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  • in reply to: Certain Plugins making Podium Free crash #22730

    It was only a hypothesis. If you are using Podium 32-bit, then you must also use 32-bit plugins.
    In my case there is no problem because everything is 32-bit.
    Several users had problems with Podium Free and plugins on 64-bit systems. An example is this:

    It is not specified if those plugins are 32 or 64 bits, however, they’re compatible with both systems. I guess they’re 32-bit, but in rare cases, the installer may install plugins version according to your operating system.
    The only thing you can do is try them with the Podium Demo x64.
    Try them first without and then with JBridge (see the Download page on this website). If they work without JBridge, then they’re 64 bit plugins and you can’t use them with Podium Free.

    I don’t know what else to try.

    in reply to: multiple inputs #22680

    If you mean two MIDI devices, you can’t.

    In Podium Free “MIDI interface setup is limited to one input and one output.”

    in reply to: One Small Request :) … #22666


    Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

    This is the right way to do features requests.
    The request must be accompanied by a suggestion or an explanation like this.

    Among other things, I agree on almost everything you’ve posted.

    @Sobaka wrote:

    – Transpose : in Semitones

    For a single audio clip, zPitch should be use this value.

    Other parameter should be add for “Local” time stretch: – BPM

    For “Global” time stretch: the BPM of all clips match the project tempo.
    If the BPM value is not set then no time stretch for that clip.

    @Sobaka wrote:

    Use the “Mouse Wheel” to change parameter value …

    And…to get a more accurate value setting: Shift + Drag (Ctrl+Drag).

    @Sobaka wrote:

    to be continued …

    is that a threat? 😆

    in reply to: Certain Plugins making Podium Free crash #22622

    Hi Azure.
    I assume that plugins are these:

    Downloaded and tested: they work.
    Which OS do you use? I use XP 32 bit.
    If it’s 64 bit, it could cause some problems with Podium and plugins, both 32bit. Otherwise, I don’t know.
    We expect help from those who know more than me! 😀


    in reply to: Your Favorite VSTi plugins? #22619

    I would also add these:

    Other TAL VSTi (TAL Bassline, TAL Elek7ro)

    Virtual Models (Mini Moog and Moog Prodigy Emulators)

    Spicy Guitar


    DSK Strings and Brass


    Alchemy player

    in reply to: COMPETE #22603

    Finally, I am pleased to present my work for this competition.

    Nucleum Anthem

    in reply to: Your Favorite VSTi plugins? #22601

    Hi Alex

    This is a short list of plugins that I’m currently using with Podium (and more…)

    – Drum machine

    – Loop player (all with time stretching)

    – Piano

      Personally I use 4Front Piano Module and 4Front Rhode Module. Hard to find something simpler than these. There is also E-Piano Module but with the addition of some effects Piano and Rhode may also become electric pianos. 😀

    Like you, I also use Synth1 and Crystal.


    in reply to: The Podium Music Lounge #22577

    @Levendis wrote:

    I believe Me le suono! has explored this.

    ❓ 😮

    I mentioned Halo because recently I heard about the “Halo 4 Remix Contest”:

    where anyone can remix a track from the soundtrack of the video game.
    Just sign up, download the stems and you’re done … or almost, because Italy is not among the countries that can participate :evil:. Maybe because in Italy Halo sold poorly.
    BTW, I don’t know if it’s still open … it can be an opportunity.

    Ah…In Italy there is the SIAE but … they are thieves licensed. :-#

    in reply to: Free plugins to use in Podium #22575

    @Levendis wrote:

    I’ve been hoping to come across such a plugin.

    Me too!

    I always use this plugin as a instrument.
    With the audio material that is very simple because the instrument and the clip using two different “routes” and therefore they do not “fight”.
    With midi sequences, I create a Group Track with the FreeZZZZZer and then I insert the tracks of the other tools I want to use as “childs” of the Group Track. In this way, the effect is applied in cascade (is english, boh?) to all the instruments and I can choose to play the FreZZZZZer live or with a midi sequence.

    Almost always use this method for other plugins (vocoder and autotune…), it will not be efficient but is simple and most importantly, it works.

    in reply to: Free plugins to use in Podium #22568

    Try this: FreeZZZZZer or FreeZZZZZer2.

    I don’t know what use might have, but it’s too funny! 😀

    in reply to: The Podium Music Lounge #22566

    Brrr … fear! I did not sleep last night! 😆

    Joking aside, really beautiful tracks Cris. They’re ready for the soundtrack of a video game (Halo, C&C, for example …) or, why not, a movie.

    Keep it up!

    in reply to: track monitoring #22480

    @Alex wrote:

    That could be the driver issue

    I agree that it could be a driver problem.
    However, to remove all doubt, try these two simple things.

    1. install asio4all driver. Try to record and if everything is ok … you’ll be very happy! 😆
    2. Podium Free does not support multi-core processing, so install Podium Demo (x64). Try to record without VST and … if everything is ok … again … you’ll be very happy! :lol::lol:

    I don’t know M Audio Fast Track interface, so I trust Alex.


    in reply to: A new PC question #22409

    Hi Alex

    I found this article which might help you: 32 bit vs 64 bit

    It’s in Italian, so I’ll try to translate and summarize the most important parts:

    1. The 64-bit versions of Windows require 64-bit device drivers . This means that 32-bit drivers will not work.
    2. The 32-bit applications will run as if they were running on an x86 system. It’s called WOW64 (Windows On Windows 64-bit), the subsystem can run seamlessly for 32-bit applications on 64-bit operating system from Microsoft. WOW64 is able to guarantee good results, except for those programs that attempt to integrate with the Windows shell (security software, utilities, …).
    3. With more memory, 32-bit applications are faster. With more than 4 GB, a Windows x64 can facilitate a more rapid implementation of 32-bit applications. More physical memory available it means a greater amount of data that can be stored simultaneously in RAM. The consequences are obvious: reducing the time spent to load the data and to switch from one process to another.
    4. The 16-bit applications do not work on Windows x64. The 64-bit versions of Windows no longer support the implementation of the obsolete 16-bit applications.

    If I wrote something wrong it is not my fault! :mrgreen:

    in reply to: Free plugins to use in Podium #22400

    Thanks again Alex.

    I totally agree with you. I think it is more useful a list of sites to find free plugins. Then the user will choose which plugins to download and use if necessary. The important thing is to test the plugins to ensure proper operation, post impressions and report problems.
    Overall, I use about fifty plugins (instruments + effects) in Podium.
    I like to try different VST, but if don’t have anything more than I already have, I don’t use them.

    in reply to: Free plugins to use in Podium #22394

    Thanks kingtubby!

    I made other videos for vocoder, autotune and arpeggiator.
    The next will be… “time stretch” or “step sequencer”, maybe. 8)


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