is that when you playback, all the original tracks (or mertonome!) are in sync the sound of the guitar that you could hear as you were playing along.

    BUT… there are 2 possible slightly different guitar sounds the rest of the mix could be in sync with … and I’m trying to figure out which one.

    1 – I can hear the accoustic instrument with my ears before it goes through the system at all. (i.e. I wasn’t weraring headphones when I recorded the guitar, or alternatively I was weraing headphones but had a headphone mix in my audio interface with the mic input going directly (zero latency) back to the headphones)

    2 – I can hear the guitar in my headphones (this will be a delayed by 10ms as the input is going into podium but then out through the main audio outs with everything else)

    Hope that’s clearer.

    in reply to: Restricted to Podium license owners
    Mike G
    This content is restricted to Podium license owners.
    in reply to: Restricted to Podium license owners
    Mike G
    This content is restricted to Podium license owners.
    in reply to: Audio multitrack recording workflow issues #18362
    Mike G

    @ronin wrote:

    I had both problems. My “solution” was to move the recording tracks to a group and turn down the gain of that group track. This avoids feedback from the inputs and leaves the input level meter of the recording tracks unchanged.

    Thanks, sounds like a good idea. I’ll try it next time.

    @ronin wrote:

    I think there is no real need to bypass an input because it could simply be unassigned to disable it. Although it would be more user friendly to have separate buttons for this.

    Unassinging inputs isn’t what I want becuase I’m most likely going to have to re-record in the next take anyhow.
    Also that kind of thing I want is a magic button to bypass all audio inputs not just one.

    in reply to: new pops and crackles with i7 Windows 7 #17579
    Mike G

    Try “Latency checker” (google it)

    Also get latest drivers for everything possible on your machine.

    Can’t think of anything else to suggest.

    in reply to: new pops and crackles with i7 Windows 7 #17573
    Mike G

    Hi Sam C,

    I also have presonus firebox running on Win 7 64 bit.

    Latest Presonus Drivers all running fine.

    I’m running on a DELL precision MC6400 laptop.

    Have you tried turning off virus software, i have presviously had issues with virus software running on vista with my presonus?

    Hope that helps,
    Mike G

    in reply to: Scroll-wheel Tempo Adjust #17403
    Mike G


    When you do the tempo adjust frits, why not consider this feature.

    Right now I seem to end up with 2 sounds.

    1 Start with tempo set, built it up slowly. It sounds clean and regimented and allows me to build up things programmitically as well as live and I have all the quantise features to tidy up the odd stray note.

    2 Have no click track just jam live into the box. It sounds live and real and I love it.

    But I can never blend the two. (Maybe my lack of patience and experience)

    I’d like a feature where I tick the box “Auto tempo” and then just click “record.. and all the DAW looks at my midi input and figures out my tempo.
    When I get slow, the daw’s tempo gets slow, when I speed up the DAW catches up with me.

    All my musical bars map to bars in the DAW.

    And I get the best of both worlds, quantise where I need it, adjusting tempo where I went wrong.

    Now this could be done so that I play randomly into the daw and afterwards hit a “auto map tempo” if that’s easier it doesn’t matter.
    The main thing is that after I record my first track, I want the tempo to be set by my playing not by tweaking endlessly.

    This might well be impossible.

    It might be easier if I had to specify a time signature and a tempo range.
    It might be easier if I had lay down the drums first.
    It might be easier if tempo only followed the bass drum (Or a range of selected notes)

    It’s a dream … but it might also be my worse nightmare, when it comes to track number 2 … having to play along with all my bad timing from track 1.

    Anyway food for thought…

    in reply to: Restricted to Podium license owners
    Mike G
    This content is restricted to Podium license owners.
    in reply to: Preview 2.25: Zoom snapshots & revised track height zoom #17313
    Mike G

    I’ve been waiting for this one.
    This is great, thanks again.

    Few suggestions…

    – I think I’d like the snapshots would be better to stick against an editor profile. not to be stored per profile, just for the profile to remember the previous snapshot.

