Topic: Preview 2.23: Redesigned group panel

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    @H-man wrote:

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    @H-man wrote:

    The state of the track headers no longer changes with the tabs (I liked this behavior a lot).

    What state? With “tabs”, do you mean the tabulator key or the page headers at the top of the project window?

    No sorry I was referring to the Editor Profile Bar buttons. Previously, I believe that you had a default state where track headers were expanded in the Tracks view and minimised on the Mixer view (tab, Profile Bar button).

    This made sense to me, especially as there is no ‘Minimise all tracks’ button.

    Okay, for anyone interested I worked this one out.

    In the tracks editor profile, edit the tracks properties to “Set minimum Track height to fit contents”

    By default this is not set on the Editor or the Mixer profiles so switching using the profile tabs now has the effect of expanding/contracting the track headers.

    This means that you can have everything ‘rolled out’ for the tracks profile and everything rolled up on the mixer profile.

    Handy 🙂

    edit: Yes I know this is what the rack is for but old habits die hard!

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