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  • in reply to: Frequent Podium crashes #22764

    I don´t think it´s Podium related…

    Something fucked up your windows installation…possible another software or perhaps something went wrong as you shut down your machine… there are many possibilities… that´s Microsoft…once the error is saved, it will appear over and over again

    Install a fresh system and your problems will be gone…
    I always make regular backups of my system disk using , booting with from an usb stick… copying the backup of my choice back again to the system disk and everything is new and clean again…
    Takes about 5 minutes to have a fresh installation like I want it to be… otherwise I would have gone nuts several times in the past…

    in reply to: Image as a backround… #22652

    There it was… thx very much 🙂

    in reply to: EnergyXT Sub host VST and midi FX #22254

    @The Telenator wrote:

    Here’s how easy some make this process:

    (drop-down menu) Insert VSTi to New Track?

    (click) Yes

    (dialog opens) Do You Want This Multiple Output Plugin set up for Mono, Stereo, or all 16 (or whatever it has) Outputs?

    (click) Yes on 16

    (result) group folder with device at top and 8 child tracks for each stereo pair of outputs — ready to go!

    Here I have to disagree…
    Besides modular enviroments like energyXT and MUX is Podium the only one, which does plugin management correct… it lets you set up everything exactly like you want it to…
    …my 2 cents 8)

    @The Telenator wrote:

    Anyhow, thanks a million. Your info helps a lot!

    You´re welcome

    in reply to: EnergyXT Sub host VST and midi FX #22246

    @The Telenator wrote:

    Okay, since this has reared its ugly head yet again, can someone please post here any/all subhosts and/or sequencers that actually DO work inside Podium without causing it a fit, freeze or crash???

    The best experiences I have with subhosts in Podium are energyXT 1.4, NI Kore 2 and mutools MUX

    @The Telenator wrote:

    I’d like to be able to use FX on VSTi’s, um, record or at least route out the MIDI that my guitar creates to a track when I run through some of Fretted Synth’s plugins like Junction, GuitarSynth, and by other makers — and I might even like to have two VSTi’s together in some manner.

    Only energyXT of the ones I mentioned can record the midi…
    but on the routing part, this will work with all of them, same for chaining VST/i´s

    @The Telenator wrote:

    Or use a drum machine inside it where I might be able to process certain drum parts (such as the snare output) separately. Can’t do any of it in Podium directly, and I would need to ‘hide’ any of this within some subhost. So what have any of you been using? What can you suggest?

    This is only possible with VSTis, which have more than one output, no matter if you use a subhost or not…
    And if they have seperate outputs, you can do this in Podium too… I recommend to have a look into these tutorials, if you´re not familiar with the plugin setup in Podium:

    Hope this helps…

    in reply to: EnergyXT Sub host VST and midi FX #22238

    @druid wrote:

    I’ve never had a problem using energyXT 1.x. The newer version, 2.x, I have not really tried, so I can’t say if it’s worse or not.

    V1 works, but V2 causes a lot of problems, which is a pity, because the internal Seq offers a quite good audio timestreching…

    in reply to: EnergyXT Sub host VST and midi FX #22235

    @djshaun101 wrote:

    Hi All

    I have downloaded and installed energyXT 2.6 in programs and in the vst folder.

    After scanning the vst folders in Podium set up it does not show up where all the vst’s are.

    Now its crashing as I am probably (definitely) doing something wrong.

    Thanks for you time.

    asta la pasta, baby 😆

    As afr as I tried, Podium doesn´t like energyXT very much… I don´t think, that you are doing something wrong…

    in reply to: Plugin Overhaul Needed in Podium #22230

    @kim_otcj wrote:

    Say I’ve got a guitar part that I’ve set up with an effects stack — an EQ curve, a compressor, a send to a reverb bus, and so on. But for the solo parts I want to add a univibe plugin, an extra distortion, and a second aux bus set up with a delay plugin. I don’t want that to be a separate effects stack, I want that stuff added on top of the first lot of effects. Well, in Podium I can convert the guitar track to a group and add a child track, on which I put that second set of effects. Then I’d just slice up the guitar soundclip and put the solo parts on the child track.

    Easy! I’ve added effects to just the solos without having to set up multiple automation lanes. Now I’m sure you could do the same in Reaper — because Reaper has very flexible routing — but only Podium has the hierarchical nesting thing that lets you actually see how your signal is being routed through the project. I think this feature of Podium has a lot of possibilities, but because it’s not a feature that other DAWs have, it kind of gets overlooked.

