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  • in reply to: With which other DAWs can/should compete Podium? #22844

    My posts are short because I’m afraid to write nonsense (probably I’ve already done it!). You know, for me it’s quite difficult to translate into English.

    @Telenator wrote:

    I see how many of the younger composers and musicians can like it so much.

    If you are a DJ, you might better get it, but I can’t recommend it for serious track, standard rock, pop, certainly classical(!) recording and mixing.

    In fact, Ableton is widely used by DJs (Guetta and others) because they say that is very powerful, especially for live performances (hence the name). However, I think to use it in the studio (for large productions such as songs and not just trigger a sample or an external device), you have to be very good and spend a lot of time to learn to use it.
    Young people are very influenced by the fashions of the moment and this is also true for softwares. So if a celebrity uses some software, then they too want the same software.

    Here you see, it would take a famous producer who wanted to use Podium to compose a song … 😉

    In many forums on programming is recommended to use WAV files in audio applications, because they are simple containers. Even better if they contain uncompressed PCM audio. This is the best format for use in softwares because it requires no special precautions for use. Other formats to be used require conversion to WAV (almost always).
    REX files are more complex because they are compressed and also contain information about the beats slices.
    I don’t think that a VST plugin as the UVI WS performs the conversion “on the fly.”

    in reply to: With which other DAWs can/should compete Podium? #22837


    I’ve used UVI WS 2.0.7 and I had the same problem you mentioned with the flac and rex files. Now I try to use only wav files, but it’s not always possible.
    I hope they have solved the problem with the new version.
    However, my next “challenge”, it will create a mixed sequence of half an hour with Podium & UVI WS. We’ll see what will come out… 8)

    PS: for rex files, you may use Magix Independence, but it is much more complicated.

    PSS: Another great feature very useful in Podium is “set punch around selection”. 😀


    First of all, I was hoping for your input!

    @Telenator wrote:

    …Podium could do much better than it does currently for sales, use and overall interest — IF it would start by adding my Short List of Features I have listed and discussed several times and in several places on the forum.

    In PR, it is often amazing how much one can accomplish if one is willing to work hard, basically become a perfectionist with words, and most important know and be able to write and talk well about the product(s) in question.

    It’s on these two aspects that Podium (Zynewave) should focus (and “work”)…

    You have Ableton, right? I wondered, if he has a software like that, why he uses Podium and urges new features?
    The answer is simple:

    @Telenator wrote:

    Podium is worth 1000 times Pro Tools if Podium feels like an extension of your right hand or main instrument. The same goes for all of these wonderful plugins of today. A $200 plug isn’t worth 5 cents if one doesn’t know what it does and where best to use it.

    In conclusion, I want to point out one thing. My question is not “what other DAW you like and/or use as well as Podium.” I have nothing against Reaper, but I think it’s the answer to this question and not the answer to the question posed in the topic.
    BTW, it’s more important the discussion than the poll. 😉

    Mixbus is very interesting …

    Thanks for your comments!

    Cheers, MLS.

    in reply to: Important Warning About Uploading to SoundCloud #22831

    Now, you don’t believe what you’ll read in a moment. Are you sitting? No? So sit back and hold on tight! 😀
    I’ve always uploaded MP3 at 160 kbps! But there’s a reason: my internet connection is slow. Yes, that’s right. Unfortunately I’m one of those seven million (!) of Italians who don’t have yet a fast connection. I will try to solve the problem in the coming months, but for now, to limit the file size and uploading time, I’m forced to use that format.

    in reply to: With which other DAWs can/should compete Podium? #22830

    @Adimatis wrote:

    The simplicity in use, along with a very simple and clean GUI, is probably among the highlights of it.

    From the DAWs mentioned, none comes even close to Podium in ease of use.

    Yes, I absolutely agree!
    Sony Acid has a UI not exactly user-friendly. Mulab even worse! 😯
    And all three are not very intuitive for certain operations.

    Adimatis, you produce pure electronic music (like the 90’s music, so to speak)? I ask you because time-stretching and pitch-shifting functions are used primarily in that genre.
    In an old post I read that you use UVI Workstation. I also use it, I think that with Podium form a winning combination! 😀

    in reply to: With which other DAWs can/should compete Podium? #22827

    With this poll, my intention was to give a starting point for discussion.

    I put the DAWs that we never talk about (almost) which, however, as the ratio quality / price is not too bad.
    I have not included Reaper on purpose, because it is spoken more in this forum that in its! :mrgreen:

    Cubase, Pro Tools, etc … too expensive. I used Cubase for six years and if I had the money to spend, I probably would buy it.

    @Alex wrote:

    can Podium compete any of those DAWs?

    Exactly! This is the crux of the matter. Which must compete with DAWs, of course, all! But which of them can really compete?
    The three that are listed are those that Podium should be “aligned” and which it ought to compete. It’s not only a problem of features. To me what was missing (and there still is) to Podium, is the promotion, advertising.

    In terms of features, Podium should compete with software, which are also under development: Anvil Studio,n-Track Studio,Traverso DAW, Z-Maestro , etc…

    in reply to: Important Warning About Uploading to SoundCloud #22826

    Damn! I’ve always uploaded MP3 to Sound Cloud!
    I must be lucky because by the time it never happened nothing in particular.
    Anyway, thanks for the recommendation!

