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  • in reply to: Chords #40979

    I was also looking for something like that in Podium, didn’t find anything though.
    Could be quite useful in some situations.


    Interesting …

    I don’t use the editor *window* much and prefer the editor *panel* as well, so having double click open that would be fine too. But it wouldn’t matter to me, I just use the “2” key to open the editor panel anyway, “1” to go back to tracks.

    In my opinion, no additions needed for scrolling either:
    Scrolling horizontally is left alt key + mousewheel.
    Zooming horizontally is left alt key + left ctrl key + mousewheel.

    I’ve always found Podium to be super-easy and consistent regarding navigation. Tried some other free DAWs too, even before using Podium, and nothing came even close 😀

    in reply to: Recording Raw Guitar into Podium #40713

    I just checked my own setup to compare, not really sure why recording doesn’t work properly for you.
    However, I have left the “Source” on my guitar track unassigned (no source needed since the track will get the actual recorded audio). Maybe that makes a difference.

    To get rid of the latency, I think you’ll need ASIO drivers.

    I installed the ASIO4ALL drivers on my machine (do a google search).
    Inside Podium, you can then go to Setup -> Interfaces -> Audio I/O and change the “Audio Driver Type” to “ASIO Drivers”, then you should be able to select ASIO4ALL as ASIO Interface.
    Then just make sure to select the correct inputs/outputs you want to use.

    The audio interface you use to record guitar may have come with its own ASIO drivers, so these could work as well.

    I’ve rarely experienced issues with this setup, usually a quick restart of Podium has solved them.

    Hope this helps!

    in reply to: VST3 support? #40643

    Happy to hear it’s on the radar! 🙂

    Yes, it seems there was a change regarding licensing from Steinbergs side.
    I came across this info when checking out Odin 2, a fairly new and pretty capable free synth, which isn’t available as VST2 for that reason.

    in reply to: VST3 support? #40633

    Yeah, native VST3 support would be great!

    For now I am using a free plugin called Kushview Element to wrap any VST3 I want to use. It runs fine inside Podium, so this solution works reasonably well but is a bit cumbersome.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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