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  • in reply to: FR : add velocity humanize #21716

    🙂 Of course. Just as what I wrote is my oppinion…

    I am not saying you’re not right, I even agree with you. What I am saying is that most of, if not all of the requests we’re coming up with now were mentioned, proposed, asked a while ago already. Frits KNOWS them all.

    So, hopefully, we’ll see some of them solved, this being a good oportunity for us all to RE-emphasize what we need and would like to see in future updates of Podium.

    in reply to: FR : add velocity humanize #21714

    Now, do you REALLY believe Frits does not know already what the users want?! There were numerous threads with a ton of suggestions. I am sure Frits already has all the notes and ideas written down, as well as plans as to what it needs to be done.

    This thread/poll, as well as the other one, serves a single real purpose – to give us all the chance to express our little needs, and in a sense is even therapeutic, talking about it!… 😉 Of course I hope and believe it can be relevant and give one or other feature a “faster lane”, but it’s NOT about helping Frits to identify needs. They were long ago identified and they haven’t change much.

    But in any development is not only what the users need, but also what the developer needs. Like porting Podium to Windows 8… How many of us really need that? But I see why this is essential for Zynewave, and I completely agree.

    The requests from us are important, no doubt, but being only one developer, and not full-time committed to Podium, Zynewave will inevitably get into delays and/or skipping some requested features, that otherwise would’ve been implemented. Time-streching is a prime example. Project/file management, auto-backup, the same. I guess we all just have to live with that, as Podium is the DAW we choose to work with and decided that it does the work the best for each one of us.

    So, by all means, let us do those poll for each and every request we can think of, and let’s see what happenes.

    in reply to: YOUR FEATURE REQUEST LISTS #21706

    @michi_mak wrote:

    another suggestion would be :
    everbody posts one thead per request and adds a polling option with 3 choices : a) i would use this feature b) i would not use this feature c) i don’t know

    i’ll add a thread as kind ox example

    WEell, maybe someone, in the course of discussion on this thread, will put togheter the ideas and make a poll with let’s say 10 entries and then everybody can vote for their most wanted FR. Or, if possible, for their 3 most wanted, whatever.

    BTW, I did a search and I found a thread about time-streching as old as 2004…

    It’s good that Beat Slice was implemented and its really useful when re-creating a loop. I would have a suggestion here as well:

    Add a function to re-arrange the slices – why not randomize them? As this one could be alot of time consuming, shouldn’t be a priority, but if possible, would be a nice feature.

    in reply to: YOUR FEATURE REQUEST LISTS #21705

    @The Telenator wrote:

    Wow . . . you’ve really done it this time. First of all, I think you may have missed your calling. The video illustration you’ve given us is so clear and well done that perhaps you should be in the film and video editing field. In fact, your great illustration makes the process look easier and faster than it often is!

    What you’ve brought up here is an issue for me as well, adimatis. If you slow down that video clip by 3X or so, you’d see about how slow I go at this! Any other thoughts on this process?

    Actually I am doing video editing too.

    But in this particular example, I was merely given an ilustration, so it was not real editing. So, a 3X slower the speed is ok as well. When cutting and moving audio around, of course it will take much longer, for the accuracy.

    You know what could help actually?

    Having the markers visible across the tracks! Your FR #7.
    I agree with that totally.

    in reply to: YOUR FEATURE REQUEST LISTS #21704

    @Lion wrote:

    The real work around for that would be to bounce the track and move bounced audio to new track, if needed.

    Indeed. I used that too. I noticed how important and how many roles the bounce function has in Podium – that is a good thing.


    PS: No suggestions at all, Lion? For new features I mean.

    in reply to: YOUR FEATURE REQUEST LISTS #21697

    if we’re talking about the merge function… I would like to get proper audio merge, with volume edits…

    Now, if I take a wave, split it, adjust volume and position, when trying to merge into a single wave again, all the volume edits are gone.

    The work around is bundle events, but that is not really merging, isn’t it?

    See this:

    Uploaded with

    in reply to: The Podium Music Lounge #21694

    I spent three hours today doing this:

    Podium Free, INDE Free (bass and piano), Korg Triton drums, two guitar tracks (Taylor BigBaby), Behringer B1 mic, E-mu 0404 Usb.

    For tracks: zPEQ, CamelCrusher, epicVerb, Classic Comp, Flanger and Delay, Voxengo TempoDelay, DFP Spitfish and Blockfish, Nebula AcquaVox, Electri-Q.