    No they didn´t overlook that, that made it far easier…
    In Reaper just cut the audio, where you want to put a seperate effect on and use the effect directly on and only for this clip…
    No need to create seperate tracks, grouping, child tracks and so on…
    It takes a minute in Podium… it takes five seconds in Reaper…

    And about visibilty…
    I don´t think it´s better for a general overview to have the needs of more and more tracks instead of simply renaming a single clip to know, what happens there…
    Samplitude i.e. offers this clip based working since ages…

    in reply to: Plugin Overhaul Needed in Podium #22221

    @The Telenator wrote:

    Note here that I have no issue with the current state of the Piano Roll or Drum editors; in fact, since REAPER allows users to go immediately to external editors with one quick click, I have it set so that Podium’s MIDI editors are my primary external editors. Any MIDI track I’m using in REAPER will open instantly on Podium’s editors.

    Never tried this external editor thingie… does this really work???

    @The Telenator wrote:

    As for the “One-Man Show” argument, I have always acknowledged that and did state that I know what a bit of work it would be to overhaul the plugin use on tracks; however, there are hundreds of other One-Man Shows/creations out there, producing some of finest software at any price — Ichiro Toda with his Synth1, Fuzzpile’s Oatmeal, Bootsy with his impressive collection of top-rated FX . . . The list is almost endless. I’ve never heard any of them or their users fall back on this excuse, and we’re talking about completely free products in these cases. Why is this excuse constantly brought up when discussing Podium?

    1. Honestly you are talking here about the apple and orange topic…
    Synths and FX like you mentioned are nothing compared to a whole Sequencer/DAW/Host…talking about the work to be invested here…
    2. There is a big difference between a student, releasing some plugins during his study times and a selfemployed, who has to live from it´s income…
    3. What you got here is not only a one man show, it´s since more than a year a part time one man show…which has slowed down development by I don´t know, about 500%…
    4. I sadly agree completely with you, that the development is far far too slow… but this is what you got here, which is a real pity…
    Podium is a really good sequencer, it´s features are very well implemented, but it falls more and more behind his competitors, which means (just guessing here) it will sooner or later mutate from a part time job to a hobby and perhaps after this even less than this, even if Frits will disagree here…

    @The Telenator wrote:

    Since it has come up, and since there is a free version of Podium, how about charging a decent price reflecting more what this DAW is actually worth, then perhaps staff can be added as needed? Or at the very least Frits might be able to justify spending more time improving Podium?

    The problem is, that this will not work… Even newcomer on the Host market offer minimum ten times more features on their release… Podium is too far behind, you cannot charge more (of course you can, but who´ll pay it)…
    It would work only other way round, which is just dreaming…
    First Frits would have to bring Podium “up to date” and then he could charge more…

    I really have thought about my posting before I started my thread about “This is how Podium dies…”

    Again, I would love to see it further growing, but the truth is, that Frits would have to spend a lot time into Podium now and this by increasing his update speed by min. 3-4 times…
    If I take a look at the last update… the stuff, which took him 3 months… such stuff is implemented by i.e. Cockos/Reaper in 1-2 days….
    An update list of these other daws (released every max 3month) is longer than the update list of Podium of the last 5 years….

    It is/was a good product, but… too many shortcomings…
    If I just count the most important ones:
    -Midi routing
    -Audio timestretch
    -Plugin implementation
    -Improvement of CPU load

    I throw in a little guess here: If you come back in 4-5 years here, it will partly still not be implemented, if Zynewave even still exists then…

    And this is i.e. why I am/was quite angry about wasting development time into “future toys” like touch pads/iPads/phones, all the shit, one, who makes music seriously will never need, like tons of other products already have shown…these are toys and will be toys forever…

    You want to bring Podium into the year 2013/14 technologywise…
    Please bring it first into the year 2005/06…

    But I am a silly person and hope dies last, so I come back here regulary and I hope I am wrong with my guesses, but till now…

    in reply to: Plugin Overhaul Needed in Podium #22215

    I know, this will not satisfy all the requested needs, but there is a very very good VST/i, which fits many needs:

    It´s called MUX from the company MuTools ( ) and offers besides a fantastic internal soundengine for creating Synth/Sampler and FX a very flexible modular area, which can subhost any kind of VST…

    It offers many many routing possibilities for midi too, even if this would not affect the lack of internal midi routing in Podium, but it is very suitable as a workaround…

    Once I loved energyXT for this features, but sadly it is nearly dead with a very unfinished V2…
    MUX has the same approach (lacking of the sequencing possibility though), but:

    1. much more powerful (think of a mixture between Reaktor and energyXT)
    2. it is very alive…Jo the developer is a very kind and gentle guy, but more important he is very engaged to make MUX perfect solution…

    Bugfixes happens very very fast, often 1-2 days after reporting and it has tons of lovely features even for midi Fx and routing…

    Next important part: as it acts as a subhost, it might often be possible to use buggy plugins, which lead to crash Podium, into the MUX in a working way…

