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  • in reply to: 3.0.0 #20838

    This is excellent news Frits.

    I only checked the site quickly coz I’m doing a bit of promotion for
    Podium again.

    Really looking forward to checking this out.


    in reply to: 2.41 #20566

    Ok Frits, I will do.

    It will have to be next week now as I am off gigging for a week, but
    I will do it when I get back.

    I got it to work eventually, I can’t remember what I did. I have the
    different files saved so should be able to get to the bottom of it.


    in reply to: Restricted to Podium license owners
    This content is restricted to Podium license owners.
    in reply to: How to render/bounce loop in timeline region? #20564

    I just tried setting up a punch in and out region to bounce, and it
    wouldn’t even do that. I’ll have a look at it again to see if I am doing
    something wrong, but……..it just bounces the whole length of the
    time line no matter what adjustments I make. Something is seriously
    wrong somewhere with all this. (it might be my brain ;-P)

    And Podium is crashing quite a lot when I’m attempting bouncing.
    If I change some parameters or re-load the program it then doesn’t
    do it – so it’s not consistent, which makes it seem like a bug of some
    sort to me.

    I’ll look into it more. It’s not like I have a lot of time to do testing now.

    Pretty soon, I’m going to be attempting some serious music and I will
    need to get this one sorted out. A literal showstopper for the moment.

    I’d be happy to pay for some kind of render timeline region functionality.

    I guess it is not such a trivial thing to implement.

    Oh well.

    in reply to: How to get 2 tracks to control the same synth? #20563

    Thanks for the reply druid.

    I gave up after a little while but will go back to it again.
    It is such a basic thing to do that I can do so easily in my other

    I’ll check out your suggestion but if anyone else has any tips to do
    what I want, that would be cool as well 😉

    I would like a simpler solution than three tracks, if possible.

    I’ve been getting into Podium more and more, and these little things
    I can do like second nature in other hosts, but can’t with Podium,
    really frustrate me.

    Really love this program and there are so many things it does right,
    that other hosts just don’t do at all, makes me forgiving in nature
    with this little beauty.

    So I will crack on and keep learning all the other things I don’t know.

    Anyone else with a way to do this, it’s one of the most basic things
    you can do with a sequencer, surely some one must know if it’s
    possible……or it would be good to know if it isn’t possible 😉

    Thanks again druid, I’ll give your idea a go in the meantime.

    in reply to: 2.41 #20546

    @xx JPRacer xx wrote:

    I don’t know what happened this time, but I just fall in love.

    Yeah, Podium is definitely an app you can fall in love with.
    Sometimes like a ‘bad’ girl you know you shouldn’t, but you can’t help
    yourself anyways………..

    Thanks for the update Frits.
    The fix of the render bug is really superb!
    It does make a big difference. Much appreciated.

    Just checking out the rest.
    I actually got Podium to crash which is a rarity.

    I have the file – it is consistently crashing. I have another file……….
    like it which doesn’t. It doesn’t bother me, I worked around it.
    Maybe you would be interested…..It happens when I import a midi
    file from EnergyXT2………

    Anyway, never mind all that.

    I hope things are ok with you Frits.
    Podium is an amazing piece of work, even though it has some
    things missing from the big picture.
    I don’t mean to damn with faint praise.
    I really love Podium to bits……..I just got a new shitty laptop
    with a Phenom processor and it handles stuff that makes
    EnergyXT2 puke and gag……

    It is super efficient and still the most beautiful interface of all
    when it comes to hosts…

    I have Cubase and regularly use Logic at a friends studio.
    But Reaper, EnergyXT2 and Podium are my faves for knocking out
    ideas and loops…

    Like I said Frits, I hope things are ok with you and you find the time
    to develop your master work further.

    If it all ended tomorrow you could rest easy in your peace, that you
    have invented the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing
    program there is…not just of hosts, but of programs generally.

    Bravo, Podium is a masterpiece of design.

    I look forward to it being developed further.

    Look after yourself Frits.

    in reply to: Restricted to Podium license owners
    This content is restricted to Podium license owners.
    in reply to: Restricted to Podium license owners
    This content is restricted to Podium license owners.
    in reply to: How to render/bounce loop in timeline region? #19859

    @Zynewave wrote:

    Is this still a showstopper? It may take a few more steps than an “export only loop range” option in the export dialog, but on the plus side it allows you a bit more freedom in what you want to export. You could for example quickly drag the segment selection to other bars, to export multiple loop files from the same audio bounce.

