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  • Levendis

    Thanks Frits, and i too had not problems running the new help system on Win10 x64.
    The content of the panel has improved legibility, with bulleted lists and indents, though it wasn’t a problem before. The option to lock content is handy for when the text body needs scrolling through.
    Similar to 4mica, i too believe it’s a comprehensive integration of help files. Much more convenient than Alt-tabbing between Podium and a pdf, or html, reader.

    in reply to: Preview 3.3: Multiple open projects & new Start page #35256

    Balázs wrote…
    How can i save projects to different files? I couldn’t find the Save project as… option when I’m working in the arrangement view.

    The File menu on the Project Page, the one with the Content & Devices panels, has the Save Project As… entry.

    Balázs wrote… I tried to copy a track from one project to a new one. The copied track worked fine in the new project until I closed the source project. After that every effect and the synth disappeared from the copied track (only the slots left). I tried saving the new project after I copied the track from the source project but it doesn’t help. Is there a way to copy one track to another project in the new version?

    i have a vague recollection of copy/pasting tracks has been reported as buggy and confirmation of addressing the issue. In the meanwhile, you can save a track’s instrument, effect chain and (optionally) the timeline events, as a track template. It may be more reliable to do so and load the track template in another project/arrangement.

    in reply to: Problems with media files #35248

    Working here; Podium Free v.3.2.1 (x64)

    Are you certain the files you’re browsing are *.wav, *.aif or *.aiff?

    in reply to: Preview 3.3: Multiple open projects & new Start page #35113

    Hi Frits,
    Podium projects feel consolidated under the command of Podium’s new interface.

    • The zoomable ‘Project Start’ tab is great for navigating through a large project database. It would be great to have an interactive element, like the ‘Navigator’ in Arrangements, to zip and zoom around project thumbnails.
    • The right-click on thumbnails in the ‘Project Start’ tab conveniently opens a new tab, thanks.
    • After closing an arrangement or sound, and returning to the respective project page, it can be confusing to find that arrangement or sound when there’s a list of them. Some type of toggle on the tab’s GUI element would be useful.
    • Though it seems impactless, with regards to CPU consumption, Podium recalls all previously opened tabs (projects) from the last Podium run. It would be good to have an option to set Podium to load with only the ‘Project Start’ tab.

    A great remodelling of Podium’s front-of-house!

    While i’m here, i have a couple of things to report.

    1. If Podium crashes, the soundcard ASIO driver is inaccessible upon Podium’s relaunch. Even if i switch drivers, hit Apply, then switch back. i have to switch off and on the external soundcard.
    2. Creating a MIDI Event clip on the timeline takes some steps to accomplish on an effect track. ie. After right-clicking an Effect Slot, then unchecking ‘Hide Track Lane’. The default Event creation is for an Audio Event. Sometimes i’d like to send that track’s effect slot some MIDI notes. Perhaps Alt-DblClk-Drag on the timeline to alternate to creating a MIDI Event clip would be useful.

    Thank you 🙂

    in reply to: Insert rubato #35074

    Upon creation of an arrangement, you’re able to choose a time format.

    As submission to the informal survey, which you’ve proposed, i’d not likely make use of alternating between time formats within one arrangement. More useful would be to have a tempo automation curve in tempo based arrangements. i do appreciate, however, that stretched samples would preferably need to conform to such transitions.

    Using the H:M:S:ms time format would be my choice for working with stems of live recordings, or syncing video to audio.

    in reply to: Insert rubato #35072

    Though the following isn’t verbose on time (in seconds), it is an alternative to an automation curve for tempo. So there’s no ramped transition of tempo.
    This gives a measure of silence. Adjusting the tempo yields a length of silence independent of the tempo at either side.
    The timeline ruler doesn’t scale visually, but the tempo does shift, even if the numbers don’t match the logic.
    In other words, you’re using the right method.

    in reply to: Otutpt physical in the Podum #35071

    You can drag audio out devices from the Inspector to an empty space in the track header area.

    in reply to: Podium + Camomile (PD) & BuzzFXVST #34999

    Here is some more specific information about creating Camomile plugins.

    If you’ve built a Pure Data patch that you’d like made to conform to Camomile VST, then link it here and i shall attempt to do so.

    in reply to: Podium + Camomile (PD) & BuzzFXVST #34887

    Oh, and Podium’s GUI has further customisability. All window elements can be rearranged to your liking, using Editor profiles. The configuration of which are available under Setup > Editor profiles…

    And i too, wish you a great weekend 🙂

    in reply to: Podium + Camomile (PD) & BuzzFXVST #34886

    Many thanks Levendis for Your in-depth explanations :D. Your Podium 3.2.7 looks quite different than the free version and a lot better.

