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  • in reply to: Closing the Podium #19496

    Hi Whiteman.

    Did you try the suggestion of disabling your anti-virus?
    Or putting Podium in your ‘exclude’ option of your anti-virus?

    At least try this to start the process of elimination to find out what it
    may be. Saving or closing should not take that long, obviously.

    What anti-virus are you running?
    What other programs or processes are running at the same time
    this problem occurs with Podium?
    (hint: open Task Manager and have a look there)

    in reply to: Praise for Nucleum #19441

    Hey everyone!
    Glad I found this thread.
    I was gonna start one, but this says it all, so…

    I really like Nucleum. Nice graphics, nice sound!

    Varied patches and fairly instantly tweakable.
    But yet, it’s a bit different – with a twist.

    I thought it might just have been me – sometimes I do exhibit
    such poor taste 😉 but if Klemperer likes it maybe I was right.
    And knowing his girlfriend likes it so much too…
    I know I can’t be wrong.


    Thanks for this!

    in reply to: Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due. . . #19440

    Hello. I’m a new boy here too.

    Yeah Podium is great isn’t it.
    And this seems a nice little community here too.

    Stick around.

    Have you checked out the Youtube channel?
    Worth a visit.

    What boat you on – Royal or Merchant?
    (if you don’t mind me asking)


    in reply to: Podium seems to have come along quite a bit… #19381

    Eh Frits, thank for the reply.

    Yeah that makes sense.
    I’ll get to know how things work a bit better as I get to
    know the program a bit more. To be honest, even my other
    hosts struggle on this machine. It’s only to be expected.
    I think that Podium does use a bit more ‘juice’, but what the
    hell, it’s not a show stopper.

    In the mean time:
    I’ve been checking it out a bit more and all I can say is you
    must have been busy. Everything is working great. So many
    things are just so much more logical than on other hosts.
    I’m really impressed so far.

    Eh, I even just bought a copy anyway!
    I’m really looking forward to putting this on my new machine.

    If you want to know what really sold it to me, it was the beautiful
    graphics. When I found out that this was part of your ‘field’, I was
    somehow not surprised.

    Thanks again.

    in reply to: What OS do you use to run Podium? (2010) #19380

    I run Windows only because of my music/fractal software

    Eh German Fafian, what fractal software would that be?

    Fractint by any chance?

    Just curious.

    in reply to: What OS do you use to run Podium? (2010) #19309

    I’m using it on XP Home at the moment on my laptop (that I use
    mainly for surfing) just to check it out.

    But I will mainly be using it on my dedicated DAW which is
    XP Pro, so that is what I cast my vote as.

    Can’t see me ever upgrading to Win 7 – no need.
    Not until I buy a new machine in a few years time, anyway,
    seeing as I just built a new one.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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