    I’m loving this program too much for the show to stop I guess.
    Just bitching ;-O

    It would seem you know what it is I am trying to do, so I look forward
    to you implementing it at some point… If possible…

    Anyway. There are just too many things to love in this program.
    I can record guitars so quickly. That is a big plus for me.
    I know how people say the midi is great, but I don’t know how
    many people really appreciate the ‘audio’ side too. They should.

    Thanks for the reply Frits, I’ll give your suggestion a go.

    Apart from this, I really love this program!
    I got Cubase all ready to go if I need it.
    But boy is it ugly when you get used to the aesthetics of Podium.

    Keep doing what you’re doing Frits.
    It’s coming along lovely!

    in reply to: How to render/bounce loop in timeline region? #19845


    Ok, so I found a convoluted and esoteric way to do this thing that every
    other DAW does as standard…. 😀

    It’s only taken me about eight hours to figure out, but this is the best
    I could do in that ‘short’ time.

    1: Get your loop selection you want to render out.

    2: Create ‘punch in and out’ points that mimic this selection

    3: Make sure you have no “Master-Bounce” files already in the arrangement.

    4: In the Master section click on the ‘Bounce’ button and select ‘Render
    within Punch range’.

    5: Select ‘Move Bounced Audio to New Track’ again from the options on
    the ‘Bounce’ button in the Master section.

    6: Zoom your arrangement so you are physically able to re-size the
    ‘Master-Bounce’ you just did, down to the loop size you wanted in the
    first place.

    7: Right click on your newly re-sized file and select ‘Crop’ from the menu.

    8: Double click on this file and it will then open in the in-built Audio editor.

    9: Choose ‘File>Save Sound As’ from the menu.

    10: Re-Name it to whatever makes sense or is logical to you. As having
    it named ‘Master Bounce’ can only cause confusion and make things
    difficult for you later on should you come back to it….

    Like I said, this is the best I can do. If someone could shorten or cut
    out any of these steps, I’d be glad to hear your suggestions. 🙂

    So what takes a little over 5 seconds in other DAWs, takes a little
    under 5 minutes in Podium. ❗

    Showstopper. For any one that is used to, or expects, or needs this

    Frits, don’t you think it would be easier (for the end user at least)
    and more elegant, and more in keeping with the general paradigm
    of Podium, for there to be an option to do this from the file export
    dialog? Maybe a checkbox that says: Render between locators, or

    Is this not possible to implement for some reason?

    If it is possible, do you plan on doing it any time soon?

    Thanks. I’m otherwise knocked out by the elegance and power of
    this program and apart from this ‘hiccup’, I am really enjoying
    using it to make music. I want to make Podium my main DAW, but
    this issue is important to me.

    in reply to: How to render/bounce loop in timeline region? #19844

    Well, I could do a lot of things, but it would still export a four bar file or
    whatever (depending how far into the song you were) that would need to
    either be edited down to one bar in the audio editor in Podium, or later
    in whichever audio editor one uses.

    I could also make a copy of the arrangement – cut out the bars I don’t
    want and just render from there – this poses other problems of time
    being sapped and organisation stuff (re-naming files) etc etc. It is a
    beyond inelegant solution and I draw the line at that point.

    Another thing I’ve found with my experiments is the fact that a
    ‘Master-Bounce’ file is always created when one does this punch in
    thing, and If one was to change one’s punch in location to do another
    ‘render’, the Master-Bounce would also be included in the new ‘bounce’.
    So the Master-Bounce has to be deleted every time one wants to do a
    new render….

    Sorry, this is DAW culture shock to me. I am having a hard time getting
    my head around it. Not trying to be awkward.

    This is a total game-changer for the way I work, I don’t mind going through a convoluted or esoteric bit of voodoo to get this result. I am not prepared to go editing down four bar passages into one bar (again as an example) in an audio editor. Especially when every other host I have ever used has had this, not so much ‘feature’, but ‘essential’.

    Thanks a lot for your input anyway.
    I’m hoping to find the secret button that will allow me to do this, as I still
    refuse to believe that this ‘essential feature’ is missing from software as
    sophisticated as Podium. I mean has ‘nobody’ mentioned this before, or
    am I on my own here?

    in reply to: How to render/bounce loop in timeline region? #19842

    Thanks a lot for that. Learned something from it.

    Unfortunately it is not exactly what I am talking about.

    I want to render an external sound file of 1bar in length in my example.
    I don’t care if I have to ‘render’ it internally to start off with – it’s an
    extra step in workflow which other sequencers don’t force you to do,
    but I could live with it.
    The end result I want is a file of precisely 1 bar length. Unless I was
    bouncing only the very first bar of my arrangements, this would not
    work because it always renders from the beginning of the arrangement,
    even if I have ‘punch’ set to say bar 4-5 – it does not render just that one
    bar, it renders all the bars up to that point, giving me a four bar render
    in this case – not what I want.