    Cheers, Damy.

    in reply to: With which other DAWs can/should compete Podium? #22818

    You’re right! Severe forgetfulness! #-o

    Thanks Adimatis!

    in reply to: The Podium Music Lounge #22815

    Thank you very much Levendis!
    Your analysis is very accurate. It’s not that you stole the project file, right? 😆

    bass drum
    One of the things that I could not understand is if the Prodigy have added a bass drum or whether they have used only one of the Shamen. If I use the equalizer to increase the bass, the bass drum is heard too much and “covers” everything else. I decided to let it go.

    This is one of the samples with unknown origin. I recovered from the game now closed in a box in the attic (it is 1997).

    @Levendis wrote:

    The rave stabs weren’t layered synth patches.

    :-s I don’t understand :D, but I tell you that I did superimposing two different synth (in the video a little you see …) and honestly, it’s a little out of sync with the voice of Max Romeo.

    I’ve spent a lot of time to reproduce the sound of the lead (I call it so …) and at the end I got bored … but actually the lack of reverb you hear. Also the volumes should be “fixed”.

    For the pure electronic music, such as this, Podium has nothing to envy to other DAWs.

    Thank you again! Your comment made me very happy!

    in reply to: The Podium Music Lounge #22808

    I did (done?) a little experiment with Podium Free :idea:. This work allowed to test its features and capabilities and it helped me to understand what features I need in Podium.

    The Prodigy – Out of space (rebuilt in Zynewave Podium Free)

    Beyond the track and the genre that can like or not, I can say that Podium defended well in comparison with other DAW (the same song has been recreated in Renoise, for example). Podium does not have built-in instruments, nor sound libraries, so for me the “challenge” and fun (so much!), was to find plugins (all free) to play the sounds as closely as possible. One thing to keep in mind is that the original song was made almost entirely with audio samples (some unavailable because the source is unknown).

    That said, let’s move to the technical part (Wow! I look like a real expert! :lol:).
    For the arrangement I used the tools that Podium makes available (more than enough).
    For the time stretching I’ve used the UVI Workstation because is very simple.

    Here are the plugins used:

      – Alchemy Player for strings intro
      – Zynewave Nucleum for strings on lead
      – Elektrostudio Virtual Model Pro for lead
      – Tyrell N6 for lead and more …
      – DSK MiniDrumz for snare drums (TR808) and cymbal (TR909)

    I had to play the bounced track because my computer begins to stall.

    For research and preparation of the samples, “research” instruments and sounds and final arrangement are spent almost three weeks.

    Except for small inaccuracies, I think that it’s not so bad. What do you say? :mrgreen:

    in reply to: Two Problems in Return Section #22798

    You’re right, the pan knob is gone! It’s hidden (not grayed out).
    The strange thing is that if I delete and recreate Return manually and insert the plugin (mono), the pan knob is perfectly visible and working.

    I’ve used the plugin that Podium identifies as “Mono” in the list:

    | Mono

    Is that correct?

    I’m not sure what you mean by mono track but tomorrow, if you want, we will do more testing!

    in reply to: Audio editing Problems #22796


    After a little research, I found this plugin bundle with the Virtual MIDI keyboard “Quickeys”:

    It’s very simple but it works and can also be used to remap a “real” keyboard.
    In Podium I’ve tried it with the plugin manager Wusik VM (Podium does not support MIDI plugin), but you may also use it with CopperLan.
    With Wusik VM, Quickeys window must be open. You can play a midi sequence in the track but you can’t record notes (audio only).
    With CopperLan I haven’t tried but it’s probably so much easier, because you just have to set the MIDI input & output.

    Wusik VM


    To record notes with Wusik VM & Quickeys you can use this:

    MP3 & Wave to MIDI converter

    It’s an audio to midi plugin converter. It works in real time, but also lets you record a MIDI file that you can import later in Podium.
    I know, the process is a bit convoluted and it becomes tedious to record and import whenever the midi sequence. This is what I found …

    in reply to: Two Problems in Return Section #22795

    Forgive my ignorance, but I understood almost nothing of what you have been discussing so far. :mrgreen:
    However, if I can help …
    Can you please tell me which plugin you are using and tell me the procedure to be followed? In this way we can solve this issue once and for all!

    in reply to: Audio editing Problems #22792


    As you’ve read in previous posts, Podium does not have a virtual keyboard.

    @WildFire wrote:

    i am unable to add any vst into the project

    What do you mean exactly?
    Before you start a new project you must scan the plugins. Then, simply drag the plugin from the list (“Device” tab in “Inspector panel”) in the timeline and Podium add the track with the instrument. If you have already added the track, just click on the drop-down menu “Source” and choose the instrument you want.
    If after scanning you have no plugins in the list, then it’s a problem.

    @Telenator wrote:

    …people don’t have the cash to then go right out shopping and have to drop another $200 to $400 on a MIDI keyboard.

    With these prices, of course! 😀
    I spent €68 (about $90) for my MIDI keyboard. It’s very simple but does its job.
    This is the website (in Italian):

    For anyone interested in making a comparison with the prices in the U.S. or in other countries.

    in reply to: Not FRs …. #22744

    @alex wrote:

    – Possibility to move the master channel to the right side of the screen in the mixer view.

    @alex wrote:

    – Currently, Podium adds plugins in insert slots in the wrong direction (it should be towards the fader, not from it).

    It’s a matter of point of view. The Master Channel is always in the first position (top) so the plug-ins are added according to the principle “from the track to the Master” (from bottom to top). So it’s correct, at least according to this interpretation. I admit that it is strange, but at least it’s original. 🙂

    in reply to: Certain Plugins making Podium Free crash #22738

    OK. At least we found that the plugins are 32-bit.
    Evidently Podium Demo is more efficient than Podium Free. 😕

    CPU rate during recording (or before you start it)? It could be an overload problem.

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