    My pleasure.
    Podium’s GUI is very customisable. You can select from existing colour setups, or create your own. Use the Setup menu to access:

    • Colors…
    • Load color setup
    • Save color setup…

    As for Camomile… I wanted to use this patch… it is a promising midi cc generator.

    There are a number of incompatibilities between the patch that you linked and Camomile.
    Firstly, Camomile doesn’t support tables (arrays) on the panel, so the graph will not show.

    Another issue is the midirealtimein object to input an external MIDI clock. Camomile uses its own channel for input of a host clock.

    The documentation for the current version has yet to be written, so i’m not sure how it operates now, but here’s some information on host interaction with a previous version of Camomile.
    Looking at the provided example patches, Camomile now handles parameter assignments and plugin definitions in a new way. Alongside the (patch_Name).dll is (patch_Name).txt, where those are configured. Hopefully, the developer will soon provide detailed instructions on creating plugins.

    There is an alternative to Camomile which might allow graphical arrays, but is as complex to work with as Camomile — PdVST

    i doubt that i’ll check out the Buzz adapter, given my strong suspicion of the 32bit plugin format, and that i run Podium 64bit. i shall add comments here if otherwise.

    in reply to: Podium + Camomile (PD) & BuzzFXVST #34882

    Here’s a walkthrough for creating and installing Camomile plugins.

    The installation directories can be anywhere on your system. Thanks to Podium’s plugin management, referenced dll files are unique to every entry in the Device List !!!
    Simply use the “Import plugin…” or “Import plugins from folder…” Device List menu entries. You can point to any disk location.

    in reply to: Podium + Camomile (PD) & BuzzFXVST #34881

    Hi Mateusz,

    • I suspect the BUZZ VST adapter hosted 32bit machines (dll) so try working with Podium 32bit. Podium doesn’t offer VST bridging of the different architectures.
    i wasn’t able to test the adapter as i couldn’t find software, and am reluctant to go through the rigmarole of installing BUZZ machines.

    • Podium creates new project with 4 busses. You can create a project template with more and select the template when starting new projects. The template, when used as base for new projects, can be the source of building your Device List. Here’s a pic of the menu on the new Project Start Page, where templates are accessed:
    You can also create new bus instances from your Device List menu. i’m not 100% sure if Podium Free allows this, but an unlimited number can be created in the full version. Here’s a pic of the relevant menu entry:

    Camomile does indeed work in Podium. i tested with Podium 64bit v.3.2.7 and Camomile v.1beta7, though as of today (Feb. 11, 2018) Camomile is at v.1.0.2Here’s a pic of an example Pd patch running in Camomile, in Podium:
    Installation and use of Camomile Pd patches has changed since recent releases of Pd vanilla. They now work in concert, on the libpd platform. This has meant that you can no longer load Pd patches via the Camomile VST interface, rather, unique VST plugins that correlate with patches has to be created. Then it’s simply a matter of adding it to you Device List/Podium plugin database.

    in reply to: Recommended Freeware Plugins #34755

    Ribs is a magnificent granular resampler.


    That’s the Project Start Page. The box elements contain:

    • Browser & Inspector tabs, with Project tab on the right. Contents of the Project tab are as follows (counter-clockwise from top left):
    • Project file disk location.
    • History of projects list.
    • Project related documents (arrangements, pointers to soundfiles).
    • Device list (hardware and VST definitions).

    Use the dropdown menu on the Contents (Project related documents) to create an arrangement. Double-click the arrangement to open a new tab with familiar sequencer elements. In fact, you’ve already done this and named it ‘TEST 1 ON SAT18THNov2017’.

    An Project can store any number of arrangements. This is useful for many reasons. Some reasons include:

    • Maintaining iterations of the project. This allows you to make different mixes, go back to a previous session to branch off in another creative direction, etc.
    • A project can be though of as an album, where each Arrangement is an album track.
    • A template project may have numerous Arrangements, set up by you, for convenience. If you work between different studios then the arrangements may be tailored for those unique environments.

      If you have the Podium Guide then this section will elaborate on the Project Start Page:
      file:///C:/Program Files/Zynewave/Podium/Guide/podium-guide.html#h.nh00mrrfg2lb
      (Section 2.5)
      (The Guide can also be accessed from within Podium — Help > Podium Guide)

    in reply to: Can I add effects to an audio recording? #34239

    My pleasure, Nick. i hope that you’re able to make use of effect slots.

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