    Ableton does it, Cubase does it, Energy XT does it, Logic does it,
    Reaper does it, Reason does it etc etc.
    Why is this just not a simple option on file>export?
    I cant believe I missed this – this has been a showstopper for me and
    I have been loving this software, recording my guitar in has been a lot
    easier than some other hosts, everything is so logical and beautifully
    planned out, but this………

    Please tell me I got this wrong?
    Podium does not allow you in any way to export just a selected bar of an
    arrangement? (obviously this is my expample just for clarity)

    No way! And I’m the only person that uses it that doesn’t need that
    feature? That is even more insane. I think I’ve just lost my marbles.

    I mean I’ve tried every possible permutation and so far it seems to
    me that this ‘feature’ that exists in every other DAW (not just major
    ones), just does not exist in Podium. I’m in shock. I wouldn’t have
    bought it if I’d known that, and I can imagine a multitude of others
    who would give it a miss also, but what do I know?

    I am hoping I am just being an idiot here…
    Because I really love so much about this program and it is gonna hack
    me off to have to go back to that Reaper interface.

    in reply to: Podium and Hardware questions #19780

    Maybe check these out:






    Doing it manually maybe Chinese work, but hand coding it might
    be Double Dutch 😉

    In fact I don’t even know what it is you are trying/wanting to do.

    Good luck.

    Whatever you do, you must visit this site, even just to drool:


    I don’t know if this is the site you were referring to, but


    This should help you.

    And here:


    That last link is an absolute goldmine, and they will be happy
    to help you and give you advice, especially if you are working
    as hard as you will need to – There is no other way!

    And in Spanish:


    And finally some light relief and gear pr()n:


    Check out those machines.

    One day I dream of doing something like this myself.
    But it is only a dream…..

    That last link is absolutely an essential must-see!!!

    Don’t know if any of that helped, but it’s all good stuff.
    Seeing as you didn’t say what you are trying to do
    or what instruments you are working with, I thought
    I’d just throw a load of links at you.
    Hope some of it was useful.

    in reply to: Ask for your custom video tutorial #19778

    Hey LiquidProj3ct, that’s kind of you.

    Any kind of ‘templates’ for sound mangling, experimental type stuff
    based around free FX (i.e. stuff like Scuzzphut)..

    You know some kind of interesting way to chain FX within Podium
    itself, that maybe a noob like me wouldn’t think of straight away.

    I’m being vague, so why don’t you just share some interesting
    things that you have come up with.

    Actually, a way to automate the FM features of Nucleum would be
    great. Say over a couple of bars, but ever evolving.

    I’ll try to figure it out myself and share what I come up with.
    If it doesn’t sound horrendous 😉

    Maybe check out this thread to get a better idea of what I would
    like to achieve:

    Thanks again.

    in reply to: Praise for Nucleum #19777

    Still messing with Nucleum 😉

    I really like the noise features of this synth.
    I mean making stuff like wind and rain and thunder and waves…

    Don’t really know what I’m doing with it, just twisting those knobs.
    Cutoff, Res, Tracking on a LPF on a noise oscillator etc…

    Love the ‘finger’ mouse icon on the gui too. Makes it seem more
    accurate and is a pleasure to use.

    How about incorporating some different noise types – brown, pink etc..
    in the Osc’s?

    And maybe some kind of ‘fractal’ function to drive them.
    Am I talking rubbish? Oh well. It’s just a thought.
    There aren’t many good ‘Noise’ synths out there.
    It might be an avenue to kind of individualise Nucleum a bit.
    Though it’s quite unique in it’s own little way already.

    Just some random noisy thoughts.

    I’d really like one synth that would be my go to noise generator.

    I know other synths have a noise function, but a lot that do, don’t
    actually sound like nice noise, if that makes any sense.
    I realise that noise is noise, but you know it might have
    something to do with the sound engine 😉 LOL

    Nucleum’s noise sounds good to my ears!
    And even as it stands – I can go to it and get a decent
    representation of basic noise. Delay really helps to shape
    randomness and chaos in wind like stuff – maybe some
    deeper oscillation/feedback facility?

    Just some wild ideas.
    Anyway, this synth is a lot of fun.
    And it sounds great alongside the big guns that don’t
    do what it does quite so easily.

    A nice compliment.


    Actually I just RTFM and the Fm stuff does some of the stuff I was
    talking about – I just have to experiment a bit more.
    This is an interesting synth.

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