    For master track (pseudo-mastering): Melda Compressor (Free) and BuzMaxi3.


    in reply to: Nucleum version final – possible? #21688

    It makes sense indeed.
    When you’ll do it, please add the arp/phrase/step feature.

    All the best!

    in reply to: Nucleum version final – possible? #21682

    Helpful indeed, some I have checked already, some I will try.

    I still believe Nucleum could / should be the Podium’s up-to-date synth…

    Thanks CC!

    in reply to: YOUR FEATURE REQUEST LISTS #21680

    While I understand the need for all of us to write all the ideas we have, I do believe is for the best to stick to no-fancy job!

    Otherwise, what is the use? All the basic requests will be suffocated by the number of ideas we all have – so why not stick to it?

    Maybe this way we’ll end up having a realistic, useful list which can very well be very helpful to Frits. That is the good I see in it.

    All the best guys!

    in reply to: YOUR FEATURE REQUEST LISTS #21664

    Because I like you and your idea 😉 and because I am all for adding some “no fancy” features, I’ll place my list here. I think Frits is working already on some new features, so I believe soon enough we’ll see something getting acomplished…

    Also, my wishlist is probably going to change at one point, but the first three items I think are simply ESSENTIAL for the modern DAW. And I said it before, I LOVE Podium and what Frits does, and in a sense this is why I wish it had these features – to be just as good or better than the big boys and prove them wrong with all their dongles and bloated packages!

    I am still discovering things with Podium, if some of the things bellow already exist, let me know……. Thanks!


    2. MIDI EFFECTS (or at least some native form of midi arpeggiating)

    3. IMPORT WAV OF ANY/ALL TYPES in a project (16/24 bits, stereo/mono, 44.1 – 96 khz, etc.) with or without conversion to the project default.

    4. Multiple track selection and editing, like copy, delete, zoom, rec, mute, etc.

    5. Copy/Move VST effects between tracks, in the mixer view.

    6. Markers visible thru all the arrangement, as lines (just like the cursor) and possibility to create “regions”. Option for different colored markers/regions.

    7. A new modern user-manual, for helping the old, the new or undecided customers.

    Are these “fancy”? I believe not.

    Frits, I appreciate tremendously your efforts with Podium – and Podium Free is simply a one-of-a-kind offer in the DAW world! Thank you for everything and for the work you’ve done so far, and please bring Podium up there, among the top-class, where it belongs!

    in reply to: DAW and Sound Editor Comparisons . . . #21659

    @The Telenator wrote:

    Without any VST support, the new free version of Studio One is nothing but a sound editor that is pretty to look at. I may install it just to time stretch some clips there and bring them back into Podium. Can’t see any other use or reason for it.

    I may sound as a broken record, and it’s not the topic, but how much I wish Podium would offer time-stretch! I am soooo looking forward that, and I wish – like a child – to happen NOW.


    in reply to: Steinberg (Cubase) Charging for Bug Fixes?!?! #21519

    I think is generally accepted that the last good bug-free (or almost) version was 3.11 or so… Anyway, 3.

    Now is 6. There must be some improvements…. But all of these at the cost of new bugs…. Not good.

    Cubase still is a very nice DAW, when it works! 😉

    EDIT: I really like the new Padshop synth…….. I mean, what I hear.

    in reply to: And this is how Podium dies…??? #21513

    Hey Telenator,

    Don’t let people put bitterness in your heart! So what if they don’t listen or do not appreciate good advice – you know you did help them and if they don’t care, it’s their loss.

    Me, I preffer to let people know about Podium, not only to bring maybe more clients to Frits – which I want to do – but also because Podium, just as you said, deserves it, being a top products. I like people to share the same excitement that I (and you, and all of us here) experienced when finding Podium. Why not?

    On the other hand, it’s also true that becoming more known will attract many detractors, and the beauty of such a good product can be “spoiled”. But that’s life!

    Ok, just bring me that time-stretch and I’ll be happy! 🙂

    in reply to: And this is how Podium dies…??? #21508

    Personally, I’d like to see more updates of course, but I can not comment much, as I did not buy a licence yet and I am still on Free version!… So, I patiently wait for when ever it will come. I promised myself that I will pay for Podium when it will have the audio stretch alghoritm implemented…

    I don’t think Podium is anywhere near dead. I noticed on several forums that it is more and more known, and eventhough not yet as popular as other DAWs, the fan base grows. So, no reason for Frits to kill it.

    The quietness will be changed soon for a major update, I am sure!

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