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  • in reply to: To Zynewave and everyone here who has helped me. #20119

    Yeah, merry chrismas to everyone here. A big hug and my best wishes for all! 😉

    in reply to: Rewire not playing first beat. #20110

    Hi Druid, it’s a FL Studio problem when it’s used as VST or ReWire with any host. They cannot solve it.

    in reply to: 2.40 #20077

    @Zynewave wrote:

    [*]Fix: Fixed a couple of issues with latency compensation during bounce rendering.

    Honestly, thanks you 😀

    in reply to: 2 tracks using same DSK VSTi causes Podium crash on exit #20076

    @Infinitoar wrote:

    If I remember right Liquid Project told me to steer towards C++ made plugins because they are best for Podium.

    Yes, try to avoid SynthEdit plugins. Synthmaker plugins, however, seems a little more stable than SE, but you cannot compare them to pure native C++ plugins. There is badly coded C++ plugins that crash more than SE plugins, but just few exceptions.

    You could use one or two instances of SE or SM plugins, use them with moderation. It’s the same that when you go out and drink: one alcoholic drink, fine, two… you can have some problems, three… hey man, where the fuck did I leave my clothes???? 😉

    in reply to: Preview 2.40: Minor changes and bug-fixes #20014

    Frits, I did two bouncing attempts and it seems to work. I’ll do more attempts this night. Thanks!

    in reply to: Preview 2.40: Minor changes and bug-fixes #19996

    I didn’t see thcilnnahoj video, so hopefully this could be the same problem. Anyway this was the problem I reported in the support thread.

    When I do a master offline bouncing there is some parts in random tracks which….

    in reply to: Technology preview: Podium running on iOS & Android #19982

    I voted something else. I’ve too a third generation iPod, with some music programs. While it’s cool play with it, it isn’t serious, I miss a lot my VSTs, and I think that everyone does. Anyway I’m planning sell it and I won’t buy an iPad or an iPhone, at least in 3-4 years.

    I’m not against the development, I’m developing a pluging in two formats with only one code to mantain, so I know what you’re talking about.

    I’d ask you make your first priority the actual Podium, and just use a bit of time developing the common framework, because until it doesn’t support vsts it will be a ‘toy’.

    in reply to: Bouncing problems #19981

    Thanks!!!! I’ll take a look in few hours when I go back home! 😀

    in reply to: For the love of God #19941

    Unfortunately I deleted it, and since I formatted my PC two months ago I lost the library to capture keyboard – I don’t remember its name, it was one of 100.000 free c++ libraries 😆

    I’ll try to do a search anyway…

    in reply to: Master Bounce #19940

    Timestretching… ummmmmm… Infinitoar, are you sure you didn’t worked with different sample rates?

    If you accidentally saved a 48kHz wav and your project is at 44.1kHz…

    44.1kHz __________ 5,5 minutes
    48 kHz____________ y minutes

    44.1y = 48 x 5,5

    y = 5,986 minutes, which 0,986 [minutes] x 60 [seconds / minute] = 59 second!!, so y = 5 minutes 59 seconds!

    I hope this brings some light. btw, yes, you’re using too many mediocre quality plugins, you should spend some time looking for alternatives as we suggested here 😉

    in reply to: Master Bounce #19932

    @Infinitoar wrote:

    But now that I know I have a random ticking time bomb of course my mind is going to “change” Liquid. Save: Could crash. Load a VST: Could crash. Render a track: Could crash. Am I missing something here?

    Yes, all you are talking is related to vst engines (save state/load state/init state): Use quality VSTs, the last time Podium crashes me a couple of months ago was a bug that Frits solved in the next version. And I use Podium around 3 hours each day [+ lots of borrowed hardware, yupi!! :D]

    Sorry, most free vst are bad in the long term. I also learnt this in the hard way. Try not-new TAL or Voxengo free plugins. Try to stick to pure C++ or Delphi plugins.

    And why is everyone leaping down Reaper’s throat? I was told to “try it out” I didn’t say the program was “better than Podium” jeeeezus.