    MUX is still on sale till the 31st of august and believe me, it is worth every penny…

    in reply to: Preview 3.1.1: Unicode support #21656

    Here it looks fine so far…

    One thing I noticed, though it isn´t related to this new features:

    If you are in the “Customize Note Map…” window and name a few notes:

    1. if you hit the “Edit next” button, the text box “Note Name” looses focus…
    If I hit “Edit next”, it´s logical, that you want to enter another note name, so after hitting “Edit next” it should be this way, that you can enter directly the next note name without having the need to click additional into the text box to set the focus again…

    2. After entering the note name, I personaly am always feeling the need to finish my entry by hitting the “enter” key on my keyboard, which in this case closes the whole window…
    Is it possible somehow, that after entering a name into the text box, the “Enter” key works like the “Edit next” button???

    So far, so good!!! 8)

    in reply to: Preview 3.1.1: Unicode support #21654

    @Zynewave wrote:

    • Fix: Adding a new track with the master track hidden would not insert the new track as a child of the master track (Bug appeared in 3.1.0).

    Thx very much for this…it was quite annoying…

    @Zynewave wrote:

    I intend to return to a more frequent update cycle.


    in reply to: MIDI Out #21612

    Would like to see you returning to the more basic feature implementation too… midi routing would be a great improvement

    in reply to: disastrous CPU performance #21493

    @The Telenator wrote:

    All Daws have a degree of spiking. I covered that above when I tested it myself the other day.

    But I never had a DAW, which intodruces spikes lately and over 20% more usage

    Believe it or not, you see this kind of abstract testing a lot on forums but it serves no real purpose. It’s pointless to run any test that is not a real-world-usage situation. It’s like stating, Hey, my DAW doesn’t run on the planet Jupiter! The answer always has to be, So What?

    Very easy…I posted already the results of an everyday situation and it reflected the same…Podium takes a lot more CPU here than every other DAW I own

    If you are referring to the Mix meter in the bottom right corner, that is NOT your system’s CPU usage; that is Podium’s own internal processing and can be misleading if you are unfamiliar about how that works.

    Completely irrelevant, because I tried inserting instances till hearable underruns appeared and not about the CPU meter… this was only to tell the visible thingie

    I think what you really mean here is that you’ve discovered a couple of DAWs that work well with your gear, unless you have tested the some 30 or 40 now extant.

    Where did you found so much hosts???

    Ok, here is the list of what I tested: Cubase 5, Sonar X1, Studio One, FL Studio, EnergyXT and XT2, MuLab, Renoise, Podium, Reaper, Reason/Record, Ableton Live…

    I think, that´s more than enough to tell some results…
    Fact (for me): none of these other (comparable, because XT,XT2 and MuLab don´t support Multicore processing) DAWs have such a bad performance than Podium here and none of these produce such spikes from 72%- 96% with hearable results… for me, it is prooved…Podium has some performance problems…

    But of course, it is still usuable, we are talking here about optimizing and if there is something, which should be optimized and imho there is…

    in reply to: disastrous CPU performance #21491


    I don´t know, what problems others have here or not… I can only tell you my experiences and test/comparisons I have made with different hosts:

    First of all: There is definitely a problem with some spiking of the Podium engine, especially if you drive the CPU usage quite high, there are spikes about 20% or more…

    Second: the specs of a computer are secondary as long as it works (or works better) with more than one other host on the same system with the same settings…

    Third: The performance of Podium at least on my system is far behind other competitors….

    I wrote already about the first test I did with an everyday situation, where Podium took about double CPU than Reaper and FL Studio…

    In a second test I did (of course not a normal situation) I tried to get as many voices out of Sylenth as a host can handle on my systems without audible underruns…
    Here I left Reaper out of the game, because I tested it before and can run much more voices than every other host on the market, so i only compared FL Studio and Podium:

    In FLS I can run 45 instances of Sylenth each playing 96 voices…

    In Podium to me happend the following:
    I ran 35 instances with a CPU use (Podium´s own meter) of 72% as it started to spike up to 96% about 5 seconds after the sequence was started with of course audible underruns…

    Again… first 5 seconds were ok at 72% CPU…than Podium intodruced spikes of more than 20% higher CPU for everytime about 100ms with audible underruns…

    No other host do have that problem on my system, it´s definetely a Podium problem… and that means to me 960 synth voices less!!!!!!!!!!

    My specs:

    CPU: Intel Q 6600 @ 2,4GHz
    Ram: 2 gigs
    Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3R
    Graphics: Geforce 8400 GS
    Audio EMU 404 with own ASIO drivers @ 440 samples latency @ 44.1 KHz
    Windows 1 32 bit / Service Pack 1

    The system is completely optimized and runs fine on everything except Podium…period

    in reply to: When did this change??? #21477


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