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  • in reply to: Fritz is on fire!!! – another update… smookin!! #20600

    πŸ˜€ I totally agree chase!

    I wish him immortality so that humanity will always receive updates to Podium. It’s stable, responsive, pretty, conducive to a fluent workflow and adapts to a broad array of hardware setups.

    Make a tribute on Facebook by liking it”s page. Perhaps, in time, Frits will add a subpage holding works made in Podium.

    in reply to: Nucleum Music #20581

    @Aaron wrote:

    It’s essentially a soundtrack to a movie that doesn’t exist.

    We need more film producers in the world! I think this work would back the recent TRON film perfectly. Especially the second one. There’s a retro feel. Sweeet!

    Thanks for the soundbank. I love Nucleum too. Frits is one busy man.

    in reply to: The Next Podium Competion is starting… #20479

    To merge 4mica and ronin’s suggestions why don’t we have a competition which utilises Nucleum? That way new users can grab all the resources here in one stop πŸ™‚ I know there’s already a space in the forum for such submissions but not in competition form.

    Entrants supplying .pod files means it’s accessible to all Podium users. Using Nucleum (exclusively) would expand it’s patch bank πŸ™‚

    Thanks for reading my reiteration.

    in reply to: Purchase Inquiry – no answer..? #20406

    @Trancit wrote:

    Normally, Fritz (Zynewave) is very active and ambitious here on the forum….

    @michi_mak wrote:

    i happily second that one!!!

    I happily 3rd the character assessment. When I first joined I asked a lot of newbie questions. Sometimes they were easily answered with a browse through the manual but Fritz (or other member) would respond post haste.

    That said, he has been less active on the forum of late. Perhaps we should start a thread with possible reasons why.

    Stick with the free version, chase, and get a licence when the product meets your requirements πŸ™‚

    in reply to: Feedback for my "Electro-step" (I think…) WIP? #20364

    You’ve picked a great set of sounds which all marry well.

    The vibe to the track is nice and fresh. I think you have all parts of a whole ready for expansion there! To complete the arrangement I suggest quadrupling the length of some sections. At the moment there are frequent changes not allowing elaboration on your funky lead (George Clinton-esque synth). You’ll need some levelling using the section at 40s-1m as reference.

    I hope this helps though I suspect you’ve already considered these points.

    Will you add vocals to this one?

    in reply to: The Podium Music Lounge #20348
    in reply to: Thoughts on zReverb plugin #20340

    I’m no expert but agree with you that zReverb is fantastic.

    For me the icing on the cake is the patina on the space it offers. The tuning pad combined with multiple, subtle reflections somehow invokes a real world reverberant space.

    I’ve only heard Lexicon hardware reverbs pressed to CD, and not out of professional studio monitors, thus don’t have a full appreciation of it’s quality.

    zReverb is not a device for gigantic tails and eddying delays. Instead it serves it’s audio source humbly with a live take effect.

    It’s so nice, z03, to read a discerning ear mouthing praise. πŸ˜‰

    in reply to: FR: A/B the Global Solo/Mute/Record Arm state. #20313

    …oh, and a small nuisance in the GUI. The pop-up sticky note, which loads with the project, obscures part of the list of arrangements (usually the one I want to launch) πŸ˜‰

    Could it be moved within the same panel and over to the other side?

    in reply to: Feedback -just testing #20291

    I have written a project filled with many tempo changes and Podium handles it well.

    Perhaps G-Sun is after automation curves to adjust the tempo. The sound of a hat on every 16th would develop a logarithmic shape.

    in reply to: Jazz-Electronica-Love-Song #20248

    She will undoubtedly weep with joy.
    You’re a consummate songwriter.

    The only constructive criticism I can offer is to do with instrumentation and your vocal takes. Firstly, the piano preset could be revised to a less ‘General Midi Soundcard Synthesizer’ sound. Secondly, the interaction between your uneffected and the vocoder effected vocal lines are lively but the latter overwhelms the former at times. Re-balanced and your girlfriend will clearly appreciate your lyricism.

    Your voice matches the mood of the song perfectly. It has character, clarity and strength.

    The only destructive criticism I can offer is that your girlfriend may end up with a heap of girls competing for your attention.


    Hello crayonredd,

    Is the setting in your arrangement properties…

    …the same as you set in Midi and Audio device preferences?

    If not, change the arrangement sample rate to match.

    in reply to: I feel the need to do this!!!! #20213

    Happy New Year everyone!
    January is lucky to hear so many smiles when she is born.

    in reply to: Lion – Writing on the Mind [LP] #20122

    πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

    in reply to: Made midi keboard track, now won’t bounce! #20106

    Hello c,

    Each of those child tracks have the ability to render the audio they carry; that means you can bounce at any track. Select the track you want to render and press B or define a segment in the arrangement with Punch In (I) Punch Out (O) and press Alt+B to render within a range.

    Not sure if this advice helps but recording with an USB midi input is easy.
    1. Select your track.
    2. Pull out the menu from the input button and select your midi device.
    3. Pull out the same menu again and select ‘Assign to focus track’.
    4. Record Arm (R) the track and press K to begin recording.

    Now clicking on any track will automatically map the midi input. This also works with audio inputs such as microphones.

    Please refer to this page for further detailed instructions.

    in reply to: Drums #20105

    Welcome Gino,

    Please refer to the Drum/Note Map editor instructions. The bottom of that page shows a picture of the dialog you’ll want to access (right-click the piano keys or note names to activate).

    This Note Map Editor allows you to import/export any set of user defined key ranges and note names. Make these your templates for drum instruments as an alternative to track or project templates.

    With Shortcircuit, customissations will be saved to the project file. Multi-samples or regions will reliably load, unless you relocate referenced wav files. This means there is little reason to reconfigure note maps for every instance of Shortcircuit (unless you prefer to label everything in your track).

    Shortcircuit is my favourite free sample player but don’t neglect Podium’s ability to drag and drop wav files directly onto tracks.

    Happy Sequencing πŸ™‚

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