    Did ANYONE READ my post fully? Or just skimmed over it? […] *facepalm*

    Sometimes I wonder if people actually sit and read+understand what I mean… 🙄 😕

    You guys have something against REAPER or something? Wow…like I said I was told until the issue is fixed[if it can be] maybe I. SHOULD. TRY. REAPER. Please read the capital letters like 50 times just to make sure you all got it, for those who’d like further comment. *sigh*

    You didn’t do nothing, except overreacting here. Relax 🙂

    btw why do you think I have something against Reaper? I only stated that while some host can have 3 know bugs others can have 300. However I think its a good program to record audio and comp it, nothing more, that why I’m here. If Reaper (or another host) would suits my needs better than others I would buy Reaper and I’d sell the others, since I hate have unused programs filling my HD.

    in reply to: Master Bounce #19929

    Frits: I’ll fix/implement whatever I feel is best to fix/implement.
    Potential customers/customers: Can you please fix this, or add that, we really need it.
    Frits: No. I’ll do it when I feel like it.
    Me: o.O How is he getting business again? *scratches head*

    I’m learning to program too, in fact I’m starting my own business, and sometimes things are not as easy as we can believe. To change a behavior could request a BIG effort.

    Would you buy a $50 unsteady program that would only slow you down in the process of you trying to release content of your own? Or would you invest in a alternative to help keep your dream/progress of creating music at a steady pace?

    I tested all the host with demo version for PC in the past. Having easily the money to buy Live Suite three times I’m here for a reason. Sometimes when I need certain features that Podium didn’t have in the past I had to use another host. Each day this is less frecuent.

    Don’t be drastic, two weeks ago you loved Podium Free, is just a simple fail (a crash in three hours without saving, probabily provoked by a third party SE plugin) what changed your mind.

    Anyway I encourage you test another options. Maybe some click with you, or maybe after the initial honey moon stage you decide try another one or come back here. I’ll receive you as the first day 😀

    in reply to: Master Bounce #19927

    @Infinitoar wrote:

    Showing Reaper’s bugs and it has 6 left.

    No, 6 are being solved. 401 left (I guess than 30% of them are the same bug or they’re not a bug, actually).

    … the rest of your post…

    Frits want earn money to pay his bills. He cannot give all his work for free. The most of ppl with a cheap PC (around 400€) and an internet conection (around 200€/year in Spain) and free time to do music, can allow pay $50 for Podium. This isn’t a critize or a row! Just a thought before doing this simple question:

    What do you want to achieve with your post?


    in reply to: Master Bounce #19925

    But just recently last night after 3 or so hours of work, Podium crashed on me when rendering a new track I wanted to bounce

    Allow me say that this is a bit irresponsible, three hours without saving!! I bet that even NASA guys save their work each minute, without waiting to autosave 😆

    I’ve decided not to send you the file because even if it is a bug[IF it is] Zynewave will only fix the “paid version” and not the freeware version.[Notice how the freeware version is still on 2.35….]

    If you want do us an small favor, do it. We love Podium and we paid for it, some of us helps with manual, videos, screenshots, searching bugs, helping other users, whatever. If the regular version get fixed you will get it some day, but it won’t be fixed if we’re unaware of the bug!

    So sadly I’m moving on. As in looking for another freeware DAW, or paidware.

    If you’re looking for another paidware DAW, why not show us your bug and pay for Podium? You will get the fixed version without waiting. Anyway if your wish is moving on for another reasons, I respect it and my best wishes for you 🙂

    People have been telling me to try Reaper so I guess I’ll give that a shot.

    Snapshot from Reaper’s forum, today:

    I want to tell you with this image that all host/plugins have bugs.

    Best regards 😉

    in reply to: For the love of God #19924

    I’m sorry you’ve lost your work.

    And no, it doesn’t have autosave. In the past I programmed an small macro that did Ctrl-S each ten minutes after lastest Ctrl-S. However I get used to press Ctrl-S frecuently, if you always have your left hand on modifiers keys (ctrl/alt/shift) it just a matter of hours get the habit use Ctrl-S shortcut each two or three editions. So I deleted that small program, I wouldn’t mind share it with anyone ask for it.

    …………wow. The more I learn the less I like. Awesome.

    I see you are frustated, but just remember that your bad vibes won’t solve anything. It can even backfire at you!

    Best regards 🙂

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