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  • in reply to: Free plugins to use in Podium #22391

    @Alex wrote:

    It’s actually very basic…

    Yes, like my English! 😆 😆

    in reply to: Free plugins to use in Podium #22389

    You’re welcome! You propose topics for discussion very interesting!
    I had fun making a short video about this plugin in Podium Free:

    It’s banal but I hope it can still be useful to someone! 😉

    in reply to: Free plugins to use in Podium #22380

    @alex wrote:

    Podium freezes right away.

    Yes, I too have had problems with this compressor. When I open the plugin GUI, Podium crashes. I did not insist too much, I have uninstalled it immediately.

    I tried this compressor:

    You seem prepared on the subject, try it and tell me what you think. 8)

    in reply to: COLLABORATE #22373

    I realized after the difficulty to make available tracks. Your solution is perfect: simple and fast.

    In fact, I too would have expected more enthusiasm and more participation but I realize that even I don’t had much time to devote to Podium. I have so many ideas but little time. 😥

    As for the restrictions on plugins, I just say that I started to fiddle around with electronic music ten years ago with a software (Magix MM 3.0, 1997 version!) that had only playing midi sequences and had only distortion, reverb and echo and a single EQ on the master track. Therefore, they must commit only with the automation and the imagination! :mrgreen:

    in reply to: COLLABORATE #22371

    Why not do a “Nucleum Songs Parade”? I thought the following rules:

    – Add your song no later than 31/12/2012 (I’m Italian … :wink:).
    – Vote for the entire month of January.
    – The first week of February Zynewave will decree officially the winner!

    Let me know what you think.


    in reply to: plugin question #22328

    The database plugins management is a bit complicated.
    If you want to add new plugins without losing the settings of existing ones, choose “Update database and load plugins”. This should only scan for new plugins and skip the scan for those already contained in your database.
    However, the advices that I can give you are these:

    • Create a plugins database that you use most often and leave it unchanged. Then, if in a project you need to add more plugins, use “Import plugin”.
    • Use “Rebuild …” only if you have deleted many unused plugins. Think about it as a drastic solution.

    @jang wrote:

    …and not in the real folder, i want a real list of plugins…

    I don’t think that you can do something like that. The easiest way is to put all plugins in the “VST plugins” Podium.

    In conclusion, take a look at this:

    in reply to: plugin question #22326

    Place the cursor on the track header then drag & drop the track with Ctrl held down.
    This copies the track with all event and all plugins with their settings.

    in reply to: Decent USB audio device to record with…? #22317

    @arkmabat wrote:

    Can I record multiple tracks at once in free version?

    If I understand your question, yes, if you have more than one audio input on your sound card.
    You must assign an audio input for each track, arm the track and start recording. You should see the tracks record simultaneously.
    I tried to assign the left channel input to a track and right channel input to another and it worked.

    in reply to: An Ohm Force DAW?!?! Meet Ohm Studio #22309

    If you like online software, take a look at these:

    Soundation Studio is a online DAW.
    Audiotool is a nice “big toy” to produce electronic music only.
    The songs can be shared with other users.

    A “classic” DAW in beta testing yet is Bitwig Studio:

    These software springing up like mushrooms! 😀

    in reply to: Surround and other in Podium free #22276

    The idea that you suggested is good but does not work. I set the six channels in the Sound Properties dialogue (5.1 surround), but during playback, I only hear the stereo channels. 👿
    It ‘s weird, I don’t understand why. I checked the settings of the sound card (6-channel) and speakers and everything is ok.
    Now I try to work with the six channels separately. 😯
    I will keep you updated…

    Thank you again!

    in reply to: Surround and other in Podium free #22268

    levendis, you are always the first to reply!

    Hmm, my question was ambiguous. I meant if I can emulate the “surround” with some plugin. I’ve tried a few with no good results, I do not hear the sound “expanded” as it should be.

    @levendis wrote:

    The Insert key…

    Perfect! It’s exactly what I was looking for!

    “Send” and “Return” busses are a bit complicated but I’ll have to start using them because they are very useful and powerful … 🙂

    Thank you very much!

    in reply to: The Podium Music Lounge #22265


    @Levendis wrote:

    Very groovy. A bit 70’s disco so perhaps vocals with that flavour?!

    @Levendis wrote:

    As compared to the original, I find it has a more timid finish (character as opposed to track’s ending). Was that intentional?

    It was not intentional. I think it depends on the different sounds / instruments that I have used in the two tracks. In the Podium mix the focus is on the piano melody.

    @Levendis wrote:

    Doesn’t anyone pirate plugins anymore? Twisted Evil

    Hmm… Podium free –> plugins free… 😀 😆 …I’m joking


    Thanks! I have visited your website yesterday: it must be a great satisfaction to make a whole album and play live!

    in reply to: The Podium Music Lounge #22256

    Hello eveybody!
    I have added my first Podium track to the group “Podium Poppetts” on SoundCloud:

    === List of used instruments plugins (all free) === 😯

      Drums:DSK Mini DrumZ –> Alesis HR16
      Percussions: DSK Mini DrumZ –> Roland TR727
      Piano: 4Front Piano Module
      Bass: TAL-BassLine
      Strings: DSK Strings
      Brass: DSK Brass
      Rhythmics: Crystal
      “Voice”: TAL-Elek7ro

    All tracks are processed with various effects including:

    zPEQ, TAL Tube (amp & distorsion), TAL Chorus

    I hope you enjoy…

    in reply to: Plugin Overhaul Needed in Podium #22210

    Personally, I think that the satisfaction to use Podium is follow the updates and improvements step by step and produce music with the limitations of the software, despite everything. All for free.

    It’s not my intention to be controversial, but the developer is only one and in my opinion, he has done much! Other software houses have a lot of developers and spend much money in advertisement and events to promote their products.

    Anyway, to compensate for lack of features in Podium, I use it together with another software (also free), waiting for future updates.

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