    – I’m not sure “Snapshot” is the best name, sounds like a freeze/bounce feature!! How about “Zoom setting”, or “navigator setting” or “Zoom notch”…?

    .. These below are not really directly related to this feature… but here goes anyway..

    – When trying to zoom out past the ends of the current selection It’s harder to zoom out so that you can add more stuff after the end of the current arrangement, much harder than it was with a scroll bar. I will just add the scroll bar back in in my profile but wonder if the default setup could be made better. Can you think of a way of making this work in the navigator in an intuitive way?
    The bext idea I can come up with is to allow scrolling of the navigator past the end of the last item in the arrangement.

    – I still keep thinking that the editor profile buttons belong at the top near to all the other “view” options/menus etc…
    (…Ctd – Pause to wash a baby!)
    Basically to me it feels that the editor profile buttons should control all that is below them. Lik emost of the other view options at the top of the screen. It particularly feels odd when you click “Big transport” and the profile buttons all jump away from where they were.
    In know last time I suggested this it was for different reasons (I wanted to claim back the space taken up by the buttons)
    Anyway i’d be interested to see what others think.

    in reply to: Map zones from a MIDI kbrd to different VSTs #17274
    Mike G

    Thanks, Live performances is what I was thinking of … I’ll check it out.

    in reply to: Extend Podium’s track hierarchy concept #16945
    Mike G

    I’m not sure I follow what you mean by “reverse signal flow”, so my comments here may be of no use whatever!!

    In my mind the best way to think of it is as a different way of doing send and return. (sort of!!)

    Currently in podium…

    [grp 1 [track 1
    [ [track 2
    [ [track 3

    … you can merge signal from track 1,2 & 3 into a single group

    My idea is that as well as merge, you could allow “duplicatation” of a signal.


    [Track 4 [grp 1 [track 1
    [track 5 [ [track 2
    [track 6 [ [track 3

    Track 1,2 & 3 get merged into group 1

    Output of group 1 gets duplicated and sent 3 ways..
    1 copy of signal goes to track 4, another copy goes to track 5, another to track 6
    Aim of this is to apply different sets of FX, so Track 4 could have some EQ
    Track 5 with some reverb and different EQ
    Track 6 EQ and delay etc…

    Above example is with audio
    But same metaphor would be great to have with midi, sending same midi input signals to different devices, which would be amazing if you could also “filter” the midi notes by note ranges etc..

    Hope that helps.
    And just to restate, this is not something I personally “need” but it was an idea I had that I thought could com under the category of maybe being an attention grabbing feature for new users.

    And maybe an easier way of visualising routing options that have also been discussed in other places (Although it may well be that it is less flexible and less easy ot understand!!)

    in reply to: Preview 2.23: Redesigned group panel #16869
    Mike G

    @thcilnnahoj wrote:

    @Mike G wrote:

    Just had a crash when bouncing master track and now I can’t open that arrangement without podium crashing.
    Same on 2.22 and 2.23 betas (Hmm maybe this is a support post not a 2.23, feel free to move…
    By the way this is quite an old track from previous v of podium reloaded and with newly created device setup imported

    Ouch! Did it crash during bouncing or after it finished? If it’s the latter, you could try removing the bounced sound from the project before opening the arrangement.
    Maybe make a backup copy first, in case Frits wants to take a look at the crashing project.

    Good call, deleting the bounce files did the trick!!
    … Or was it unplugging my audio device… not sure now!!

    But I’m still finding that clicking bounce again on the master track causes a crash, any ideas as to how I find out what’s causing it?

    ahh ha… dsk b3x organ was the culprit, should have realised. it was a very recent addition but worked fine in playback.

    in reply to: Windows 7 x64 #16864
    Mike G

    Yes sorry if I sounded rude, I wasn’t trying to be dismissive, just was trying to let you know that I was OK with how it was, I was just posting for other people’s info who are thinkinh of upgrading to win 7 or 64 bit…
    Thanks for your help though!

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